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The Stolen Bride

They had been friends since kindergarten. Every time my mother brought my son to kindergarten, Petya immediately asked:

– Did Lena come?

And when Lena appeared, he ran to her with a joyful cry:

– I’ve been waiting for you!

The teachers looked at this cute couple with affection. Petya never came to kindergarten without a gift for Lena, then he would bring a toy, then he would give a candy. Lena also brought gifts to Petya. Parents of children liked the friendship of their children. When the children went to school, they sat at the same desk, their friendship continued, in the classroom they were called the bride and groom, but this did not interfere with their friendship at all, but on the contrary, by the end of school, their friendship had become so strong that each of them could not live a day without each other. They dreamed of getting married after graduation, Petya was drafted into the army in the fall, and Lena entered the university. From the army, Petya wrote Lena very beautiful letters every day, Lena reread his letters several times a day. Lena was a beautiful girl, and at university many guys tried to take care of her, but she rejected all the courtship of her classmates.

Marat studied at the same faculty with Lena, he was the son of an influential official in this city. The family was very wealthy and he was the only son in the family. From infancy, everything was allowed to him. All his whims were immediately fulfilled. While studying at school, he exalted himself, was arrogant even with teachers, classmates did not really like him, but he still had a couple of friends, since he always had cash and he and his friends went to bars for drinks, girls with whom he enjoyed great success. He was used to getting everything he wanted in his life, his concept was not that there was another life, other honest, kind, decent people were closed to him in this world. He was used to the fact that everything was available to him. When he saw Lena, he began to approach her with the same brusqueness as he used to do with other girls, but Lena, who grew up in a well-mannered family and received a good upbringing, made it clear to Marat that this number would not work with her. He is not used to being rejected and decided to ensure that Lena will belong to him. He did not stop pestering her and soliciting her attention, but to no avail. Lena avoided him. If she was friendly with her classmates, she tried not to notice Marat.

One day the guys gathered together to hold a corporate party. Having decided to rent an apartment, we agreed that everyone would bring food with them. Ruslan was also at this party, this time he did not molest her and behaved quite modestly, which of course surprised her very much. Young people danced, sang to the guitar. Everyone had fun. Lena didn’t like strong alcohol, she drank red wine. Ruslan sat down at the table with her, he brought her a glass of wine and offered:

– Let’s drink peace, I’m sorry that you’re angry with me, – he said, – let’s be friends.

Lena agreed, she told him that she was waiting for her beloved boyfriend from the army, that she loved him very much. She and Ruslan even danced, but then Lena felt bad about something, the girl was taken to another room and laid on the sofa. Ruslan said:

– You rest, I won’t bother you later I’ll check on you.

He left, closing the door behind him. Lena did not notice how she fell asleep, and when she woke up, she saw that she was lying naked in bed and Ruslan was lying next to her. Lena began to remember with horror what had happened, but no matter how she tried to remember everything, she could not remember anything except the moment when she became ill. She jumped up and frantically began to look for her clothes that were scattered on the floor, meanwhile Ruslan woke up – where are you going? He asked.

“What a bastard you are,” Lena said. – You took advantage of my helplessness and did your dirty work, why did you do it? Lena cried.

Ruslan began to calm her down:

– You were so inaccessible, I wanted to win you over, so I had to organize a corporate party, I imperceptibly slipped a sleeping pill into your wine and you fell asleep and slept so sweetly, you were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

Lena was sobbing.

– I don’t want to see you, – Lena said through tears, – never come near me, I hate you!

Grabbing her coat, she ran out of the apartment. She walked like in a fog, not understanding where she was going, her feet brought her home by themselves, she locked herself in her room, she was choked with tears, she felt like a traitor to Peter, she did not know how to live on. Tatiana Vasilyevna Lena’s mother, who waited for her daughter all night and did not close her eyes, realized that something was not good. She tried to persuade her daughter to open the door and talk to her. Finally Lena opened it she was all tearful,

– What happened? Tatyana Vasilyevna asked anxiously, and her heart ached.

– Lenochka, my daughter, tell me what happened? – begged the mother.

Bursting into tears Lena told everything that happened to her.

“Nothing,” her mother reassured her. – Petya is a smart boy, he will understand everything correctly, he will come soon and everything will be fine with you, I’m sure of it, dear.

Lena gradually began to come to her senses. Having finally calmed down, she went to the university for classes, entering the classroom, she did not notice anything unusual, no one showed excessive curiosity to her, everything was as before. After classes Lena went home and Ruslan caught up with her.

“I told you not to come near me,” Lena said.

She didn’t like his presence.

– Marry me, – he suggested to her, – I have an apartment, come to me.

– Leave me alone, I want you to leave me alone, I have a fiance.

– Yes, after what we had, will he want to marry you, and I suggest you marry me.

Lena turned and walked away from him. Once at dinner Lena suddenly felt unwell, she felt sick, ran to the bathroom. Tatiana Vasilyevna looked at her daughter and offered to do a pregnancy test. The test showed that Lena is pregnant. It was another blow for Lena, she was so desperate.

– Mom, how come I tell Petya, – Lena sobbed, – what should I do.

– Calm down, daughter, – her mother soothed her, – since it happened, we will give birth to an abortion, don’t even think about it, I will help you, and Petya needs to tell everything honestly.

– No, I don’t have the strength to tell him everything.

Lena loved Petya very much, the thought that she might lose him made her feel bad, but this pregnancy terrified her. Not finding the right solution, Lena decided to marry Ruslan. They discussed this topic with their mother for a long time and decided to let it be as Lena decided, since they did not know what reaction Petya would have.

The registration date was set, Lena categorically refused the wedding. She decided not to tell Ruslan about her pregnancy yet, the term was still small.

Petya arrived from the army on the same day when Lena’s registration with Ruslan was due, he did not specifically inform wanted to make a surprise. He called Lena’s apartment. The door was opened by Tatiana Vasilyevna, when she saw Petya, she was confused.

– Come in, Petya, but Lena is not at home.

“Where is she?” – he asked, handing her a large bouquet of roses.

Tatiana Vasilyevna did not know how to start a conversation, but something had to be thought up and she still decided to tell him everything because soon he would find out everything himself and she did not want to deceive him, she liked Petya and she thought that he would be her son-in-law. She told him everything.

“How is it, Tatyana Vasilyevna,” he exclaimed, “why didn’t you dissuade Lena? After all, I love and can’t imagine life without her. And whatever happens, I need her and her child, it will be my child.

He jumped up and rushed to the exit, catching a taxi, he went to the registry office. Petya ran into the registration hall at the moment when the young people had to put their signatures. With a shout – Lena, my beloved, don’t do this, I love you – and in front of the astonished people in the hall, Petya pushed the groom and pressed Lena to him , Lena was at first at a loss, without letting the groom come to his senses, they ran out of the hall and got into the car that was waiting for them.

In the car Lena came to herself, she asked – Petya, why did you do this, you don’t know anything…

– Not a word, – Petya interrupted her, – I know everything, Tatiana Vasilyevna told me everything, how could you think that I would leave you, you are my fiancee and tomorrow we will apply to the registry office, everything else does not matter, you are my future wife and this child is ours with you, the real father is not the one who conceived him, and the one who raised him, I will raise him a real man.

Tatiana Vasilyevna met them, hugged both of them:

– Children, how happy I am for you, be happy with my blessing.

Then they all went together to Petya’s parents and agreed that they would go to the registry office tomorrow and that this wedding would be mandatory. This is where this story ends.

And the end of this story is this: Lena and Petya had a son, two years later a daughter was born. They are very happy, Lena has graduated and works as a pediatrician, and Petya has her own construction company.


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