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I caught my own mother in bed with my husband, and I committed a crime in a state of passion

I can’t sleep properly, or eat, or do anything at all. I just lie there, and I keep replaying the day when I was betrayed and I committed a crime…

Abandoned by Mom

My childhood was incomprehensible even for me, let’s start with the fact that my mother left us, that is, me when I was little and my husband, my dad. She ran away with her lover to Moscow, but not because of great love, she just found a richer man. But that’s not all Dad drinks from frustration and freezes on the street in another of the drunks. As a result, my grandmother from my father’s side took me to her.
Thank her very much for everything, she did everything she could for me. Most importantly, I was cleanly and neatly dressed and well-fed, moreover, until the fifth grade, she helped me do my homework. I grew up a calm and quiet child, tried to study well at school and even after the eleventh grade I was able to enter our pedagogical institute, ruslit.
There at the institute I met Kolya, he was a real nerd, he wore glasses and studied physics. But he was very nice in his own way, and even handsome. Since he didn’t ask me out because of his shyness, I had to take everything into my own hands. Yes, so successfully that a year later they were already married.

There was no sadness

But one day, maman appeared, I will omit the details of our reconciliation, to justify myself, I want to say that she was able to awaken in me the feeling of a daughter for her mother. She somehow slowly entered our life, of course, my grandmother was against it, she said that she would only bring bad things, but like a fool I didn’t listen to her.
And mother Kolya and I began to constantly hoe, – yes, that you will go out in this town, but you need to go to Moscow. And she added I have an apartment there, so you have a place to live. And we gave up, especially since we didn’t want to go to work at school after the institute. We came to Moscow, really began to live with my mother, found a job, Kolya began to work at the company, and I began to give private lessons.
Of course, we were not going to live with mom forever, we thought we would work like this for several years, we would save up money and maybe we would already take a social mortgage somewhere in the Moscow region.
But life decided differently, it so happened that I went to see my grandmother, she was ill, and she needed supervision. Kolya and I decided that I was going alone, and he continued to work.
A week later, my grandmother felt better, and I went back to Moscow, I was driving with a friend in a car, and I happily entered my mother’s apartment, I had a duplicate of the keys.
And already in the corridor, hearing aahs and oohs, I realized that something was wrong, I flew into the bedroom, and there my faithful and maman were in each other’s knowledge.


What was next interesting… I don’t remember how I got to my town, and already on the way to the house, the police were waiting for me. It turned out that I grabbed a knife in the kitchen and made a vinaigrette of mom and Kolya, at the time of the arrest, the realization of what I had done came to me.

Now I’m waiting for the trial, my grandmother, despite her age, is wearing my gear, and I hope that the court will take into account that I was in a state of passion.


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