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One could say that Olga’s life was a success. She herself worked as a geography teacher at a prestigious school, her husband Alexander had his own construction business. There was decent money in the family, so Olga spent her entire salary on herself.

She liked to look well-groomed, in addition, the girls at school rarely skipped her lessons, because sometimes Olga gave advice on how to properly care for the skin, what exercises to do so that the legs would stay slim for a long time, and so on.

She was a beloved teacher and often took the side of children in some conflicts with other teachers. When Olga became pregnant, the students did not want to part with her for a long time, but the woman promised everyone to return as early as possible, perhaps even to have time for the graduation class.

She was also lucky with her husband. Alexander not only earned very well, but also loved his wife very much. He fully supported Olga in any of her endeavors, and in general they lived soul to soul. Everything was fine at home, in the bedroom, and with relatives. Except for the unfortunate Vlada.

Olga had an older sister, Vlada, who was not so lucky in her life. The girl threw all her strength first to study, then to a career, and by the age of thirty-six she became a tough businesswoman, but the woman did not have a family. Therefore, she was very happy for her sister when she had twins.

– Congratulations, congratulations!.. – tears of happiness were streaming down Vlada’s cheeks, she was holding a huge bouquet of roses in one hand, and hugging her sister with the other.

Olga just a few days ago became the mother of charming Varya and Alice.

– Oh, this is for you! I was completely confused,” Vlada grinned, giving the flowers to Olya.

– Thank you, my dear! Olga kissed her sister on the cheek and handed the bouquet to Alexander, who did not interfere in the family meeting, but stood modestly behind.

– Come on, I can’t wait, show them to me soon! – Vlad asked.

Olga grinned and beckoned her sister into the next room, where there were two cradles with two sleeping babies.

– Oh my God, what beauties!.. Vlada whispered with a smile on her lips.

– Yes, the girls will grow up to be beauties, – Olga nodded.

– Congratulations again. Well, let’s go, I don’t want to wake them up.

The birth of daughters was celebrated several times: with my sister at home, with my parents, with Alexander’s parents and, finally, all together in a restaurant, as soon as I managed to find a good nanny for such crumbs. Time passed, the girls grew up, Olga completely went into the family. She no longer spent so much time and effort on herself, there was not enough time for Alexander.

The man saw that it was not easy to manage with the twins, he helped with all his might, he still tried to go out with his wife on weekends. However, passion inevitably disappeared from their relationship. Olga would be happy to have romantic dates in a restaurant by candlelight, but at such moments all her thoughts were about home, not about what was happening.

– Is something wrong? Alexander asked her on one of these evenings.

– No, everything is fine, – Olga shrugged her shoulders.

– Olya, well, I can see that you’ve changed a lot.

– Sasha, and you try to give birth to two children yourself, try to take care of them, feed them, put them to bed, bathe, change clothes!.. – Olga’s mood was changing literally before her eyes. And such changes have been very frequent lately.

– Oh, my God … – sighed Alexander. – Olya, I understand that it’s very hard for you, and I’m trying to help you!

– Well, yes, – Olga smiled nervously. – Once a week you watch our daughters. When they start talking, what will I tell them about the meaning of the word “dad”?

– That is… You want me to stay at home, right? And who will work then, Ol?

Alexander was literally speechless from his wife’s previous remark. After all, he tried to earn as much as possible so that Olga would not deny herself or her children anything. I tried to have enough money for two nannies who could come both on weekends and on weekdays. And here, it turns out, he is also guilty of something. In what? That he wanted to help Olya with the children?

“You seem to have a deputy,” the woman remarked.

– Not all cases can be solved by a deputy.

– Then why is he needed at all?! Olga raised her voice again. The restaurant’s customers turned around with displeasure, Alexander for the first time in his life felt ashamed because of his wife’s behavior.

He looked Olga over. She has not lost weight after giving birth, although it has been more than a year. She stopped watching herself. At first, Alexander blamed it on fatigue, child care, frequent night feeding… But now the girls are on baby food, a babysitter often sits with them. Why can’t Olga pull herself together in any way? Yes, the woman still spends a lot of time taking care of her daughters, but she has enough time to rest.

Perhaps he thought selfishly, but Alexander sincerely did not understand what his fault was in front of Olga. And why she is so negative. Instead of answering her question, Alexander suddenly realized that he did not want to spend the night at home. He just wants to relax at the bar. Have a beer, play table football with friends.

Sasha wasn’t going to sort things out with Olga, but she seemed to be starting to like it.

– So, Olya, listen, – Alexander sighed heavily. “We’re going to finish our dinner quietly now, okay?” I can see that you’re out of sorts. Then I’ll take you home, and I’ll go to the bar with the guys. Don’t,” he cut off Olga’s remark, noticing that she had already taken a breath to exclaim. – Hush. We’d better cool off now. I love you very much and I don’t want to quarrel. You’re a teacher, think about how it will be better.

Inside Olga, a real tornado of emotions crushed all common sense. She gave birth to Alexander two daughters, and, you see, he wanted to go to a bar with friends!

She also wants to relax, she wants to forget about household chores for at least a second. Even with the help of a babysitter, there is a lot of everything that needs to be done for girls. She didn’t trust the nanny to bathe, feeding – only if she wasn’t at home. You never know what can happen? The child may choke, allergies may develop. And even though everything was discussed with the food, Olga was still nervous.

There is one nanny, and two girls. What if she can’t keep track of one? The girls were active, Olga was just afraid to leave home – what if there was a sharp corner, what if scissors, what if something else? She literally developed paranoia, what kind of romantic dates can we talk about? How can I explain all this to Alexander, who is always at work, who is not even able to entrust elementary things to his deputy?

Olga understood that her husband was trying for the good of the family, but it would be better if he earned less, but spent more time with them.

“All right,” Olga said through her teeth. – I’m already full, thanks.

– Okay, then let’s go.

On the way home, Olga could not hold back tears of resentment. What kind of injustice is this? She wanted her husband to change his mind and stay at home with her and her daughters, but Alexander was determined. His wife’s tears only irritated him.

After saying a restrained goodbye to Olga at home, the man drove to the nearest bar. He just needed to remember for at least one evening what freedom is.

And Olga first of all called her sister to cry. The nanny was still with the children, and the woman did not want anyone to know about her problems with her husband, so she went to the cafe herself. Still, sitting on a bench was not the best solution.

– What happened? – Vlada could not understand what her sister was saying because of the constant breakdown in crying.

“I had a fight with Sasha,” Olga finally said clearly.

– So, well, I understood this from the general cacophony of sounds. And because of what?

Olga covered the microphone of the phone with her hand and quickly made an order – several cups of coffee, cherry pie and cranberry juice, she was very thirsty.

– Are you sitting in a cafe?

– Yes, – Olga sniffed.

“Well, that’s it,” Vlada sighed.

– And where are your children?

– With a babysitter.

– Okay. Well, tell me, what happened?

– Yes, what happened. The goat Sasha happened, that’s what,” Olga said resentfully.

– You love each other so much, what are you talking about? Vlada was surprised. There were, of course, disagreements between them, but for Olga to call her husband names?.. Never.

– Well, we went to a restaurant. There he pestered me with questions, they say, what happened, you’re not like that,” Olga sobbed again and drank the first cup of coffee almost in one gulp, despite the fact that the drink was hot. She wanted to calm down. – And what should I be, tell me? I have children at home left with a stranger, should I care about his stupid compliments?

– Why stupid?.. – Vlada was completely confused. It was as if she wasn’t talking to her sister, but to some bitch.

– Well, what the hell, you look great?! Did you see me? – Vlada sighed.

Olga really didn’t look great. The excess weight was not critical, but still significant, the skin without procedures and creams was covered with wrinkles, manicure even on short nails is generally a distant memory. Vlada didn’t understand how Olga managed to launch herself like that.

– Ol, he’s trying to cheer you up.

– Yeah, cheered up! – Olga almost finished her second cup of coffee and began to eat a sweet pie. – Do you know where he is? In the bar, damn it…

– Well, men are so arranged that sometimes they need a break from women…

– From the mothers of their children, yeah, – Olga was adamant. “Whose side are you on, Sister?”

– In this case, on his. I don’t see anything yet that could offend you so much,” Olga froze in surprise at these words. Well, she didn’t expect that from her sister.

“Thank you,” Olga said gloomily.

– Ol… – but the woman had already hung up.

Vlada looked at the phone in bewilderment. Postpartum depression, of course, will pass sooner or later, but Olga talked as if she considers herself the navel of the Earth. Vlada didn’t like arrogant people, but she felt sorry for her sister. And she was even more worried about Alexander. He and Olga have been living in this mode for a year now. No matter how hard the man tries, but everything is wrong for her.

Vlada thoughtfully turned the phone in her hand. Olga, of course, is so frustrated in vain. She is thirty-two, and already has a family, a good husband. And what about Vlad? Yes, business, yes, money, but I want something else. I want to have a beautiful wedding with a decent man, but a child.

Vlada even thought of bringing up someone from an orphanage, but realized that she would not be able to love this child as much as her own. But Olga has such happiness, but somehow she doesn’t look happy.

After thinking about it, Vlada dialed Alexander’s phone. After a few rings, the man answered.

– Olya asked you to check where I am? – he asked right off the bat.

– no. Hello to you, too, by the way.

– Sorry, I’m a little on edge, – Alexander sighed. – Hi, Vlada.

– It’s not scary. Olka has already called me, told me briefly what happened with you. Look, don’t take offense at her. This is called postpartum depression, it will pass.

– I understand, but sometimes it seems to me that I’m more tired than she is, – Alexander smiled sadly.

– Often it happens, probably. Are you at the bar now?

– Well, yes, with a couple of colleagues. If you want, join us.

– I’d love to. It’s been a tough week. Where? – Alexander dictated the address, Vlada promised to be there soon and hung up.

Meanwhile, Olga finished her pie and finished her coffee. Dessert seemed to her much more delicious than the chocolate fondue in the restaurant. Why all this finesse sometimes? Olga looked around in search of a waiter.

– Excuse me, can I order another dessert?

– Can I pay for it for you? a voice came from behind.

Olga turned around and saw a young man at a table behind her. He was smiling and looking at Olga.

“No need,” the woman grumbled.

– And yet I insist, – the guy got up from his seat and went to Olga’s table. – I’m terribly sorry, but I accidentally overheard your conversation with your sister.

– Really?

– yes. And you know, we have a similar situation. A girl left me a couple of days ago. She said she was tired of me.

– My husband did not tell me this, please note.

– But he went to a bar with friends, – Olga could not find an answer, so she silently shrugged her shoulders. – I suggest you go on a date with me. No commitment, just one date. You can leave whenever you want.

“And what am I losing?” Olga suddenly thought. Indeed, she felt the strongest resentment against her husband. Why did he actually leave her? He’s probably resting now, and she has to babysit. At the same time, thoughts about her daughters somehow abruptly left her head. Now there was a guy sitting in front of her, he was fifteen years younger than Olga, but still interested in her. So, she doesn’t look as bad as her husband and sister are trying to hint at it.

At the memory of Vlad, Olga was visited by an acute feeling of dislike for her sister. Here I could support, the family is called. And my husband, too, oh, one disappointment.

“Come on,” Olga suddenly blurted out to herself.

What has she done? After all, he knows that you can’t do that, it’s a betrayal!.. Even if they do not go further than the cafe, it will still be an ugly feeling that it will be impossible to get rid of.

Nevertheless, Alexander himself is to blame for leaving her alone. She wanted to take revenge on her husband for her own satisfaction, but at the same time she was afraid of guilt.

– Then let’s get acquainted right away. My name is Arthur, and you? – the guy flashed a snow-white smile and abruptly switched to “you”.

– Olga, – the woman herself did not understand that for the first time in a long time she sincerely smiled at a man. Previously, only her husband could receive such a smile. – Aren’t we too early for “you”?

– I don’t think so, – Arthur shook his head with the same disarming smile.

He was a slightly swarthy, black-haired guy, but there was no trace of an accent in his speech.

– You’re not really Russian, are you? Olga asked.

– Yes, it’s hard to call my appearance Slavic, – Arthur grinned. – Yes, and the name, probably, too. I have my roots in Italy, my great-grandmother is from there. But my grandmother has already moved to Russia. And you are just a sample of Slavic beauty…

“Well, the Don Principality,” Olga grinned, blushing slightly.

– Maybe we’ll drink something stronger than coffee for acquaintance? – he winked with his hazel-green eyes, and Olga realized that she was literally dizzy from Arthur.

– Yes, of course. Can I step away for a few minutes? I have to make a call.

– I’ll pick out the drinks for now. Are you relying on my Italian roots? – Olga laughed and nodded, and she took the phone and left the cafe. She quickly dialed the babysitter’s number.

– Hello, Lyubov Vasilyevna? I’m sorry, it’s awkward to ask you, but can’t you stay with the kids for the night? I met a friend, she’s getting married, they wanted to wash this case, – Olga came up with a plausible lie on the go.

“Yes, of course I can,” the nurse agreed good-naturedly. – We have enough food, we bathe, we’ll go to bed.

– Yes, yes, fine. Well, thank you, we’ll pay off in the morning due to new circumstances,” Olga hung up the phone and returned to the cafe, where Arthur was already waiting for her.

When Olga was making eyes at the new cavalier, Vlada let her driver go. She wasn’t going to return by car and didn’t know when she would be free, so it’s not worth waiting for her. The woman has already changed her mind a hundred times and even asked the driver to turn around a couple of times, but each time she returned to the previous route. Olga never called back. Apparently, he is angry now not only at Sasha, but also at her.

Vlada straightened her jacket and straightened her hair. Okay, she’s made up her mind, she’s thought it over. Vlada is not one of those who will turn away from the chosen path.

She entered the bar and immediately noticed Alexander. He was playing table football with his friend, he had so much joy on his face that Vlada involuntarily smiled. Olga is wrong, Sasha is a wonderful person, he just needs a break from his home routine.

– Hey!.. Hi! – Vlada approached the players with a smile.

– Vlada!.. Damn, Semyon, it wasn’t fair, you won when I was distracted! Alexander laughed, moving away from the table. – Hi, – he hugged the woman, everything inside her trembled.

– Oh, yes, you, comrades, have already cut yourself, – Vlada laughed.

– Really, come on, I ask you to the bar. Choose your drink, you have “penalties”, – Alexander joked, but Vlada was not at all embarrassed. She knew how to drink.

Soon Alexander’s friends went home, leaving them alone with Vlada. By that time Sasha had drunk several whiskies after his beer, so he was not very confident on his feet. Vlada wisely sipped cocktails. They were sitting next to each other, and the woman decided to talk to Alexander about Olga again.

– Sasha, aren’t you going home yet?

– Why should I go home? Do you think Olya is waiting for me there? – the man smiled sadly, finished his whiskey and asked the bartender to repeat. – She’s not expecting anything.

– You will have these disagreements. You have a family.

– Yes, I’m not sure, – Alexander suddenly admitted. – You know, I’m drunk. And I realize that my tongue is loosened. So forgive me for telling you this, Sister Oli. But I’m not attracted to her at all anymore.

– What are you talking about? Vlada was wary.

– She didn’t get in shape after giving birth. I understand everything, taking care of the girls, because we have such wonderful girls. But, Vlada, her character has changed beyond recognition. She, you know, has become so angry, she has constant mood swings, but she never has a good attitude towards me, her husband. No way,” Alexander repeated syllables by syllables and sentenced another portion of whiskey in one gulp.

– With her daughters, she is affectionate, kind, just a dream, not a mother. It’s nice to look at her. But as soon as we’re alone…” the man shook his head and ordered another whiskey.

– Does it not stick intimately? Vlada asked, also finishing her cocktail. –The same for me as for him,” she said to the bartender.

– Vlada, I forgot in general what they do in the bedroom. We didn’t have anything after the beginning of her pregnancy.

– But it’s two years, – the woman blinked a couple of times, thinking that she had misheard.

– Well, yes, – Alexander grinned. – And I still want to feel like a man.

– Yeah, – Vlada sighed, clinked glasses with Alexander and also drank whiskey in one gulp. Alcohol hit my head, a pleasant warmth spread across my chest. – Sasha.

– what?

– You can feel like a man with me, – now Alexander was silent for a long time, thinking that he had misheard or misunderstood.

“You’re offering me now…” he began uncertainly.

– Listen. I don’t need anything like that. I really want a baby, really. But I have no luck with men. This way I can get what I want, and you can relieve stress. This is a one-time action, no continuation, only once,” Vlada blurted out what was bothering her.

Alexander was still looking at her doubtfully, wondering if she was joking. Or maybe it’s Olya’s idea at all, suddenly she wants to test his loyalty so much? Although it doesn’t look like her, but the devil knows what else will come into her head.

Vlada was in great shape. She did fitness four times a week, went to the pool the other three days. Cosmetologists have turned her skin into something unearthly, hardly anyone would have given her more than twenty-five years. Alexander did not want to admit to himself, but in the last six months he involuntarily noticed the beauty of his wife’s sister.

– Well? Vlada asked with a sinking heart. – How do you look at my offer?..

Meanwhile, Arthur and Olga were already enjoying the view of the night city. After a bottle of wine in a cafe, they wanted to take a little walk, feel the romance of a soft night. Arthur turned out to be an excellent conversationalist, he knew how to listen, he knew how to talk, and his feelings were so sincere, especially against the background of Alexander’s restrained compliments, that Olga literally melted in his arms. It had been a long time since she had felt anything like this for her husband. And this made it offensive; Olga was angry at Alexander for his inattention, for his dryness towards her. And here a stranger, it would seem, understands her much better than the husband with whom she has lived for ten years. Arthur stopped in the middle of the bridge.

– Look, what a beauty!.. – the lights of the night city were reflected in the black surface of the water. “But even that kind of look can’t compare to the brilliance of your eyes.

– Arthur, you’re embarrassing me, – Olga smiled.

The guy put his arms around her waist with both hands and drew her to him. His kiss was passionate, but at the same time very gentle, and Olga’s head went round.

“Come to my place,” he whispered in her ear.

The woman no longer understood what she was doing, so she gave an answer almost without thinking.

– Let’s go.

The next morning, Alexander opened his eyes, and instantly the realization of what he had done that night flooded over him. He was lying in a hotel room in the same bed with Vlada. The man began to rub his temples, trying not to give in to emotions. He made this decision, he is responsible for it.

But what should I say to Olga? He was fine with Vlada, but this is not what he wanted from life at all. He needs Olga, he needs Varya and Alice!..

– Are you awake? a woman’s voice rang out.

Alexander could not answer. He wanted to believe that everything had happened in a dream, but, unfortunately, the man remembered everything too well.

– Let’s have coffee and leave. I advise you to just forget about everything. Consider that you just went to a special bank and…

“Vlada, please,” the man groaned. – Don’t.

– Okay, – Vlada shrugged her shoulders.

She didn’t love Alexander, she just sympathized, and last night she finally became convinced of this. Vlada just wanted a family, a child, but now she wasn’t sure if it was worth seducing her sister’s husband for this.

Olga literally fled from Arthur’s apartment. She woke up with horror. While the woman was getting ready in a panic, she woke up the guy.

– I understand everything, – Arthur smiled. – You needed to relieve stress, me too. Just forget about it.

– It’s easy for you to say. What about my husband? What about my children? – although what did he care about her family?..

– You made a choice. Never regret the decision you made.

Olga felt just awful. She didn’t know when Alexander had returned, or if he had returned at all. It would probably be easier for her if he was still not at home. And he really wasn’t at home when she returned.

Olga paid off with the nanny, and then just couldn’t find a place for herself. Guilt gnawed at her, she understood that she loved only her husband, last night was a terrible mistake, how would she look into his eyes now? Olga had to find out at the same moment, because the door lock began to turn.

– Are you back? – a woman came out into the corridor uncertainly.

– Yes, – Alexander looked at Olga. And such guilt rolled over him. How could he? Just forget, as if I went to a special bank, as Vlada advised. No, Alexander can’t live with that. – Olya, I need to tell you something.

“All right,” the pale Olga said softly.

Surely he somehow found out about her mistake yesterday. Perhaps the nanny saw them with Arthur from the window and called Sasha. The cafe was right in front of the house.

“I need to talk to you, too.”

– Let’s have a drink with you first, – Alexander said decisively and quickly walked to the home bar. Without much ceremony, he poured himself vodka and drank it in one gulp.

– I cheated on you.

– what?.. – Olga thought she misheard. Or he misspoke. Well, it can’t be that they are both on the same day…

– Yes, Ol. I’m sorry, it was a terrible mistake. I don’t fully understand myself how this happened!.. I understand that such things are not forgiven, but for the sake of the girls… For the sake of our daughters… I swear, I only love you!.. He fell to his knees in front of Olga, tears of remorse glistening in his eyes.

Olga stood in shock, trying to comprehend the situation. On wooden legs, she went to the bar and repeated the actions of her husband. Oddly enough, Olga suddenly felt better. She also stumbled, also made a mistake, but thanks to this she realized how dear her husband was to her.

– Olya?.. Will you forgive me?..

– You’re apologizing too soon, because I cheated on you too. And also tonight.

– How… – Alexander’s face turned to stone.

– And what? Do you love this one…

– No, – Olga calmly shook her head.

– Believe it or not, but I realized that I love you. And I love you as much as I probably didn’t even love you at the very beginning of our relationship. But if you prefer to break up with me now, you can’t forgive me, then I’ll understand everything.

The couple had a flurry of feelings. Both simultaneously experienced betrayal, betrayal, but both still have feelings for each other. They both hated and loved at the same time. They had to cope with this hurricane, and as soon as possible.

– Yes, it’s morning, – Alexander coughed and found that he was still on his knees.

He got up and poured himself some more strong alcohol, drank it. And then suddenly he laughed.

– And we even changed it in one day! Who else can boast of this?

– Probably not many … – Olga smiled uncertainly.

Alexander continued to laugh so contagiously that the woman realized after a few seconds that she was laughing no less than Alexander. For sure, it was hysterical laughter, but it allowed to relieve the excessive stress that was tormenting the couple.

– Okay. Ol, what are we going to do?

– I don’t know.

“Are you ready to forgive me?”

– And you me?

“I think so,” Alexander replied decisively.

– Then I’m ready, – Olga smiled.

Her heart fluttered. She no longer even remembered the name of yesterday’s date, her whole world was focused on her husband. Alexander saw his wife in a new light. Finally, she smiled at him. Finally became gentle. Perhaps this night of infidelity saved their marriage.

The couple reconciled, although they could not immediately get rid of the sediment. It was the only thing that worried Alexander. Vlada’s pregnancy. If he turns out to be a father, then he will simply need to accept this responsibility.

But just a month later, Vlada came to visit her sister with a reconciliation cake and great news. Vlada found herself a date. A businessman in a related area looked at his woman with loving eyes.

While Olga was getting acquainted with Andrey, her sister’s boyfriend, Alexander, under a plausible pretext, took Vlad aside. The woman immediately realized what was bothering him and immediately assured that nothing had happened, there was no pregnancy.

It was probably only at that moment that Alexander’s guilt left him. He smiled and congratulated Vlada on the beginning of her own family history.


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