An elderly woman was thinking at the window

Mother’s heart

Valentina Ivanovna has been working since she was sixteen, she started a family at twenty-nine. I tried not to spoil my son, Victor, but not to limit him too much, in a word, I took the golden mean in raising a child.

Valentina Ivanovna’s husband suffered a tragic fate, at the age of 55 he suffered a stroke, lived after that for another year. At that time, Viktor was 23, and he was able to support his mother during this difficult time. But a young man’s life could not stand in one place all the time. He had to look for a future wife, get a job, think about buying an apartment…

Of course, Valentina Ivanovna understood that her son would not be able to grieve for a long time, so she was mentally prepared for the fact that soon Victor would bring his bride to the threshold. So it happened, a year later the man decided to introduce his mother to his girlfriend, Oksana. By the way, enough time has passed since the death of his father for Viktor to change his mournful mood to a romantic one, but Valentina Ivanovna realized at first glance that Oksana was not a match for Viktor.

Victor was well–mannered and patient, Oksana was demanding and capricious. When they met, Valentina Ivanovna noticed how the girl looked with disgust at the old stove where the food was being prepared, at the dripping faucet, which still had no money to fix, and at other flaws in the small apartment. Nevertheless, Valentina Ivanovna tried not to show that something was wrong with Oksana, and Viktor was so in love that he did not notice the shortcomings of his girlfriend.

Oksana quickly got tired of the company of an elderly woman, and she said goodbye to the mother of her young man, and she did it very casually, saying that it was time for her manicure.

– Well, it’s time, so it’s time, – Valentina Ivanovna spread her hands. – Come in, I’ll be glad to see you.

– Yes, yes, of course, – Oksana looked at Victor. – Are you coming?

– With you on nails? – the man grinned, but the girl did not appreciate the joke. – No, I’ll stay with my mom for a while.

– Well, as you know. Have a nice day,” Oksana said sweetly and squeezed out a fake smile. Valentina Ivanovna nodded and closed the door behind the girl.

– Fuf, – the woman could not resist a sigh of endowment. – Vitya, don’t tell me that this is your future wife.

– What’s the big deal? the guy asked.

– What’s the big deal? Yes, she’s completely some kind of… Not real,” the woman shrugged and went back to the kitchen. – She will be with you as long as it is convenient for her. Well, or for some other reason. She doesn’t love you!..

– Mom, what are you talking about? Victor waved it off. – She’s just in a bad mood today, but she tried to please you.

– Yeah, I saw all her efforts, – Valentina Ivanovna looked out the window: Oksana was just getting into a taxi. – No, Vitya, this girl is not for you.

“Yeah,” the guy sighed. – I assumed that everything would go like this.

– What are you talking about? – the woman did not understand.

The son came up to his mother, sat down next to her and stroked her hand.

– Mom, I understand everything. Dad’s gone, and it’s like the end of life for you. I understand that you want me to become the support that your father was. And I’m not trying to get away from responsibility at all! I am ready to help you always and in any way I can. But I have to build my own family, you know? Oksana is a very nice girl, I am sure that over time you will find a common language with her. In the meantime, please don’t judge her so superficially.

Valentina Ivanovna literally lost the power of speech for a few minutes. Of course, she did not forget her husband, but she was a wise enough woman to understand that her son would not be near her for the rest of his life. Of course, Victor needs to build his family, but not with her, not with this girl, how can he not see for himself?

It was unpleasant for Valentina Ivanovna to hear accusations of bias from her son, but she was also very sorry for Viktor, who could marry an insidious girl.

– Vitenka, I understand everything. But think about it before you propose to Oksana. Observe, are you exactly right for each other?

– Yes, of course, we are coming! “I didn’t think you’d be so hostile to her.” In general, Mom, I didn’t feel like discussing Oksana with you, so I’ll probably go home.

“Good,” sighed Valentina Ivanovna. She just didn’t want to bring the matter to a scandal, and her gut told the woman that he would be if her son stayed here for some time. – But you still think about my words. I’ll think about yours, and you’ll think about mine, okay?

“Agreed,” Victor muttered.

A couple of months have passed since Valentina Ivanovna met Oksana. Victor called his mother less and less often, and even then on business, he found out if he needed to go to the store, if everything was in order with his health … Victor stubbornly did not want to talk about his relationship with Oksana, and in the end Valentina Ivanovna gave up. She perfectly understood how all this would end and was already ready for Victor to marry Oksana after all.

The premonition did not deceive the woman. One day Victor called her and asked if he could come by. Valentina Ivanovna was delighted, because her son’s visits have become rare. However, the reason for going to visit did not particularly please the woman. Viktor literally announced from the doorstep that he and Oksana had applied to the registry office.

“Wow…” was all Valentina Ivanovna could say. “So fast?”

– Why wait? Victor asked cheerfully. The young man’s mood was wonderful. He pulled a box out of the inside pocket of his coat. – Look, these are our rings.

“Beautiful,” the woman nodded, looking at the wedding rings. – Have you thought it over well?

– Mom, are you there again? Victor frowned.

– No, son, I’m just interested. You haven’t told me anything about your relationship.

– Well, yes, I’m sorry, – Victor said thoughtfully. – it was just so good, and I was afraid that you would start judging me again.

– I didn’t judge you!.. I was just doubting. But you are the creator of your own destiny, if you like Oksana, then, of course, get married,” Valentina Ivanovna said, stepping over her pride. Victor beamed.

– Do you really think so? He asked with a smile. The woman nodded. – Thank God!.. I was afraid that you would be against the wedding,” the son hugged his mother. – Thank you…

“I just want you to be happy, son,” Valentina Ivanovna replied, hugging her son.

He wouldn’t have listened to her anyway, even if she was categorically against the marriage. She would just ruin the relationship with her son, that’s all. The scope of the wedding struck Valentina Ivanovna. Where did Victor, a humble worker at the factory, get such money? Of course, she threw as much as she could out of her savings, but it was still not enough for such a holiday. Relatives and friends of the wife were over 50 people, barely in the restaurant, alcohol, registration… Yes, the wedding took at least five hundred thousand rubles. Where did Victor get such money?

Valentina Ivanovna did not want to spoil the holiday for her son, so she did not bother with questions, but it was postponed in her memory. A few days after the wedding, the young people were going on vacation, to spend their honeymoon. Valentina Ivanovna asked her son to come in before leaving. Victor was in a state of unhealthy euphoria, as it seemed to the woman.

– Well, son, how are you? “What is it?” she asked.

– Yes, we live well, – the son smiled. – So, we decided to move to a bigger apartment. We’ll rent a two-bedroom apartment, and then I’ll get a mortgage.

– On yourself? the woman asked involuntarily.

– Well, of course, – Victor shrugged his shoulders.– Why hang a loan on Oksana? We’ll need repairs, furniture, that’s when we’ll think about it. I’m unlikely to be given another one with a mortgage, but she can.

– Oksana suggested it, didn’t she? Valentina Ivanovna clicked her tongue.

– Well, yes. And what?

– No, nothing. A very wise decision on her part,” the woman replied. Victor smiled.

– Yes, she’s smart!

– By the way, son, how much did your wedding cost? Everything was so beautiful, the dishes in the restaurant were luxurious, mmm, a fairy tale straight.

– Yes, it’s not particularly expensive. Oksana’s friend organizes holidays, so she used her discounts everywhere. It turned out to be only 600 thousand,” Valentina Ivanovna barely managed to restrain an exclamation of surprise.

– Yes, it’s really cheap for such a holiday, – the woman barely squeezed out of herself. – But I still wonder where you found so much money?

– And we took a loan for the wedding, – Victor broke into a carefree smile. Valentina Ivanovna couldn’t stand it anymore.

– Have you taken a loan? For a wedding?! Do you want to guess who it was issued to? Where are your brains, Victor?! Well, can’t you see that Oksana is just using you!..

– Mom! Nobody uses me. Yes, I was the initiator to pay the loan on my own, just because Oksana needs to stay without loans to take it to repair our apartment!.. And yes, we will also go on a honeymoon with this money! Don’t you understand that the times when you signed at the registry office and called 5-6 relatives are long over? Mom, everyone does that now, and I don’t want our wedding to be any worse! – Valentina Ivanovna sighed heavily, and Victor went into the corridor to get dressed. – I can’t believe that you invited me to visit just to tell me off for my decisions!.. Mom, I’m an adult now, don’t tell me off!

“I didn’t scold you, Victor,” Valentina Ivanovna said quietly. – You’re right, you’re already an adult, and it’s too late for me to scold you.

– Wonderful. Then why don’t you stop doing it? Victor threw his coat over his shoulders and turned the door lock. – I’m going home. I still have to pack my things. I’ll call you when we get back.

“Bye, son,” the woman said sadly.

– Bye, Mom, – Victor answered rudely and slammed the door behind him.

For the first time since the funeral of her husband, Valentina Ivanovna cried from resentment at the whole world. The relationship between Oksana and Victor developed quite quickly. Oksana couldn’t wait to try herself as a mother, but she saw that her husband was very upset about something. Sitting in a restaurant with an open terrace, Oksana looked at the sea, then at Victor and slowly drank cold white wine. Victor, on the other hand, was sullenly twirling a glass of beer that had steamed up in the heat in his hands.

– Don’t you like our vacation? the girl asked.

– what? No, everything is fine,” Victor immediately smiled.

– It seems to me that your thoughts are somewhere else, – Oksana put the glass on the table and took her husband’s hand. – Tell me, what happened to you?

– Yes, it’s all right, honestly, – Viktor tried to get out, but the girl looked at him from under her brows, demanding the truth, not his excuses. The man sighed heavily. – I had a fight with my mom before I left. Still, this stupid quarrel does not go out of my head.

“Your mother again?” the girl raised an eyebrow. “And what did she say this time?”

– Oksana, this is our business, family… – I am also your family. Or is it wrong?

– So, – the man nodded.

– Well? Oksana looked at him questioningly.

– We were talking about the wedding, – Victor sighed. – At first she said how great everything was. Then she asked about the amount. And I lied. Understated our expenses. And she was still unhappy, but somehow kept silent… And then for some reason I blurted out about this stupid loan, and then she snapped.

“Oh, honey,” the girl sighed. “Your mother is an old–school woman. It was not so accepted among them, it was impossible to even think about taking money for weddings. This is now such an action in the order of things.

“That’s what I told her.

– And he was absolutely right, – his wife Oksana immediately supported. – Don’t think about your mother, she is offended that you married so quickly after your father’s death. If there was another girl in my place, she would still react like this.

– Yes, I think so too, – admitted Victor. Then he looked at Oksana, smiled and kissed her. – You’re so smart.

– Yes, I know, – the girl grinned. – Victor, isn’t it time for us to think about procreation? Perhaps if Valentina Ivanovna has a grandson or granddaughter, she will understand that she was wrong about me and in vain accused you of a hasty decision about the wedding.

– Are you ready yet? Victor blinked in surprise.

– Well, of course, – Oksana smiled. – I’ve dreamed of a big family all my life. I told you.

– Yes, but… – the man doubted. He really looked at the situation: they have no housing, what can we talk about children? – Maybe we should wait a bit?

– I knew that your mother would turn you against me … – tears appeared in the girl’s eyes. She quickly wiped them off and turned her gaze to the sea.

– Oksana, no one set me up, – Victor got up from the table and hugged his wife. – I just thought that maybe we’re in a hurry with the kids, because we haven’t bought an apartment yet.

– Well, how long will we have to wait? Oksana sobbed. Victor was touched by such tenderness of his wife.

Now it is rare to find a girl who would so sincerely like a child, at least, Victor himself thought so. In the 21st century, all ladies have a career, cars, apartments on their minds, but certainly not a family. And he was so lucky with Oksana. The man smiled and kissed the girl on the top of her head.

“Not for long. I have to get a promotion, we can pay off the wedding loan in a year. We will immediately get a mortgage, buy an apartment, and have children. How do you like this plan?

– Great, – Oksana smiled.

As planned, a month after returning from vacation, Victor received a long-awaited promotion. They paid almost twice as much, physical labor was greatly reduced, but paperwork was added, but Victor did not complain. He was very pleased with the circumstances.

Vera Ivanovna slowly began to recognize Oksana, which Victor was also happy about. He hoped that his life had improved. However, in fact, Valentina Ivanovna’s attitude towards Oksana has changed little. Perhaps the girl loved her husband at least a little, because she did not get divorced and did not have a lover yet. But the woman was sure that Oksana was up to something, that she saw some benefit in her relationship with Victor.

Valentina Ivanovna assumed that the whole thing was in the apartment. Oksana herself does not want to pull a mortgage on herself, so she found Vitya. Valentina Ivanovna could not explain this to her carelessly in love son, but she hoped that he would be smart enough to at least arrange an apartment for himself.

Victor repaid the loan that the couple took for the wedding, by the way, not without the help of Valentina Ivanovna. Almost immediately, the man applied for a mortgage. The new loan was approved for him, and the couple moved into their first apartment of their own. And a couple of months later Oksana was jumping with happiness: there were two strips on the test. Victor can’t help but share the good news with his mother, especially since she has become more loyal to Oksana.

And while the girl was accepting congratulations from her friends and celebrating her pregnancy with juices, Victor went to visit his mother. After hearing the news about the imminent birth of grandchildren, Valentina Ivanovna smiled and hugged her son.

– I congratulate you! The woman kissed Victor on the cheek.

– Well, you should congratulate not only me, – the man smiled.

– Yes, Oksana too, of course. She just didn’t come to visit, so… oh, okay!.. Well, future dad, shall we wash this case? the woman chuckled.

– Come on, – the son agreed. They drank wine and talked about the future.

In Valentina Ivanovna’s case, all the pieces of the mosaic formed an unpleasant picture. She decided not to say anything to her son, so as not to start a quarrel again, but she couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed someone to share her thoughts with. Therefore, when Victor went home, the woman dialed the number of a close friend.

– Hello? – Galina’s voice sounded on the phone.

– Gal, hello, how is life young? – Valentina greeted her old friend.

– Oh, Val, what are our years, – Galina grinned in response. – Everything is fine, here, my daughter is going to get married. Finally decided.

“A wedding is good,” Valentina nodded. – Is the guy a good guy?

– Good, – Galina was confident in her daughter’s choice, unlike Valentina.

– Uh-huh, but everything is not thank God for me.

– Did Oksana your favorite do something? – Galina immediately tuned in to the latest gossip.

– Gal, you understand, everything is strictly between us, – Valentina warned, hearing genuine interest in her friend’s voice.

“Okay, okay,” the woman sighed. – Tell me.

– In general, they moved into a new apartment, bought with a mortgage. Of course, my sensible son took out a loan for himself, but he entered Oksana into the owner of the apartment. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to raise such a simpleton. Well, that’s not all. Oksana is pregnant. And I think that after the decree she will want a divorce with the division of property and alimony, – Valentina Ivanovna gave out in one breath.

– Val… – Galina drawled skeptically. – Or maybe you’re making it all up? Well, it seems like a normal girl. And that she wants to live at the expense of her husband, so we are all not without sin.

– Yes, I would be glad to believe it, Galya, only I see how she looks at Victor. Like a wallet. She doesn’t like him, so at least you crack.

– Well, yes, he doesn’t. And that’s why they’re having a baby.

– Oh, Galya, – Valentina Ivanovna sighed. – I don’t know why she took such measures, honestly. Maybe he just loves kids.

– Such an insidious person can’t just love children, Val. You know that yourself. Finally, reconsider your attitude towards her. After all, this is the mother of your grandchildren.

“I don’t know,” Valentina pursed her lips resentfully. She thought that at least her friend would support her, and not side with her daughter-in-law. Looks like I made a mistake. – Okay, I’ll try. Maybe you’re right, and I’m just winding myself up.

– That’s right. Try. And now listen to what I’m going to tell you about Semyonovna…

Valentina Ivanovna listened to the enthusiastic story of her friend about how Vera Semyonovna, it is not known for what money, made herself perfectly white, even teeth, but in her sixth decade she got herself a boyfriend who paid for dental services. The woman was a little uncomfortable with such conversations. I hadn’t become a grandmother yet, but I already felt like an old woman discussing the dental prosthetics of her friends…

Soon Oksana gave birth to a son. Valentina Ivanovna sincerely rejoiced at the appearance of her grandson. During these nine months, she tried to listen to her friend’s advice and reconsider her attitude towards Oksana. In addition, the girl turned out to be a very caring mother, she spent all her time with the baby. Valentina Ivanovna even felt uncomfortable because of how she first perceived Oksana. Now the woman tried to help in every way in the upbringing of her grandson, but, unfortunately, she didn’t have much time either, because Valentina Ivanovna was still working.

Years went by, now grandson Andrey turned 3 years old, and Oksana went to work, and Valentina Ivanovna managed to get arthritis and reduce her employment as much as possible. She still helped her son pay the mortgage, pampered little Andrey with toys, stayed with him if the young parents asked.

A year later, the woman’s joints began to ache every morning, and she even had to go to the hospital for routine treatment. Of course, then Valentina Ivanovna decided that she had had enough. The more I could, the more I helped my son. Oksana was already working, and could also invest in the repayment of the loan, and it was time for Valentina to retire. This is what she told Oksana and Viktor, who came to visit, right after she was discharged from the hospital.

– That’s right, Mom, it’s high time to have fun, – Victor supported her decision.

– Well, I don’t know… Will you have enough to live on? Oksana asked doubtfully.

– The others live somehow, – Valentina Ivanovna shrugged her shoulders.

– Yes, it’s hard to call it life, – Oksana continued to doubt. – What about the medications?

– Oksana, I will pay for my mother’s medicines, what kind of nonsense are you asking? Victor was surprised.

– Vit, we actually have a mortgage, – Oksana looked at him seriously.

– So what? We will go on vacation not twice a year, but once, like most people.

– Ah, well, of course, let’s deprive our son of the sun! Oksana threw up her hands.

– Oh, young people, let’s not quarrel in the presence of a sick woman, – Valentina Ivanovna tried to reconcile them.

All her suspicions about Oksana returned and began to play with renewed vigor.

– That’s right, a sick woman, – frowned Victor. – remind me, Oksana, what is our son sick with, that he needs to spend almost three months at sea with you?

– Nothing yet, – Oksana emphasized. – Have you heard about rickets and other joys?

– Oksana, I will pay for my mother’s medicines, period. And if necessary, then buy food too. She’s my mother, and I owe her everything.

– And you don’t owe anything to your family! Here you explain to Andrey why we won’t go to the warm sea in winter!.. Oksana started to get hysterical.

– Don’t you think that in winter Andrey will go to kindergarten, and he doesn’t have to go to the sea from there at all? Victor persisted.

– Now you also decided to argue with me about the upbringing and health of the child?

– Oksana, it’s time to admit that you just want to be on a warm beach in the middle of winter. And you cover yourself with Andrey. You flew to Tunisia for a vacation when he was two months old, two months old, Oksana!.. But you should have rested by the sea.

– Is it bad that I want to spend time with my son?

– You want to spend time on vacation. I tell you again that if you go on vacation once a year, our son’s health will not deteriorate,” Victor repeated wearily.

– I know better! Oksana shouted at him. – God, what an egoist you are!.. You don’t think about your family at all!..

– Am I selfish?! – now Victor’s patience has run out. – You want me not to help my mother with a penny, but to take you to the south once again! Do you think I’m still a fool? I can see perfectly well that you needed a child exclusively for you, you hardly loved me at all. But congratulations, now you can easily manipulate me, because I love my son. And for two of us it is enough to have a rest this winter.

– My son will not fly anywhere without me, – Oksana turned pale.

“He’s my son, too.

– Just try it, I will immediately file for divorce and say that you took my child away from me!..

“Fine,” Victor gritted his teeth.

He had long suspected that Oksana was not as loving as he had thought at the very beginning. Indeed, she achieved her goal: tied Victor to her, bought an apartment at his expense. – It’s a pity for Andrey that he has such an unscrupulous mother.

– So, – Valentina Ivanovna, who was listening to all this, loudly slapped her palms on the table. – I thought from the very beginning that you were not a match for my son, Oksana, I’m sorry. But I sincerely love you for your grandson. And I also love Andrew very much. Please, since you’ve already started a family, don’t destroy it. Whether you love my son or not, I hope you love yours. Please don’t deprive him of his father.

– Valentina Ivanovna, you have brought up a terrible person. And I will not allow him to influence my son!.. Especially after this dialogue. It turns out that you counted every penny you spent on your wife and child, Victor. I really didn’t expect it. I’m going to file for divorce after all. You can live with your mom even until you die,” Oksana said angrily.

– Come to your senses, – Vera Ivanovna shook her head. – The anger will pass, and you will not return your husband and a good father.

– What kind of a good father is he?! I regretted the month of summer for the child!.. Oksana exclaimed.

She already understood that all her manipulations were revealed, and through her own fault, the girl turned out to be too hot-tempered. From the very day she met Viktor, Oksana decided that he was a simple-minded enough person to provide for her all her life. Of course, she will not stop working in order to leave insurance in an emergency, but it is also not worth trying too hard. It is better to think about family, children, especially since a child can be an excellent lever for controlling a man. And Oksana was not mistaken in her reasoning. Life was wonderful until my mother-in-law decided to quit her job.

The girl guessed that this day would come, but she did not think that so soon. And I didn’t think that Victor would begin to guess about Oksana’s true intentions. And it became more and more difficult to play love, the girl began to allow herself rudeness and harshness in statements about Victor more often, and this brought suspicion on herself. All the memories flashed before Oksana’s eyes in a chaotic stream, while she was trying to get everything back to normal with the help of Andrey.

“The court will decide which of us is a bad parent,” Victor replied coldly.

The divorce was almost painless. The judge ruled that Viktor could see his son at any convenient time, even though Oksana demanded to limit herself to weekends. Andrey still had to live with his mother, because the child is always closer to his mother than to his father.

Viktor left the apartment to his ex-wife and child, the mortgage was almost paid off, of course, the man did not demand money or living space from Oksana, and it was not manly, of course. He continued to provide his son with everything he needed, but he did not want to see his ex-wife anymore.


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