Male striptease

Male striptease

This story happened a long time ago…

In a previous life…

In the nineties of the last century…

I remember how Lyuba Romanenko appeared in my acquaintances, of course, she was the wife of a friend of my ex-husband’s sister’s husband, with whom I practically did not communicate, but how this Lyuba suddenly became my friend, albeit for a short time, I do not remember, I do not understand and I am afraid I will never understand… but you can’t argue with the facts and it remains only to tell another funny story from my life.

One winter, before the New Year, Lyuba invited me to a restaurant, to the local Savoy, where her husband worked as an administrator at that time.

I didn’t want to go, it was cold, the piercing north wind painfully threw prickly snow in my face, and the hated ice didn’t give me a chance to walk without fear, and anyway, I didn’t really like all these trips to restaurants, and also to sit somewhere in the gallery, “but for free” I didn’t like it…

But Lyuba was persistent.
She came to my house, enthusiastically shouted something about “male striptease” and “you definitely haven’t seen this!” at the same time choosing a decent dress for me in my closet and, despite the size difference, a completely indecent black short dress with a large neckline for herself.

Lyuba was a typhoon, loud, cheerful with a funny accent, brought from somewhere in the Russian hinterland, Lyuba tirelessly bubbled with energy and a desire to be the center of attention, always and everywhere. Since the girl was of bright Slavic appearance, with long wheat-colored hair, portly, tall and with breasts of the fifth size, she easily realized her desires.

The Savoy was not far from my house. Five minutes on foot, even on ice.
Holding on to each other, we quickly “rolled” along the icy path to the place, without having time to fall or freeze.

The table reserved for us suddenly turned out to be in the very center of the hall, in front of a small stage with a pylon. I had not seen a male striptease before, even in American films on TV, and I had no idea about the upcoming action, as it turned out later, and Lyuba, too.

Sitting down at a table, we drank the proposed cocktails at the expense of the establishment, but it seemed to Lyuba that it was not enough and she went to look for her husband and a drink, and I looked around and saw how excitedly the visitors were discussing something and how they sat down instinctively moved with a chair close to the table and facing the stage, and Lyuba’s chair stood across our table to face me When she returned, she turned her chair towards the hall where the performance began.

Being thus sitting absolutely in plain sight in my tight dress with a deep neckline, she attracted attention without being embarrassed at all.

At first, a young boy with two girls who came on stage without skirts, but in fishnet stockings, under the languid voice of Tanita Tikaram, tried to portray the trio “expression” with Boris Moiseev.. Then all the same girls were left alone, dancing something, timidly or clumsily pestering the audience, and I was just about to leave when Lyuba screamed “Here he is!” and I saw a beautifully built black guy in leather pants and a sleeveless shirt.

The guest star of the male striptease was good-looking and knew about it.

Long African pigtails of wire hair fashionably beat his neck with every sharp movement of his head. With honed movements, he tore off his clothes until finally he was left in… uh.. how to put it, in a red penis pouch..

But this did not make everyone freeze…
He was clearly looking for a “victim”, a woman with whom he would work out his immodest number.
And naturally, very quickly, he made his choice, His favorite cleavage did not go unnoticed by them.
At that time, the unsuspecting Lyuba, crossing her legs, was drinking something from a glass and mannerly sticking out her fingers smoked a long black cigarette.

Under the rhythmic music with moans depicting passion, the black handsome man got close to Luba’s cleavage and somehow quite unexpectedly threw one leg over the sitting Luba and hovered over her, putting his red pouch right into the hollow of Luba’s chest…

Lyuba’s cigarette fell out of her hand in surprise…

The audience gasped softly, the dancer leaned against Lubin’s cheek and looking into my eyes, as I was sitting with my face in Lubin’s back, shouting over the music, exhaled in her ear
, “Sit still, I’ll do everything myself.”.
Lyuba screamed, threw the half-finished glass on the carpet and clutching the seat of the chair with her hands, effortlessly lifting herself up with the chair and the stripper standing over her, she jumped on half-bent legs to the side with sharp movements, turning on the voice siren of such force that she drowned out the not quiet music… She galloped in a wild gallop first in one direction, galloping to the bar, adding volume – she screamed in a bass voice and galloped in the opposite direction.

The rider, probably instinctively, tucked his legs under him, hugged Lubin’s strong neck, forgetting about his image, rode Lyuba on horseback, as on a horse, burying his whole face in her soft chest, and as Lyuba later told me, he suddenly plaintively asked her
“may diar! Not so fast.”..

The audience was sobbing.

People were not just laughing, they were hysterically hiccupping and crying with laughter, and laughing threw their heads back, and someone dropped them on their tables in a fit of hysteria.
Romanenko, Lyuba’s husband, stood in the aisle near the bar, shaking his shoulders and laughing, hugging an old kitchen cleaner. The latter blew his nose into a roll of toilet paper and howled like the wind in a long corridor.

The owner of the establishment, who was sitting on soft sofas located around the perimeter of the hall, with his close guests, forgetting about decency, moved off the sofa feet first and sitting almost on the floor laughed out loud. His VIP guests behaved almost the same way.
The general fun threatened to end in madness…

Having stopped being afraid and seeing all this bacchanalia, I began to giggle stupidly, but the thought “how will all this end and how will we leave here? !!” prevented me from going into the stage of unrestrained fun.

Finally, Lyuba, apparently tired, stopped, the stripper immediately jumped off her and ran away without bowing, rightly considering this frenzied triumph not his merit.
Lyuba, jumping to the table, convulsively lit a cigarette, drank water, and lit a second cigarette, holding the first one in her left hand. So I smoked them in turn, without noticing it…

Her hands were shaking, but her face was neither confused nor discouraged, Blowing her disheveled hair from her flushed face, she shouted to me through the laughter of the audience

“Well! Didn’t I tell you?!you definitely haven’t seen this yet!”

She was right! I have not seen this.

P.S. It was the first and last time I went to a male striptease.


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