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Mother steals and begs money from me

I’m twenty-five now. Two years ago I got a higher education and now I’m working, just not in my specialty.

Not so long ago, I registered the status of self-employed and got the opportunity to officially work for myself. We have been dating a guy for several years and I can say that these years have been the best in my entire life. He was able to replace my mother, father, friend, and lover. He has become everything to me, I am grateful to him for taking care of me and protecting me.

Once there was a situation that needs to be described in detail so as not to miss anything. Five years ago I moved in with my mother. At that time, she had a new man and they had already managed to get married. I honestly tried to find a common language with them, get along, make friends. Although I am not obliged to do this, I could just live in an apartment, considering that legally half of the cost of this apartment belongs to me.

In particular, I could not find a common language with my new “dad”. Scandals at that time had already become something of a norm. I offered my mother to exchange a two-room apartment for two one-room apartments so that each of us would have our own corner. Because her husband brainwashed her, her mother wouldn’t listen to anything about my proposal. She spoke in his words that it would be inconvenient for them to huddle in a one-room apartment.

But the mother offered an option that would be convenient for them. She sent me to free bread so that I could live anywhere but with them. And she didn’t care at all how I would live and where. After all, I was twenty years old and I absolutely did not know how to look for housing, how I would live alone, where I would earn money. She said that at my age it was time to earn money on my own. And it doesn’t matter at all that I couldn’t combine full-time study with work.

She hinted that very soon she would grow old and then I would have to provide for her, and I absolutely can’t do anything and can’t even provide for myself. Mom dreamed of getting me married so that I would finally get behind them and stop claiming my share of the apartment. At least that way I would have an additional source of income to which she could stick.

I want to hear advice first of all from moms. Let them tell me, is this attitude towards your own child, even an adult, the norm? Maybe I just got overindulged and spoiled? Mom doesn’t just expect me to start helping her with a penny. After all, because of endless loans, they are simply mired in debt. That’s why she’s waiting for an ambulance from me.

When I was still studying, he and his stepfather loved to take a hard drink to the bottle. As soon as I brought home a scholarship, my mother begged for it from me. And when I refused her, I stole her blindly when I turned away.

Soon an industrial practice began at the university. And then she started asking for money so they could buy food or pay off the loan. Imagine while I was running out of strength in an attempt to get money, her husband was sitting all day in online games and donating, that is, he spent all the money there. I once asked why he doesn’t do anything to support his woman. He motivated this by the fact that he is not obliged to support both of us. If I wasn’t there, I’m not his daughter and I treat him badly. And I had a reason to treat him badly. Once he wanted to rape me, so now I can’t stand this subhuman.

This is the third year I’ve been living in this nightmare. Nothing came to my mother during this time, so she just decided to kick me out, ostensibly because I was of no use. I don’t give them money because I barely have enough salary to support myself. They also can’t repay loans from my submission.

And they just hate that I provide for myself, and they have to sit hungry.


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