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Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Marina was over the moon with happiness. They had been dating Nikita for seven months and yesterday he proposed to her. She already dreamed of how they build their nest, no matter where, the main thing is that they are together. They will decide together what to cook for dinner, which curtains to hang, what to do in the evening. And you can already think about the children.

We were preparing for an important ceremony. The young man offered Marina to move in with him. He lived in the house with his mother. The girl agreed. I thought that while they were busy preparing for the wedding, they would live together, and then, as legal spouses, they would start living separately. She didn’t worry much about it, her thoughts were busy with pleasant chores.

The future mother-in-law behaved with restraint. Marina tried to please Nina Fedorovna, was afraid to take an extra step, tried to catch her mood and adjust to her.

So they lived up to the wedding. Marina’s parents came from the village, her mother-in-law seemed to communicate with them sincerely, laughed and talked a lot. Leaving, the parents told their daughter that she was lucky with her husband and mother-in-law, such a nice family. Marina was happy herself.

Colleagues only frightened the girl. They said that it was difficult to live with her mother-in-law, she could live with her daughter-in-law from the light, protecting her son. Moreover, he was her late and only child. Nina Fyodorovna did not have a husband, but she dreamed of children. I couldn’t give birth for a long time, and at 48, when I no longer hoped, I got pregnant. Nikita was her pride, she raised him for herself. Of course, I am ready to give my child only in good hands.

But a month after the wedding has passed, the second one has gone, and the husband does not even stutter about moving. Marina can’t even really talk to him. In the morning to work – each in his own direction. In the evening, the girl returns home earlier, a little later Nikita, has dinner with her mother and she sits with them all evening, then watches TV, then asks for something to help. Then the tired spouses go to bed. Nikita has problems at work, he was transferred to a new position, stress all day. I have my own worries on the weekend. Then you need to go to the market with your mother, then she has pressure all day, her son does not leave her.

The young wife began to worry that she was not actually alone with her husband. I decided it was time to raise this issue. And then one day I called Nikita, said that she was late, offered to meet after work and go home together.

Nikita met her in a good mood. They gave him an assistant, now there will be less stress at work. And she told her husband that she would like them to live separately.

– Are you kidding? Nikita was wary, and Marina was confused. – I don’t want to leave my mom. And I grew up here. I can’t leave my home.

“You’re not leaving Mom,” Marina assured her husband. – But we have our own family.

“You can see that her health is not very good,” Nikita objected.

– We can shoot something nearby. We will help if anything is needed,” his wife urged him.

– And if it gets bad at night? And she won’t even be able to call?

– And how do others live? Marina was puzzled.

– Maybe others don’t care about their parents, but I won’t leave my mom!

Marina did not raise this topic again. Only in her head there were some kind of inconsistencies. It turns out that she is bad, that she abandoned her parents and a lot of other people are bad, but Nikita is good. But she was by no means angry with him or Nina Fyodorovna. Worried about her health. If necessary, I am ready to sacrifice my dream of a separate apartment.

And they stayed to live with their mother. An elderly woman really often complained of being unwell. Marina felt sorry for her, and worried about Nikita too, seeing how he was going through.

At work, her vacation was already coming up. Everything is scheduled in advance, there is no way to reschedule. They planned to go somewhere, but since Nikita was promoted, his vacation was covered. And the young wife still has no way out, you need to take it according to plan. I decided that I would do household chores, maybe even my mother-in-law would persuade me to go to the hospital to be examined.

And, resting from work, the girl felt for herself all those charms of the mother-in-law’s character, about which her colleagues warned.

Nina Fyodorovna, always smiling and good, as soon as her son left for work, turned into a real different person. She screamed and humiliated her daughter-in-law in every possible way. At first, Marina could not believe her ears when on the first day, Nikita just walked out the door, and Nina Fedorovna called out to her.

– What are you standing for, daughter-in-law? You just spend the whole vacation, and you do a lot of things around the house. Not a guest. In the house, you live, and do the housework. There, the cellar needs to be cleaned. I’m not young enough to do this anymore. And you’re a nimble girl, you’ve fooled my son, and you can handle the mold.

Marina, of course, was taken aback by this. I started cleaning. And her mother-in-law did not leave her alone, she was looking for all the flaws. And in the evening, when Nikita returned, as if they had replaced her, she became affectionate again. The daughter-in-law threw everything that happened during the day out of her head. With whom it happens, something happened to an elderly woman.

But Nina Fyodorovna began to be bridged every time her son was not around. And the main thing is that I hopped around the house all day, as if nothing hurt. And you can’t say that she’s already under 70. And in the evening, the heart will catch, or the pressure will rise, or shortness of breath.

Marina already thinks that her mother-in-law gets tired of daytime activity by the evening. From nerves, too, the pressure jumps. Here, sometimes her mother-in-law will yell at her so much that Marina thinks that she herself will have a heart attack from fright sooner than Nina Fedorovna.

It was scary to take on cooking. The mother-in-law criticized the daughter-in-law’s skills.

– Who cooks like that? – the most frequent remark. – I’m not going to eat this stuff, don’t try to throw it in a saucepan! Nina Fyodorovna threatened when Marina took some jar of spices. The girl did not know what else her mother-in-law could find fault with. For spices in general unexpectedly, because the elderly woman herself used them, and scolded her daughter-in-law.

Sometimes Marina was going to cook something for her husband’s arrival, and Nina Fyodorovna kicked her out of the kitchen, and cursed, remembering what a disgusting dinner her daughter-in-law cooked last time. Although she praised her in front of her son.

Somehow Marina began to cook soup. Nina Fedorovna, as usual, was standing behind her, controlling the process. The daughter-in-law cut the potatoes into not such cubes, and threw them ahead of time. Salt should be thrown at the end. These spices are not put in the soup. There are few cereals, a lot of carrots. And in the end, the mother-in-law pushed the cook away, tasted the soup, grimaced and spat it back into the pot.

– Do you want to send us all to the next world? Nina Fyodorovna was indignant. – Some kind of poison.

– Still fresher, why poison? Marina asked, almost crying.

– Too salty, which is impossible to eat, – said the mother-in-law.

The young woman endured, of course she poured out the soup. Nina Fedorovna quickly cooked pasta with her gravy. When Nikita came home from work, she was already making tea.

Marina did not tell her husband about her mother-in-law, she did not want to quarrel with her mother and son. She knew how much his mother was dear to him. He won’t believe it, and if he does, he’ll be upset. I didn’t want to put him in front of a choice between two beloved women. And I had to be patient a little. The vacation will end, he will go to work, and the problem will go away.

When I went to work, it was like a mountain off my shoulders. Exhaled calmly. But since then I have tried to stay at work so that I can come home at the same time with my husband. But even after that, the mother-in-law did not stop messing up.

Somehow an important meeting at work had to be. You need to look solid. Marina’s dress was expensive for such occasions, she had prepared it from the evening. And in the morning I got up and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a huge burnt hole on her dress.

– How’s that? – Marina ran into the kitchen, where Nikita and his mother were having breakfast.

– Oh, I accidentally, I’m sorry, – Nina Fedorovna jumped up to her daughter-in-law and took her by the hand. – I was ironing clothes, I put the iron aside, I forgot to turn it off. I went to put the kettle on. It’s good that I noticed it in time, otherwise there would have been a fire,” she looked at the girl with innocent eyes and smiled.

– You never iron your underwear in the morning, – Marina almost cried.

– Don’t worry, – the husband reassured his wife. – If you want, we’ll buy a new one on the weekend.

Marina waved off and ran to look for what to wear. You also need to iron and pick up accessories. And time is short. As a result, I was delayed.

– Well, it’s good that she burned it, – as soon as Nikita came out, Nina Fyodorovna turned to her daughter-in-law with a mockery. – You’re married, there’s no need to wear such dresses to work.

She was late for work that day and was reprimanded. Colleagues have long noticed that after the vacation Marina began to behave differently. They pestered her with questions. She burst into tears and told everything about her mother-in-law.

“And the worst thing is that we don’t live with him almost like a man with a woman,” the girl sobbed. – Just go to bed, she’s from the next room: Her heart hurts. And Nikita runs to her. He’s been sitting by her bed all night. And so it is almost every day. I don’t understand why she always feels unwell at the same time, and always before going to bed.

“You’re naive, Marina,” the colleague shook her head. – Too kind. So you will die an old maid and without children with a living husband.

Marina herself was already afraid of this. She didn’t want such prospects at all. And she asked for advice on what to do in such a situation. Of course, experienced women began to offer her different recipes for female happiness. Some are very radical. Marina refused, but, tired of the intervention of her mother-in-law, decided to take a desperate step to spend the night with her husband in peace.

Having tuned in, the girl returned home early. While Nikita did not come home from work, she offered her mother-in-law to have tea with her. The woman agreed.

Marina asked Nina Fedorovna to bring a box of chocolates, which she allegedly forgot in the hallway. And as soon as she left, the girl took a bag out of her pocket.

The mother-in-law went to the hallway, but something pulled her to peek through the door crack behind her daughter-in-law. Nina Fyodorovna was stunned by what she saw. The girl poured some powder into one of the cups.

When the elderly woman returned, there were cups of tea on the table. Nina Fyodorovna did not show that she had seen something, but simply asked her daughter-in-law to add milk to the tea. And when Marina reached into the refrigerator, her mother-in-law deftly changed the cups.

They drank tea. Nina Fyodorovna was suspiciously not talkative. She watched her daughter-in-law closely, and thought to herself what the girl had dared to pour into her cup. Marina was nervous, too, could not find words to talk about. As a result, after some time, the girl complained of fatigue, put her head on the table and fell asleep.

Nina Fedorovna shocked the girl, and realized that most likely her daughter-in-law had drugged her. My son should be back soon, we need to cook dinner. She put the pasta water on and looked at her daughter-in-law again. She was breathing calmly. It looks like she was sleeping sweetly. Nikita called, said he was late at work.

The elderly woman sighed. She felt uneasy. She was thinking about why her daughter-in-law needed to give her sleeping pills. She went into the hall and sat down on a soft sofa. I continued to think about what was happening. What is she doing wrong in life. While thinking, I forgot that I was going to cook. Meanwhile, the water boiled, ran away and extinguished the flame of the gas stove. Gradually, the gas reached the hall and, unbeknownst to herself, Nina Fedorovna plunged into a sweet slumber.

An elderly woman in the intensive care unit opened her eyes. She recovered quickly, the poisoning was not strong. It was saved by the fact that the son was not very late at work. When he got home, he immediately smelled gas and reacted promptly. It could have ended much worse, not only for the women, but also for him and for the neighbors.

A few days later Nina Fedorovna recovered. But the young woman got hit harder. She was in the kitchen and inhaled gas decently.

Nikita was restless, he hardly slept at night and talked a lot with his mother, telling her what a wonderful wife he had, and that he would not survive her loss.

Nina Fyodorovna did not tell her son anything about what happened between her and her daughter-in-law. She saw Nikita worried about his wife. God forbid something happens to Marina, he will blame himself or his mother for everything. The mother-in-law realized that she had not been fair with her daughter-in-law, that her son was happy with her and she had been so angry with her in vain.

After the incident, Nina Fedorovna drew conclusions for herself and prayed to God that Marina survived and everything was fine with her.

After some time, the girl was transferred to a regular ward, but she had not regained consciousness yet. In the hospital, unfortunately, the staff will not particularly monitor the patients, Nikita was worried that his wife would be ruined if he did not look after himself. And she and her mother took turns on duty at Marina’s bed.

A week has passed. It was the elderly woman’s turn to look after her daughter-in-law. She sat over the bed and prayed to herself. Marina opened her eyes and looked at her mother-in-law in confusion.

The girl did not understand what was wrong with her and where she was. The last thing she remembered was tea. Suddenly she realized what a stupid thing she had done. All because of stupid jealousy to be with Nikita. But he is also important for Mom. Her son is her only joy. And she’s such a wonderful woman that she raised such a good man.

“Forgive me,” Marina whispered softly, looking at her mother-in-law.

Nina Fyodorovna began to cry and began to hug and kiss the girl.

“Forgive me, you old fool,” Nina Fyodorovna said, swallowing her tears, “and both women began to cry.

Marina soon recovered. Since then, everything has improved between her and her mother-in-law. An elderly woman insisted that the young live separately, not the old one yet. They began to live without malice.

Nikita never found out that there were once conflicts between his beloved women. It’s good that the women have kept everything together. We went through our problems together and left everything in the past…


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