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The story of how not to do when dating

Tens of thousands of new profiles appear on dating sites every day. And unfortunately, no one can immediately guess what kind of person he meets. But there are really strange and sometimes even frightening people there. In my blog, I want to talk about my experience in such online dating, maybe it will be useful to someone or just someone will laugh heartily.

So let’s get started.

I started using a dating app when I wasn’t 18 yet. Yes, yes, I lied to the poor guys that I was already of age, even though I was still a child myself. And now, my 18th birthday is approaching, and I decide to restore my account that has already been abandoned for a year. There the age reached 19 (I created a new questionnaire every time so that my not real age would not go far from the real numbers in the passport) and I decided that if the guys see 19 in the questionnaire, and I say that I’m about to turn 18, it’s not scary, because I’ve only added a year, But I was wrong.

I sat in the evening and looked through the profiles of guys. A notification comes that someone has put a like on me, and I, like a typical girl, of course, put a like in response. There is also a message: “Hello)”. I replied, we talked a little and he offered to drink coffee. At first I refused, but then I agreed and started packing. He texted me that he was already waiting for me outside the house in the car, I immediately got out. I get into the car, he’s sitting with some kind of dissatisfied face and I decide to start a dialogue so as not to go, not to play in silence.

I speak:

– Hi there!

He: Hi.

Yes, the exclamation mark after my “hello” and the period after it matter, because the intonation was completely different.

Me: How are you, why are you so serious?

He: I’m driving.

Although literally 10 minutes ago, when he was driving to me, he was sweetly texting with me and nothing bothered him.

We just left the yard and he asks a question:

– How old are you?

– How much do I look like? I asked and began to smile sweetly to somehow dilute the situation.

– Well, you should know that you are 19 – with a stony face and a rough voice, he said that I had the impression that my dad was scolding me.

I honestly said that I was 18 the day after tomorrow.

He immediately started telling me that I did it for nothing, that I made him very angry.

I didn’t expect such an answer, I began to feel my cheeks blush with shame, although in fact, I didn’t seem to have done anything terrible.

And the most interesting thing is you know what?

I just fell out of it and was in shock.

He told me:

– No offense, no offense, but I’m taking you home.

I was sitting in complete shock, I wanted to hide somewhere or even run away, but it’s hard to do it in the car. I asked what was the matter, to which he somehow vaguely said that he had had experience, also skated like this, and then the problems began. I thought that the girl or her parents decided to make money on it by threatening the police, or something like that. In our time, this is quite possible. But it is unlikely that these problems were groundless, at least…

Not even a kilometer away from home, he just brought me back and dropped me off without saying anything else. I began to dial my friend’s number with trembling hands and tell her what had happened in order to calm down a little.

And now I want to sort everything out in this situation.

Firstly, if age scares him so much, and even more so, he had a sad experience, he was not sure that I was 19, why did he not ask me a question about age when communicating in a dating app? Why? What was stopping him? I look my age in the photos, even younger, so the option “You look older in the photos” is not suitable.

Secondly, if it’s not even about age, but about my appearance, I didn’t live up to expectations, why not say it directly. Is he a man or a 13-year-old girl? Yes, it will be a shame, but it’s honest.

Well, in the end, did I go to his house? We were going to drink coffee and talk, nothing more. And if I had a desire to make money on the fact that I’m not 18, as if he was so bad, did something to me, I wouldn’t do it a couple of days before my birthday, right?

I’m not in any way justifying myself and not saying that I did everything right. I just never talked to my peers, they seemed too stupid to me, I had nothing to talk about with them. And with guys who are 2-4 years older than me, I felt comfortable, we had common topics for conversation and there was not even a minute of awkward silence, but they rarely look at 16-year-old girls.

Well, summing up this story, I would like to appeal to both girls and guys.

Girls, do not lie about your age, if you really want a long-term relationship, when a person is really the only one, he will not care about the numbers in the passport, it will be more important for him what kind of soul you have.

Guys, if you have had problems with girls who are under 18 or you have doubts that the girl is really 18, ask about it right away, do not wait for a meeting and do not act as it was told in the story. If you don’t like it, tell it as it is, but not in a rough form, there’s nothing wrong with that.

All love, good luck, bye bye!


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