Beautiful plump girl

Common-law husband

Tatiana raised three children. She had twin girls Elina, Emilia and son Boris. She is a short and plump woman with beautiful kind eyes.

Her father left her mother when little Tatiana was five years old. After moving to a big city, they never saved up money for their own housing. They often moved from one rented apartment to another.

Tatiana’s father did not consider this a problem. He said:

– Here we will save a lot of money and we will have our own apartment.

However, it did not work out. My father traveled a lot on business trips. He was absent for a long time. But when he came, he brought a lot of gifts for his wife and daughter. He left once and never came back. Tatiana’s mother grieved greatly. Exactly a year later, she became very ill, and six months later she was gone.

“Don’t be afraid, honey. We’ll bring you up properly. No one will offend you. – said her aunt Valentina Pavlovna and took Tatiana to her.

That’s how Tatiana grew up without a father and mother. Therefore, she knew firsthand about the lack of parental love and affection. Her friend Alyona introduced her to Timur.

– I just came from the army. A handsome, broad-shouldered and pleasant young man. He got a job with us. Alyona said.

– Don’t snort right away. Take a closer look at him. And maybe this is your destiny. – said her aunt Valentinap Pavlovna, who had become a real mother to her for so many years.

And so it turned out. Timur really turned out to be a good, well-mannered and intelligent guy who knows how to reason sensibly about tomorrow.

After a while they got together and began to live together in Timur’s apartment. Then, twins were born. And a little later, baby Boris was born.

– I have the best, biggest and most beloved family. Timur was saying.

Tatiana only smiled and nodded at this in confusion. Despite many years of living together, Timur never proposed to her.

– Don’t worry, my dear. I love you and the children very much. But I can’t marry you yet. And after all, we are modern people. Now the stamp in the passport does not mean anything.

– Of course, this is not an indicator of family happiness. But I still wanted to legitimize our relationship.

– Be patient a little more. I have some business to settle, and I’ll need a lot of money and time. Soon, I promise. – Timur said, getting ready for the road.

He often went to the neighboring town where his parents lived. He stayed with them when he came to solve issues of a working nature.

He worked as a freight forwarder, traveled around the region and regions, so he often left his family, going on the next working route. Tatiana sighed heavily and waited.

Time passed, and the marriage proposal was still not received.

– Nothing, your mother was also waiting for your father from his long trips. It’s our female share to wait. Valentina Pavlovna was saying, trying to cheer Tatiana up.

– Yes, I don’t mind his work. He brings money home, he is not greedy, he buys everything, he is a good family man, he loves children, he helps with the housework. But I can’t understand why he doesn’t want to legitimize our relationship?

– Who knows? Have you tried to talk to him about it?

– Of course I tried. He either laughs it off or says he has to wait. But I’m not comfortable in front of people anymore. What he is waiting for is not clear. We already have three children.

– Talk to his parents.

– What about the parents? I’ve only seen them once and then, for some reason, they are not interested in communicating with their grandchildren. They don’t come at all. They call extremely rarely and then on holidays.

– They’re weird.

– Well, they were initially against my candidacy for the role of daughter-in-law. They didn’t like that I was an orphan and there was nothing behind my soul. Give them a rich daughter-in-law to have an apartment. They think I’m going to take their son’s apartment away.

– Oh, this is not good, my girl.

– I know myself. But I can’t change anything yet.

Tatiana did not lose hope. She knew how much Timur loved her. That’s why I believed in a better future. And I tried to think only about the good.

Recently, Tatiana started sewing at home. Her passion for sewing craft manifested itself in her childhood, when she had to create exclusive outfits for her dolls. Over time, the hobby turned into a way to earn a small but regular income. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that a torn shirt or pants could easily be resuscitated by Tatiana’s golden hands.

– You’re doing pretty well. Who knows, maybe very soon you will earn more than me. Timur laughed, going on another trip to the neighboring city.

– It would be nice. Then I’ll fire you from your job and hire you. Tatiana answered, smiling.

– Well, yes, of course, I was dreaming. Timur hugged and kissed the children, said goodbye to Tatiana, got into the car and drove away.

She didn’t want to let him go this morning. A lump in my chest made it difficult to breathe. A bad feeling prevented her from working, and obsessive thoughts haunted her all day. She tried to call Timur, but the phone was treacherously silent. In the evening, exhausted by expectations, Tatiana peacefully dozed off, sitting by the window. The phone call woke her up.

– Hello. – Tatiana? – the familiar voice of Vladlen Olegovich Timur’s father rang out.

– Yes, Vladlen Olegovich. I’m listening to you.

– I don’t even know where to start. Tanya, an accident has happened. Timur didn’t reach us. There was an accident. In general, he did not survive.

– How? – Tatiana turned pale as a wall, her legs gave way, and she sat down on a soft ottoman by the dresser.

– This is a great tragedy. I need you to come. He would really like that.

– I will definitely come.

Putting down the phone, Tatiana covered her face with her hands. Tears flowed down her rosy cheeks.

– It can’t be. This is some kind of mistake. I don’t understand.

An hour later, Tatiana called her friend Alyona and told her everything. She promised to take her in her brand-new car. The children had to be left to their aunt, who, at parting, hugged the heartbroken young woman in a motherly way.

– Accept my condolences. Go ahead. And don’t worry about the children. I’ll be fine with them.

Upon arrival, Tatiana and Alyona were met by Vladlen Olegovich.

– I’m so sorry. – he said and hugged Tatiana.

– Will you still stand in the yard? Come into the house. – Timur’s mother Tamara Ivanovna raised her voice.

There were a lot of people inside the house. Neighbors and relatives, having learned about the family tragedy, came to support Timur’s parents. Tatiana didn’t know almost any of them. It is possible that they did not know about its existence. However, one person still caught her attention.
She was a pretty, curvy blonde with beautiful curly shoulder-length hair that stood out from the general background.

– Who is this? Is she feeling too comfortable? I would say, as the hostess of the house or something?! Alyona whispered, leaning into Tatiana’s ear.

– I have no idea. But I noticed it too.

Everything fell into place when Tamara Ivanovna approached the young lady. She said something to her, took her by the hand and approached Tatiana.

– Meet me! This is Inga, the wife of our Timur.

– As a spouse? Tatiana was taken aback. “Then who am I?” I don’t understand anything.

– I am his official spouse. – Inga’s mother-in-law corrected, – And who will you be to my Timur, excuse me?

– I don’t even know. Until today, I thought that his common-law wife. – Tatiana answered and again felt a tremor in her legs.

– Wow. Nice to meet you.

– Not very nice. Please excuse us. – with these words, Alyona took Tatiana by the shoulders and led her outside.

– How? Why? I understand nothing.

– Tatiana could not believe that Timur was married, and even hid it from her.

– That was before he joined the army. Vladlen Olegovich intervened, “Timur and Inga have been in close contact for some time. Then he joined the army, and she promised to wait for him. Soon my mother and I found out that she was expecting a child from him. And when he returned, they forced him to marry her. Everyone should be responsible for their actions. It is not good to leave a son without a father.

“But what about me?” After all, he met me. – Tatiana did not understand.

– We knew that everything was not serious with Inga. But a child is different. Timur simply had to marry her. Except he didn’t want to live with her in any way. He planned to divorce her and marry you. But we were against it. This is wrong and not good.

– Is it good to have three more children in another city and from another woman? Alyona asked and began to calm Tatiana down. The man nervously lit a cigarette.

– This is all not good. I don’t even know why it was necessary to bring it to this?!

– Now it’s clear why my Timur took so long to legitimize our relationship. – said Tatiana, completely upset.

– Inga’s father is the mayor of our city. – said Tamara Ivanovna, who came out into the street. – Inga will help me with everything here, so you can go home. We’ll arrange everything without you. But thanks for stopping by. Tamara Ivanovna went into the house.

“I don’t think we have anything else to do here. – Alyona said and led Tatiana to the car.

– Tanya, thank you for coming. I think we will come to visit you next week. Vladlen Olegovich said.
But Tatiana no longer turned around. She got into the car and didn’t say a word.

– It’s bad to talk about the dead with anger, but your Timur was still that goat. It’s necessary for him to have a wife and a bunch of kids in every city. Tatiana burst into tears again.

– Wait, girlfriend. I think it’s more complicated than we think. Obviously, he didn’t want to marry her. It’s not even about the baby. An influential pope is a big and weighty argument.

– That’s enough. I don’t want to hear any more of this. – Tatiana couldn’t stand it.

Upon arrival home, she took the children from her aunt, hugged them tightly and fell asleep in the nursery.

A week later, as promised, Timur’s father came to her.

– Hello, Tanya.

– Why did you come?

– I wanted to see my grandchildren. Here, I brought gifts. – Vladlen Olegovich fidgeted with his hat and stood guiltily in place.

– Well, come in, since you’ve already arrived.

– How big you are. Girls are princesses. And the boy is a real horseman.

– Is Tamara Ivanovna not with you?

– no. She’s at home on the farm. Well, she does not tolerate the road well.

– I think she just doesn’t want to recognize me and my girls.

– Don’t say that. Vladlen Olegovich got up from his chair. – You are it, if you need money or any help, contact us, we will help.

– Yes, of course. Thank you. So far, I’m somehow coping on my own.

When Vladlen Olegovich left, Tatiana looked after him for a long time.

A week passed and Timur’s mother appeared at the door with Inga.

– To what do I owe? Didn’t expect to see you here?

– hello! Maybe you’ll let me in. Tamara Ivanovna said dryly.

– Come in. Are you visiting your grandchildren? Why didn’t you and your spouse come together? He said you didn’t take the road well. But, as I see, everything is fine with you.

– Vladlen was here? Strange. I don’t know anything about it. But come on, I’ll deal with him later. No, baby, I don’t need your kids. I brought Inge to show her her apartment.

“What do you mean?” This is Timur’s apartment.

– yes. But it was bought with Inga’s father’s money. Zurab Markovich made a generous monetary gift to the young people right after the wedding.

– As it turned out, Timur bought an apartment with this money. Inga intervened.

– What’s going on? Tatiana was perplexed.

– And you still don’t understand? I am Timur’s lawful wife. The apartment after his death belongs to me and my child. Inga explained. – Therefore, as soon as possible, I recommend that you release the illegally seized living space.

– Oh, my God. What is going on? Timur is also my husband, even if we didn’t have a stamp in our passport. But we also have children, there are three of them. You’re not going to kick us out into the street, are you?! Where are we going?

– I don’t care. So that in 3-4 days you won’t be anywhere near here. Inga said and left the house.

– Do you understand? So that you and your children are not here. Tamara Ivanovna repeated boldly.

– How can you not be ashamed? These are your grandchildren, too. – Tatiana couldn’t stand it.

– Grandchildren? No. You never know who you’ve had these kids with. I have one grandson. And this is not your son,” Tamara Ivanovna said, raising her index finger and right hand up.

– What a nightmare. – Tatiana couldn’t believe her ears.

She, of course, suspected that Timur’s mother did not like her, but that she refused to recognize her own grandchildren?! It didn’t fit in her head.

Being upset, Tatiana dialed Vladlen Olegovich’s number and told him everything.

– To be honest, I thought it wouldn’t come to that. But never mind, rely on me, I’ll sort it out. Four days later, the failed mother-in-law and Inga knocked on Tatiana’s apartment again.

– Well? Are you ready to vacate the apartment? I came with the movers. So be it, we’ll help you move out faster. Inga spoke through the door.

– Yes, yes. Release me soon. Inga and her grandson are ready to move into their apartment. And, by the way, be grateful that we didn’t bill you for all the years of illegal residence. Tamara Ivanovna added.
Tatiana opened the doors.

– Come in.

Tamara Ivanovna and Inga came into the room. Vladlen Olegovich was sitting on the sofa. Seeing him, his wife already changed her face.

– You? What are you doing here? Tatiana Ivanovna asked her husband.

– I didn’t expect it, did I? I didn’t think you’d stoop to such meanness. Our Timur loved Tatiana and the children. These are our grandchildren. We can’t kick them out on the street.

– What are you talking about? Our grandson and daughter-in-law will not live on the street. This is their apartment. And these ragamuffins and impostors should be driven into the neck.

– What a black soul you have. I didn’t notice it before. I dare to disappoint you, you have three grandchildren, and you plan to kick them out on the street. – with these words Vladlen Olegovich showed his wife a document.

– what is it?

– Although I’m not the same as before. But I still have some connections. This document is an expert assessment. That kid, because of whom you forced our son to marry an unloved woman, is not our grandson at all.

– I don’t believe it. It’s a fake.

– The original. And Inga herself will be able to confirm my words. Isn’t that right, honey?

“It doesn’t matter. Well, not your grandson, my Zhorochka, but I am a legitimate wife. And I can claim this apartment by law.

– No, you can’t. And Vladlen Olegovich handed Inge another document. – And this is a will drawn up and written by Timur shortly before his death. He loved Tatiana and the children. Therefore, I was afraid that they would not get anything.

– That’s a twist. – Inga was curiously examining the will, – And here’s an apartment for you. Filkin’s letter is everything. There was no will. Zilch all this. with these words, she tore up the paper handed to her.

Vladlen Olegovich smiled.

– My friends, these are just copies. The originals are in a safe place. And if you plan to file a lawsuit, then after the official appeal we will be happy to provide all the originals.

– What nonsense and shame. Let’s get out of here, Tamara Ivanovna. I’m not going to let it go that easily. Inga said and tried to take her mother–in-law’s hand, but she abruptly pulled her hand away.

– no. I think I’ll stay for a while. Well, I visited the children and did not see my beloved grandchildren. she broke into a fake smile.

Tatiana exchanged glances with Vladlen Olegovich, and they both smiled. Finally, justice has prevailed.


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