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I don’t like my son’s girlfriend, I don’t know how to be in this situation

When my son was only three years old, his father left us. Although everything was fine at first, we had a modest wedding right after the institute. I quit my job, went on maternity leave, and his father promised to be with me always and help with the child. But it didn’t work out, it soon turned out that we are very different. He endured to the last, but at some point he could not stand it and left.

Now my son is twenty-five years old and I can say that I was very lucky with him. Over the years, he has grown exactly the way I always wanted him to be. He is a good boy, sympathetic and understanding. If friends have trouble, he will be one of the first to run to the rescue. And he never refuses to help me. He understands that no one else in this world will come to my aid. I’m very proud of him.

Once we went through very difficult times, it was not easy to feed both ourselves and him, and leave some money for clothes and to pay for an apartment. But we got out together and now everything is fine. He has really become a man and brings me nothing but joy. Of course, there are times when we argue or something does not suit him or me. But we can always come to a compromise and do not take offense at each other for a long time.
When the son went to university, he began to work and study at the correspondence department at the same time. Over time, I was able to afford to rent a room in one of the sleeping areas of our city.

Then he moved to a higher position and was able to live in a separate apartment.
Of course I miss him, but he tries to come every time he gets a free minute. If he can’t come, he calls and doesn’t let you get bored without him. As for his personal life, I don’t really interfere there. And my son eventually stopped telling me any details. I only know that for a long time he could not find a girlfriend on a permanent basis.

Not so long ago, he had a new passion, I do not know how serious everything is with them. To watch them together, I invited them to my house for tea. They came, and I immediately realized that something was wrong with her. But many mothers are critical of their son’s choice, no matter what this girl is. Therefore, I first wanted to talk to her and look at her from the outside before making final conclusions. Besides, if her son chose her, it means that she hooked him with something. And who am I to get in and dictate to him how he should live?

It is worth saying a little about this girl. She is beautiful and it is clear that she spends a lot of time taking care of herself. But at this, perhaps, the list of its advantages is limited. I tried to listen to her speech, but there wasn’t much to listen to. Not a very great mind and a very poor vocabulary. While my son has always been smart beyond his years, and graduated from the institute with honors.
And this girl has only money, expensive brands, entertainment on her mind…

During the whole conversation, I didn’t hear a word about what she would do. I can’t imagine how they will get along together and what my son can learn from her. But I always wanted to have a worthy companion next to him, to match him. And you can’t go far with such a narrow-minded girl. But I’m at a crossroads right now and I don’t know whether to interfere in their relationship or wait until everything resolves itself?


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