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A difficult childhood

My grandmother lived in the next house. Despite the fact that she lived in an apartment on the ground floor, she had a chicken coop. On the side where there was a window facing the street, there was a ladder and a fenced place where chickens lived. Neighbors tried to fight her, but since the woman was a veteran and a pensioner, the authorities did not touch her grandmother.

Every day, neighbors could see how an old woman went to the trash and carried old bread and vegetable peelings home from there.
Soon she began to walk not alone, but with a little girl. The girl was small, thin and with short white hair.

I was very curious who this girl was, and how she got into this terrible house with a chicken coop.

Summer passed and in September I went to the third grade. We all sat down and I was surprised to see the same neighbor. It turned out that she was my new classmate.

After school, we went home together, and after a few days we became very friendly.

It turned out that she has two older sisters. Mom died, and the girls were sent to an orphanage. The middle one was lucky – she was taken to a foster family. And recently, Grandma took the eldest and youngest to her home. Previously, she could not do this, since there was a dad alive who did not consent to guardianship.

The biggest shock for me was that she was already fourteen years old. It’s just that the lack of education in the orphanage did not allow me to go to the required seventh grade.

The small stature and thin voice were the result of childhood trauma. A kettle with boiling water was dropped on a poor girl at the age of five. Her whole body was just covered with scars.

Of course, I didn’t believe that she was already so many years old. But then I met her older sister, who confirmed everything.
Unlike the younger one, the older girl was tall, beautiful and very liberated. She immediately took a leadership position in her ninth grade. And everyone bullied the youngest at school. Many laughed at her poor clothes and her strange thin voice.

At first, I supported the girl for a long time and was considered her best friend. But when the whole class turned away from me, I began to distance myself and avoid communication.
I just succumbed to the usual childish cruelty. But, I thought I was good, because at least I’m not mocking.

The next school year, my ex-girlfriend did not come to school. I thought she had transferred. But it turned out that she ran away to live with her middle sister in the foster parents’ house. She was tired of feeding chickens and walking through garbage dumps.

Seven or eight years later, I saw a pretty girl in jewelry and gorgeous hair. It was her! Beautiful, thin, well-dressed. We started talking, and it turned out that the girlfriend started working abroad as an escort. I was even more upset, and we said goodbye rather coldly.

The worst thing is that later, I learned from her grandmother that her friend had died. She was beaten to death by a much older man who supported the girl. And, unfortunately, she has a child, about whom nothing is known.


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