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Honey, I came back to you for a day

When the bell rang and Sergey looked through the door peephole, he could not believe his eyes. His ex-wife Yulka was standing outside the door.

– Who’s there? – he asked, just in case.

– It’s me… – a painfully familiar voice answered. – Seryozha, open it quickly.

Sergei reluctantly opened the door.

– How did you find me? – he asked in a dissatisfied tone instead of greeting.

– Aren’t you glad to see me? – she answered the question with a question.

– How did you find me? Sergei asked, and his tone became irritated.

– You and I have too many acquaintances in common, – she chuckled. – So, even though you rented an apartment in the middle of nowhere, but you can’t hide from me. Will you let me pass?

– Well, come in … – Sergey took a few steps back. – Not for long…

– Will I undress? Julia asked, stepping over the threshold and shaking her shoulders shiveringly.

– Don’t undress … – Sergei sternly rebuked her. – I’m ready to give you five minutes, no more. And then you’ll leave.

– why? Are you waiting for someone? Have you got someone?

– What do you care? – Sergey drilled his ex-wife with a dissatisfied look. – We divorced exactly a month ago, right? I left you my apartment, right? What else do you need from me?

– Why are you talking to me like that? – Yulia was indignant. “We’re not strangers.

– Strangers! You’ve told me that yourself more than once!

– Oh, big deal … – she grinned. – All women are prone to chatter, don’t you know that?

– Don’t talk my teeth out. Why do you need me? If you need money, I won’t give it to you.

– What does money have to do with it? – Yulka suddenly made a cheerful face. – Honey, imagine that I came back to you.

– what? Sergei made a face. – Why on earth?

– I’m back for the day. – Yulka winked at her ex-husband. – Just for one day, no more. And don’t worry, I’ll leave you again tomorrow. But today you will be able to use me as a wife. I’ll cook you some food, and we’ll go to bed together.

– What kind of news is this?! Sergei exclaimed sternly. – Well, turn the shafts around, girl.

– What is it?! – she was indignant. – If you don’t want to sleep with me, just say so. I won’t touch you with my hands. But I need to spend the night with you tonight, you know?

– Why is that?

– We must! – she exclaimed, and hurriedly chattered: – I invited another girl to you today, you don’t know her. But she knows a friend of my new husband. They work together.

– Why are you dumping all this on me? – Sergey suddenly became worried.

– Because I want my girlfriend to tell a friend of my new husband about the fact that you and I had a meeting.

– Why?

– Then! So that he does not think that there is only one man in this world.

– Sergey suddenly began to understand the meaning of what was said. – Did you have a fight with your new boyfriend?

– He’s not a boyfriend! Yulka exclaimed indignantly. – He’s a husband!

– What husband? You haven’t signed with him yet, have you?

– This is my common-law husband!

– Oh, that’s… – Sergey grinned. – So you slammed the door and left the house to prove that you have somewhere to go… So?

– Are you jealous of him? – Yulka smiled contentedly.

– On the contrary, I am concerned about a completely different fact… – Sergey suddenly thought. – It turns out that today in the apartment, which according to the documents is mine…

– But you left it to me! Yulka reminded him fearfully.

– A stranger for me is going to spend the night in my apartment tonight… One… And you, as a homeless person, will be huddled with strangers…

– I’ll be living with you, not with strangers!

– No, it’s out of the question… You’re going to some friend’s… And he, then, will snore in my apartment?

– In mine!

– No, in my… And why on earth would that be? I think I should stop this criminal case immediately…

– What other criminal case?

– The usual. Taking possession of someone else’s property. Your Don Juan doesn’t have any documents on his hands confirming that he has the right to spend the night in my apartment.

– So what? – Yulka tensed up all over, and a spark of concern lit up in her eyes. – What are you implying?

– I’m not hinting. I say straight out that I will immediately call the police and inform them that some conman is sleeping in my apartment, who intends to take possession of my property. Precisely! I’ll call Kolka Ivanov, my classmate, he’s a precinct officer in that neighborhood.

– Are you crazy?! – Yulka backed towards the door. – Don’t you dare do that!

– why? There are so many dishonest people divorced now, just hold on. I don’t want my apartment to float away in an unknown direction.

Sergei did not have time to get his mobile phone out of his pocket, as Yulka rushed to the door, and shouting goodbye “jerk”, slammed the door with all her might.

P . S .By the way, you probably think, but what about the girl that Yulka invited to her ex-husband’s apartment.She came. But this is a completely different story.


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