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My husband is ashamed of me and calls me stupid

I am thirty years old, my man and I have been married for the seventh year, our daughter is growing up, who this year went to the first grade.

Before I met him, I studied at a prestigious metropolitan university. And in order to have money to pay for my studies and accommodation, I got a job as a model at presentations and shows of new designers. She also sometimes participated in the nightlife of Moscow and earned, so to speak, a face. Everything is decent, no intimacy. I just participated in shows and photo shoots.

When I met him, I realized that my job was not very suitable for family life. Therefore, I quickly curtailed my craft. My decision came in handy, because six months after we started dating, I found out about my pregnancy. On the advice of my husband, I got a job in a good company and started working in my specialty.

He proposed to me. For a while I wondered if this was a mistake. I really didn’t want to get married, as they say now, on the fly, so that relatives would whisper behind my back and build rumors. But my husband dissuaded me, said that after a few months he was thinking about doing it anyway. Just pregnancy pushed him to this step.

He’s five years older than me. He says that he always wanted to have a child, because he was the oldest of three children in his family and since he grew up, he constantly dreamed that someday he would have his own family, which he could build as he saw fit.

When our baby was born, naturally I went on maternity leave. When it ended, I decided not to go to work and instead completely immerse myself in household chores. By that time, I had already realized for sure that this is what I want from life – to take care of my husband and child and make sure that the fire in the hearth never goes out.

My husband was not against this idea. Moreover, he even said that he was ready to hire a nanny, if only I didn’t bother myself too much. I refused, I wanted to do everything myself. Sometimes, when I didn’t have enough hands, my mother would visit and help us. My daughter grew up to be a surprisingly smart and nimble child. Now, despite the fact that she is only six years old, she knows English very well for her age.

After her birth, I did not give up on myself, sometimes, when I have enough time, I go to the gym and to the beauty salon. I began to forget skills from my profession. More often I began to hear my husband’s jokes about my intelligence, which sometimes can not be called jokes at all. I don’t consider myself stupid. It is logical that a person can forget a lot of his work in a few years while sitting at home.

Recently I took the initiative and asked him to get me a job. He has some connections in my field. He only rudely waved off and said that he would not disgrace himself in front of his friends. In my presence, he often talks about some women at work who he likes purely because of their intelligence. And I don’t just dislike all this, my self-esteem is already zero now.


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