Should I give birth to a third child if I don’t have my own home?

My husband and I met at school, then, when we both graduated from college, we decided that it was time to get married. We didn’t have our own place for a long time, so it was decided to live with his parents. There were no other options then, only he worked out of the two of us, and there was barely enough money for food and rent. Therefore, his parents gladly accepted us.

A little later, through the patronage of a friend, I got a job, and I began to have enough money for about the same thing, only also for rare entertainment. And then, out of the blue, the news about the baby. But since I belong to the Christian faith, my religious parents would never forgive me if I had an abortion. I doubted until the last whether it was worth leaving the child and it is not known how to get out on more acceptable financial terms.

Not only my family was pushing us, but his relatives, too. They were afraid that if I had an abortion, it would threaten a lot of complications and the possibility of never having children again. Now I already understand that it was all fiction and horror stories for the most part, but then I was young and stupid, and I allowed myself to be intimidated by them. As a result, a son was born. I do not regret his appearance at all, I was just lucky, and we did not know the hardships and hunger that could fall on our heads.

The eldest child is now graduating from the third grade, his parents will not get enough of him, but we could not imagine then that we would have two of them. And then we just huddled together in a two-room apartment. A significant disadvantage of it was the eeriest audibility – neither to quarrel calmly, nor to make love. Everything is in the palm of your hand.

After a while we moved out because we could afford to rent our own housing. By that time, I had already managed to thoroughly spoil my relationship with my husband’s mother, since she was quite an authoritarian woman and did not tolerate any arguments with her opinion. But we just had to move out, because my husband’s brother’s wife had already become pregnant by that time, and they were going to move under their parents’ wing.
After the eldest, we had a girl, but then it was still easier, because two children are not three children. In addition, the elder can sometimes be floated to his grandparents for the holidays, or he often visits his school friends.

The other day I found out that I was pregnant with the third, and my husband is very happy about it, he says at all costs you can not even think about abortion, you must certainly equip the apartment so as to leave the child. That’s just that we all live in a one-room apartment and are not able to afford our own housing yet, we are not suitable for any mortgage program.

I know my husband won’t forgive me if I have an abortion. No, he won’t leave me, but it will upset him very much, and he definitely won’t forgive me for this. I don’t know if we will be able to save enough money to make the first installment on the mortgage. While I have maternity capital on my account, in the distant future we plan to give it to the construction of a country house. But I don’t understand what to do now. Of course, I myself would also like to keep the baby.


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