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My mother-in-law wants to sell our apartment with her husband, and keep the money for herself

Thursday has finally arrived. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been waiting for this day. Our tenants moved out of the apartment. We made a small repair, cleaned up, washed everything, bought some furniture – come and live, everything is ready. They thought, finally, the in-laws would move there, and they would live in peace while their house was being completed.

We have done everything we could, and now we can breathe easy and live the way we used to. After all, it’s hard to live in the same apartment with her husband’s parents – useless teachings begin, reproaches on their part, which take a lot of time and effort.

My husband took a day off tomorrow to help his parents move to a new home and spend the evening with us.

But it wasn’t there.

In the morning, my mother-in-law said something that at least stand, at least fall.

In the house, it turns out, you still need to invest and invest. All the money received from the sale of their apartment has already been spent, but you need to build a garage, a bathhouse, decorate the house inside, buy furniture, appliances – and there is no money! We will not take loans, so, children, all hope is only on you.

Naturally, everyone is in shock, the husband asks, what did you think before when the apartment was being sold? We knew there wasn’t enough money.

It turns out that they were going to live in this house with their eldest daughter and her husband. They persuaded those to sell the apartment, invest in construction, and live together.

But then the son-in-law demanded his share in the new house, and the mother-in-law became sharply opposed and categorically refused. Although the request is quite reasonable, the son-in-law’s apartment is completely his, bought before marriage, so he has to sell it, and nothing in return? And in case of divorce (everything happens), he will be left with nothing? In general, the son-in-law refused to sell his apartment, the wife supported her husband, fearing to lose him, eventually quarreled with her parents, and the idea failed.

Then the in-laws decided to offer to move in with their second daughter. Like, sell your house, let’s build a big one better, and we’ll all live together. But my daughter didn’t want to sell her house either, because she invested a lot of time and money in it, on the contrary, she offered her parents to move to her, even if forever. Or for a while, and the new house is slowly being completed.

This option did not suit the parents either, and they came to their son, because to us.

My husband has several apartments, why does he need so many, you can also sell a couple…

Even without asking our opinion, we have already discussed how and for how much our apartment can be sold.

– So, the tenants have moved out, there are repairs, the furniture is fine, we will sell it more expensive. Now you will close the mortgage, we will wait a couple of months so that there is less fuss with the banks, and we will sell the apartment. And why does the granddaughter need an apartment? She’s still small. And when he grows up, let him live with us, we will already be old, he will take care of us.

That’s it, easy and simple. They decided for us, for our child, divided our money. It’s great, isn’t it?

I’m already speechless with anger! What impudence! My husband and I have worked for so many years to buy and pay for this apartment, so that now my mother-in-law sold it for her needs?

My husband said that this is my daughter’s apartment, and we will not sell anything. We will help where we can, but the apartment remains with us.


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