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I fell in love with my daughter’s friend

My wife and I have been together for more than 18 years. Got married, as they say on the fly. There was no special love or feelings. It’s just that the parents pressed and decided everything for us.

Then we were in our first year at the institute. We went for a walk at a party, and a pregnancy happened. My parents insisted on marriage. They bought us an apartment, got married. Over time, I got used to my wife, I love our daughter very much. But I often walked away from my wife, she knew and was silent. It was convenient for me to live like this. Parents rejoiced at their granddaughter.

But as time went on, there was nothing else in our family but respect. I was working, walking with friends and coming home. Time passed, my daughter grew up, and now she is already in the first year. There were always a lot of Anyutka’s friends in the house. They have grown up before our eyes.

And now the daughter’s best friend Katya, began to show signs of attention. And I understand that I am attracted to her. But at the same time, she’s old enough to be my daughter. She began to write to me, she is constantly at our house. And I gave up, to be honest, and didn’t really resist.

Everything started spinning so fast, I rented an apartment for her. And now, after work, I hurried to her, fell in love like a boy. My wife has long been used to my adventures, but how will her daughter react?! I want to get a divorce and move away with my girl.


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