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Impudent daughter-in-law

My brother is only a year older than me, and outwardly we are very similar. That’s how we spent our entire childhood – all the time together, both to school and to the yard. We spent our entire childhood and adolescence like this. But when I got married, it was time for us to come to terms with the state of things. I had to spend more time with my husband now. And my brother already had a relationship by that time, which six months after my marriage was happily crowned with marriage, too.

My husband and my brother surprisingly found contact, became friends and now communicate as if they had known each other for thousands of years, like best friends. My husband and I had known each other for three years before marriage, we got to know each other gradually, so we decided to marry consciously, without hurrying. But the brother and his wife had known each other for only a few months before the marriage was registered. I think it’s extremely little to get to know each other. I don’t think everyone should delay the way my husband and I did. But getting married after a couple of months is, in my opinion, very imprudent and reckless.

I didn’t even have time to get to know this girl properly, I just knew that she seemed like a good person, probably since my brother chose her. But it was only after the wedding that her nasty nature got out. She sits on my brother’s neck in front of my eyes and tries to show me her character, and I do not know how to fight her.

We all live in the same block, my family and my brother’s family. And our parents live a few minutes away from us. I don’t go to my brother’s house so often, thanks to my daughter-in-law. But he comes to me often, they became friends with my husband, as I have already said. I try not to cross paths with her because I’m afraid of hurting her physically. Then in this case, my brother will have to choose which side to stand on, so I’m still afraid to go to them often.

They have a daughter, so my daughter-in-law forbids me to address her in any way other than by name. I’m not allowed to comb her, braid her pigtails. I can’t buy her anything, especially if she asks. I break these rules, they seem stupid to me. You can’t punish a child for allegedly begging. If I can’t afford something, I’ll tell her so. But I don’t want to limit my niece if I can buy her something.

After she comes home from me, she is punished for absolutely normal things. Naturally, after this, she is afraid to visit me and then I am forbidden to go. And she also tries with all her might to turn her brother against me, they say, I don’t come to them and here I am so bad. And how can I visit them if I can barely restrain myself not to beat this bitch?

Not so long ago I had a birthday, everyone was at the celebration. And then a nuisance happened. My daughter-in-law went out with a couple of my relatives and began to turn them against me, to throw mud at me. I was immediately told about it. And now I’m more and more inclined to talk to her with my fists. Maybe she will at least understand something and stop clinging to me? Because the less I pay attention to her, the more brazen she gets.


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