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My parents don’t feed me, I’m starving… – the girl answered

One day my family and I went to the sea. My family consists of four people. Me, my husband and my son and daughter. My son was already 8 years old, and my daughter was 3 years old, she already spoke well and understood a lot, but she didn’t understand something. For example, she said:

– Mom, why do you say that there is no money? You gave your aunt one piece of paper, and she gave you a lot. So it happened then.

We all arrived at the train station, and sat waiting for the bus to arrive to take us to the sanatorium. Everyone is tired after twelve hours of driving. And then my daughter asks me to buy her a pie. I didn’t want her to interrupt her appetite before breakfast, so I said that Aunt’s pies were very expensive and we didn’t have that much money.

– Dad, let’s ask Aunt to give us a pie just like that.

– It doesn’t happen that way. – my husband replied and continued reading the newspaper.

After that, the daughter rushed to the girl who was selling these pies. I decided to see what would come of it and later regretted it.

The confident daughter approached the girl and asked for a pie, the girl naturally replied that one of the parents was needed, to which the daughter answered very simply.

– They don’t feed me, I’m starving.
I was ready to sink into the ground out of shame, and when I took my daughter, the seller looked at me badly and said:

– It’s a shame, a woman, to teach children to beg.

After that, I forced my husband to take a taxi to the sanatorium, because I didn’t want to stay there. I explained to my daughter that there was no need to say that. But she didn’t understand what her fault was. In her opinion, her parents really didn’t feed her when she wanted to.

At the time when we were on vacation, I tried to buy my daughter everything she asked for. So that she would never say again that her unscrupulous parents are starving the poor child.


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