Christmas is one of the bright and kind holidays. January 7 Nativity of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


– Grandma, what does the Christmas holiday mean? Nastenka asked, looking out the window at the blizzard unfolding.

– Christmas is one of the bright and kind holidays. On this day, dreams come true, and miracles happen. If you make a wish on Christmas Eve, it will certainly come true,” Tamara Viktorovna replied.

– Really? Little Nastenka happily batted her eyelashes. – And if I wish for Mom and Dad to come home? Will this wish also come true?

Grandma turned away to the window, shriveled up, trying to hold back the tears that still flowed treacherously down her cheeks. She couldn’t explain to her five-year-old granddaughter that her parents would never come back. And not a single wizard on earth and in heaven is able to fulfill Nastya’s wish.

The unfortunate woman could not find peace for herself either day or night. She understood that she was already quite old, and soon she would not be able to raise her granddaughter. Her situation could be called hopeless. Tamara categorically did not want Nastenka to be taken to an orphanage, but apparently sooner or later, it will still happen. She felt that with each new day, her strength was quietly leaving her…

– Grandma, when will Christmas Eve come? Nastenka asked.

– Today, my dear, today… I’ve started pies, I’ll make couture, I’ll cook your favorite uzvar,” grandma smiled.

– Hurrah! – the girl was delighted. – Can I play in the yard for a while?

– You can. Just snow piled up to the knees, it’s time to sculpt a snow woman.

Nastenka dressed quickly and ran outside. The girl played snowballs with the neighborhood boys, made a tiny snowman, and was about to go home when she remembered the wish that she needed to make on Christmas Eve.

Nastenka crawled under a big fluffy fir tree, closed her eyes, and whispered softly: “I want Mom and dad to come back from a business trip as soon as possible, and bring me a big teddy bunny.”

When she reached the gate, Nastenka stopped. She suddenly understood why her parents were not going for so long. Everything is simple. After all, they used to live in the city, and only then, she and her grandmother moved to the village.

“They probably just can’t find the turn that leads to our house. Or even worse, they got lost in the forest and couldn’t get out …” thought Nastenka, and quickly ran towards the forest.


Larisa heard the door of the ward quietly open, and quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. She didn’t want to see anyone, didn’t want to be pitied again. Her whole life with Oleg was based on pity. The young woman understood that her husband could not leave her in such a situation, and lived with her only out of a sense of duty.

“Larochka,” Oleg called softly. “Are you asleep?”

– yes. Go away,” the woman replied rudely.

– Darling, I understand how difficult it is for you. Moreover, for me, the loss of our child is also a grief…

– Don’t start! Larisa burst out. – What can you understand? Or have you been carrying a baby under your heart for five months? Or maybe I felt him moving? How a little life lives in you… Yes? Have you experienced it all for yourself?!

– Stop the hysteria, – the man frowned. – You will be cured, we will try again…

– no. Fourth miscarriage in two years… I won’t even try again. Otherwise, I’ll just go crazy from another loss… Go away! the woman screamed.

Oleg put the bag of tangerines on the bedside table, and silently left the ward. He did not understand the behavior of the woman he loved at all. After all, he wanted to share the pain with her, and she pushed him away from her… For a long time he tried to control himself, not to pay attention to the whims of his wife. All the time I was waiting for Lara to understand, to change her attitude towards him. But apparently I waited in vain. Now his wife has once again proved that she openly hates him…

Lara cried enough, got out of bed and went to the window. She was very sorry that she had flared up and offended her husband. After all, Oleg is absolutely not to blame for anything…

– How are you feeling? – the attending physician entered the room.

– Natalia Petrovna, I need to go home, – Larisa said.

– OK. We’ll look at your tests on Monday and think about your discharge.

– no. I need it right now… I’m ready to write a receipt.

– As you know, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Frost on the street, blizzard. Do you want to get cold?

– I’m driving, – Larisa looked pleadingly.

“Very well. But to be here on Monday morning,” the doctor agreed.

Larisa decided not to call her husband, she wanted to make a surprise. On the way, she will quickly drop into the supermarket, skimp, and to the cottage. She and Oleg temporarily lived outside the city while their apartment was being renovated.

It was already dark when the woman left the city. She imagined how happy Oleg would be now. They will make up, and they will swear to each other that they will never quarrel again…

Suddenly, something rattled violently under the front wheel, the car roared loudly somehow, and stalled…

– Holy shit! Lara said, startled. – That’s all I needed.

The woman unsuccessfully tried to start the car. After the fifth attempt, I realized that I could not cope with the breakdown myself. Picking up the phone, Lara walked along the road, hoping to find a cellular connection.

Hearing a quiet sob, Larisa thought that she had imagined it. But after walking a couple of meters, I realized that someone was really crying quietly at the spruce.

– Hey! Who’s there? the woman shouted.

– I’m here! – Lara heard a child’s thin voice, and quickly went down from the curb.

– Who are you? What are you doing alone in the woods? Lost? Larisa asked quickly, lifting the girl in her arms.

“I’m cold…,” the girl whimpered.

– Oh, my God! Lara pleaded. – Be patient, my dear. I’ll take you to the car now.

As luck would have it, the track was completely empty. Larisa was at a complete loss. Okay she is, but what to do with the baby? The car will cool down quickly now, and what to do then?

The woman sat the girl on the seat, wrapped in a warm blanket. The baby calmed down, and gradually began to warm up. Larisa left the girl in the car, and she went out on the road, hoping to stop at least some car.

Larisa walked quickly back and forth along the road. Nervous tension made it impossible to concentrate. The woman did not understand what to do with the foundling. The child had to be urgently delivered to a warm place.

Seeing the headlights in the distance, the woman ran out onto the road, waving her arms with all her might.

– Crazy! Why are you getting under the wheels? – the driver burst out, getting out of the car. “And if I hadn’t noticed you?”

– Help me! My car stalled, and there’s a child in it…,” the woman said quickly, as if she was afraid that the man would leave now.

– What are you, Mom, riding with a child in the middle of the night? – the driver reproached.

– First of all, it’s evening now. And secondly, I asked for help, not moralizing,” the woman said resentfully.

“Okay, get in the car quickly,” the driver said impatiently, looking at his watch.

Lara quickly grabbed the child in her arms, took her purse, and got into the warm car of a not very polite man.

– Where should I take you?

– Where to? I don’t even know…,” the woman was confused, looking at the sleeping girl.

– Are you trying to fool me? I’m late! The driver flared up again.

– Please, by the thirty-fifth kilometer, – Larisa came to her senses. – Stop at the entrance to the village, I’ll walk there myself.

The man looked suspiciously at the strange woman, and silently moved off. Twenty minutes later they arrived at the right village.

– Thank you very much! It’s very scary to be in the middle of the forest, in the cold, and even with a small child,” Lara thanked.

Only after getting out of the car, the woman thought that it was necessary to inform the police about the girl. Surely the parents lost their feet in search of their child. Although, it is not known what kind of parents are there, and how the child ended up in the forest…

Seeing the light in the windows, the woman smiled. Naturally, her precious husband was at home. Probably sat at the TV with a plate of dumplings, and was bored. Larisa knocked on the door, taking the child comfortably. “Now Oleg is surprised,” the woman smiled.

Strangely, no one opened the door. The woman carefully put the sleeping girl in a chair that stood on the terrace, and taking the keys out of her purse, opened the door. When I heard loud music from the living room, I was even more surprised.

Entering the house, Larisa went straight to the bedroom to finally put the precious burden in the bed, and free her numb hands from the weight. After putting the girl down, she quietly went into the living room.

The next moment, Lara squeezed her eyes shut, thinking that she was having some kind of nightmare… Oleg was dancing with some spectacular lady, completely oblivious to what was happening around. Candles that Larisa had bought for the new year were burning on the table, ruby wine sparkled in the glasses…

– What’s going on here? Lara whispered hoarsely. From what she saw, the woman took her breath away, and squeezed in her temples.

– Larissa?! Oleg rolled his eyes. – What are you doing here?

– Interesting question…, – the woman grinned. – You’re probably right… I have nothing to do here.

The woman left the room, covered her face with her hands and sobbed desperately. She could expect a lot from her husband, but not such an impudent betrayal. I didn’t think that he would stoop to the level to bring a mistress into the house.

– Lara! It’s not like you thought! Tanya is our intern, she has problems with housing now, so I offered to live in our house for a couple of days. Don’t leave her on the street,” Oleg tried to get out, not realizing that he looked very funny, carrying various nonsense.

“I get it,” Lara smiled. – You live here quietly as long as you need. I won’t interfere.

– Where are you going? Don’t do anything stupid! Oleg screamed, running after his wife into the bedroom.

Only now he saw the girl sleeping peacefully on the bed, and froze in confusion.

– What is it? I understood… You ran away from the hospital and stole a baby… Larisa, you’ve lost your mind…

– Bravo! You’d make a great detective! the woman clapped her hands. “Go to your guest, let me leave quietly,” Lara said in a tired voice.

The woman called a taxi, quietly woke up the foundling.

– Where am I? – the girl asked, frightened.

– What’s your name? Do you know your address? Lara asked. The woman understood that the child should be returned to her parents as soon as possible.

– Nastenka. I do not know the address. I live with my grandmother in the village of Andreevka,” the girl explained.

– Okay. We will go to the city now, and in the morning I will take you to this village. Let’s try to find your family.

– And who are you? Nastenka suddenly asked. – Maybe you’re my mom? My mom and dad and I also used to live in the city. But I was too young, and I don’t remember what my parents look like at all…

Larisa silently hugged the girl, and feeling the warmth that radiated from the little baby body, burst into tears again.

“Don’t cry,” Nastenka stroked her head. – You’re an adult aunt, and adults can’t cry. Although my grandma also cries sometimes. She thinks I’m already asleep and can’t see, but I can see everything…

– Come on, the taxi has probably already arrived. It’s a pity that there’s no way to contact your grandmother. She probably can’t find a place…

Lara and Nastya got into a taxi. The woman’s soul was very disgusting. It was a shame to realize that you were betrayed by the closest person, in the most difficult moment… Embracing Nastenka, Larisa dozed off. The woman swore to herself that she would never forgive Oleg. She accepted her situation. She understood that she would not be able to have a full-fledged family.

The woman found a complete mess in her apartment. The consequences of a two-month repair affected. Mentally scolding the construction crew who didn’t even bother to sweep, Lara armed herself with a broom and a rag, and quickly put things in order in one of the rooms.

– Who lives here? Nastenka asked in surprise.

“This is my apartment,” the woman explained. – The craftsmen are doing repairs here… Nastenka, are you hungry?

– Yes, – the girl honestly admitted.

– Will you sit alone for a while? I’m going to the store. It’s near the house.

“All right,” Nastenka agreed.

Half an hour later, the woman fed the “guest” a delicious dinner, and put her to bed. Before going to bed, Nastenka opened up. She told how she went to look for her parents in the forest, and lost her way because it quickly got dark.

Larisa understood that most likely the girl has no one but her grandmother. The grandmother apparently hides the truth about her parents from the baby. The woman decided to take Nastya home in the morning. Nastya’s grandmother has apparently already lost her feet, in search of her granddaughter.

Early in the morning, the woman heard the front door open. When I heard the trampling of several people, laughter, and conversations, I was scared. Remembering that it was most likely the masters who came, I breathed a sigh of relief.

– Good morning! – said a sleepy woman, coming out into the hallway. – You? – I was surprised to see yesterday’s impolite driver. – What are you doing here?

– Well, actually, I came to work… And you are probably the owner of the apartment? the man smiled.

– To work? In a suit? Lara didn’t understand.

– What’s the difference in what I am? the man grinned. – I’m a foreman. I came to check the progress of the work. I don’t understand, what are you doing here? The owner and I agreed that the apartment would be free. I just took you to the holiday village yesterday… What’s wrong with you?

– None of your business! Lara snorted. “I’m the boss here. And it’s up to me to decide…

– I don’t mind. By the way, my name is Konstantin,” the foreman introduced himself.

– You, please, wait until the child and I leave. There’s no need to stir up noise and dust here,” Lara asked. “But I’ll be back tonight.” The car… I completely forgot about her…,” the woman caught herself.

– Did you leave your car in the middle of the road? Kostya asked. – A very dangerous decision…

– I completely forgot about her, – the woman honestly admitted. – And I urgently need to take the child home… Nastya was probably searched all night.

– So it’s not your child? You stole a girl, and I helped you take her away? Kostya was surprised.

– Something like that… Only I didn’t kidnap the girl, I saved her. I found Nastya not far from the place where the car broke down…

– You will not get bored with you, – the man said seriously. – Okay, since you’re our hostess, I’ll help… Get ready, we’ll take the child, and then we’ll call a tow truck to your car.

Larisa did not refuse to help, and began to pack. An hour later they were sitting with Nastya in the car, driving to the village to Nastya’s grandmother.

“Your grandma will ask us,” Lara said. – I should have taken you yesterday.

– My grandmother is good. She doesn’t scold me. It’s a pity that you’re not my mom…,” the little girl turned red.

“Don’t worry, honey. Your parents will definitely come back,” Lara teared up, hugging the child to her.

Nastenka pointed the way to the house, and soon the car stopped at the gate of the desired house. The girl jumped out of the car and ran into the yard. Larissa followed her.

– Closed …, – the girl was surprised. – Grandma is not at home.

– How not? – the woman didn’t know what to do. – Let’s go to the neighbors. Maybe they know where your grandma is.

The neighbor turned out to be an unpleasant person, about forty years old. Casually glancing at Nastya, she began to examine Larisa’s fur coat with undisguised interest.

– An ambulance took the old woman away last night. I was looking for this egoza until my heart seized me,” the woman nodded at Nastya.

– How so? What to do? – Lara was confused. – Maybe the girl will stay with you for a while? I found her yesterday, but I couldn’t bring her home right away.

– What else! – the neighbor chuckled. – I have four of my own. Do you want them to turn my house upside down? No. I won’t take it. Nastenka is too spoiled, completely disobeys no one.

– Which hospital was Grandma taken to? Lara asked icily.

– How should I know? – the woman shifted her shoulders. – Somewhere in the city.

– Do you even know the name and surname of the neighbor? Larisa was losing patience.

“I know,” the woman snorted.

Larisa wrote down the old lady’s data, and taking the girl by the hand, went to the car.

“I’m obedient,” the girl whispered, squeezing the woman’s hand tightly.

– I know, – Larisa smiled. – Don’t worry, now we’ll try to find your grandma.

On the way to the city, the woman called the help desk. As it turned out, Tamara Viktorovna was taken to the regional hospital. Larisa asked Kostya to bring her and Nastya to the right place.

“I’ll wait,” Kostya said.

– Thank you! – the woman thanked.

Lara clarified which ward the patient is in, and whether it is possible to go there with the child. Quickly finding the right department, I opened the door of the ward.

– Grandma! Nastenka shouted, rushing to the tearful old woman who was standing by the window.

– Nastenka! – the woman couldn’t believe her eyes. – How did you get here?

– Hello, – Larisa intervened. – I’ll explain everything…

The woman told in detail about yesterday’s adventures. I didn’t forget to mention the neighbor who flatly refused to help.

– Thank you, Larochka! Tamara Viktorovna was touched. – I almost went crazy…

– I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring Nastya yesterday. The girl was very scared, immediately fell asleep as soon as she warmed up.

– You probably wouldn’t have caught me yesterday… As soon as I ran out to look for Nastyusha, my heart immediately seized,” explained grandma. – What should we do? I have absolutely no one to leave it to. And the doctor flatly refused to discharge me. I’ve been asking to go home all morning…

– You are being treated calmly, and I will look at Nastya for now. It’s not difficult for me,” Larisa reassured.

– Thank you! – grandma shed tears. – It’s so scary when there is no one to entrust the child to. That’s what I was most afraid of… I was even afraid to go to the police, because they would immediately take my granddaughter away from me.

“Get well, and we’ll visit you tomorrow,” Lara promised.

Kostya waited patiently by the car. When he saw Larisa and Nastya, he rushed to meet them.

– Have you found it? I asked Lara.

– yes. But as it turned out, there was no one to look after the girl. She has no one but her grandmother.

– I understand that the repair will have to be stopped for some time? Aren’t you going to be in the apartment for now?

– yes. While the girl stays with me.

– Let’s go. I’ll let the workers hang up, and then I’ll take care of your car.

– Thank you Kostya. We gave you a lot of trouble …, – Larisa thanked.

– It’s nothing. Sometimes you need to drop everything and do charity work,” the man winked. – Today is Christmas, a time of miracles. Don’t leave you in the lurch…

– And what are you doing tonight? Kostya smiled, stopping the car at Lara’s entrance.

– Have you decided to ask me out on a date? Lara laughed. – Thanks Kostya, but no…

– What makes you think that? I invite you and Nastenka to the slide. He’ll take a ride on a sled,” the man said cheerfully.

– Well, if so… then of course we don’t mind. How are you, Nastyusha? Lara asked.

– Hurrah! – the girl was delighted.

– There is only one problem. We don’t have a sleigh,” the woman said.

– This is a solvable problem! Kostya winked. – See you tonight!

The man left, and Larisa watched him for a long time. This man no longer seemed to be such a rude boor as yesterday. On the contrary, Kostya was polite and laconic, helping with deeds, not words.

Remembering that today is a holiday, Larisa decided to go to the store. After all, she was not alone, she needed to prepare a festive dinner. Suddenly the woman thought of her husband, and frowned. She still couldn’t believe that Oleg had betrayed her so easily. He didn’t follow her home, he didn’t even call her once…

Lara only now caught herself thinking that about Nastya she completely forgot about her problems and worries. This girl brought a ray of sunshine into her life, decorating gray dull everyday life with multicolored colors.

– Aunt Lara! Someone is ringing the doorbell,” Nastenka ran into the kitchen.

– Maybe Konstantin has already arrived? – suggested the woman, rushing into the hallway.

Kostya was really standing on the threshold. The man was holding a large stuffed rabbit in one hand and a cake in the other.

– Are you ready? – asked with a smile.

– Almost. You can go into the room for now,” Lara blushed for some reason. – Is this Nastya? The woman nodded at the hare.

– yes. And this is for you! – Kostya handed the cake to the woman.

– Thank you. Would you like to have dinner with us? I have almost everything ready,” the woman offered.

– With pleasure. But first I suggest to work up an appetite. I bought such a cool sled,” the man said in a satisfied tone.

– Kostya, you’re just like a child, – the woman laughed.

Nastenka came out of the room, and when she saw the hare, the toy she had been dreaming about for so long, she jumped for joy.

– Kostya, maybe you’re my dad? – the girl asked, clutching the toy to her.

Konstantin silently blinked, not knowing what to say to the girl. He was afraid of disappointing her on this magical evening. A man knows better than anyone what it means to grow up without parents. He, too, as a child, dreamed, standing at the window at night, that the door would now open through which his parents would enter. Unfortunately, his dream remained a dream…

– Get dressed Nastenka, – Lara decided to save the situation.

That evening Larissa forgot about all her sorrows. She completely forgot that her husband had cheated on her, that she had recently lost an unborn child. She was happy, and she wanted to share this happiness with everyone around her.

Kostya and Nastya once again ran down a steep snow-covered slide. The girl screamed with delight, kissing Konstantin over and over again. She was grateful to him for this holiday, and could not express her emotions in any other way.

Lara stood with a mug of hot mulled wine, and watched them with emotion. From the outside, it seemed that they were a happy family. It didn’t even occur to anyone present that all three of them were lonely and destitute.

– Lara, Kostya, think carefully, maybe you are my parents after all? Nastenka asked hopefully.

“I suggest we take a ride on a troika with Santa Claus, and go home,” Kostya said, looking away from the girl.

– Hurrah! – Nastenka laughed.

– I’m for it! – Lara smiled.

An hour later, Kostya’s car stopped at Larisa’s entrance. All three of them wanted this magical evening to never end. After all, with the onset of night, all the Christmas magic will disappear.

– Kostya, we insist that you come to us for dinner, – Lara smiled.

– And I insist that we switch to you right now.

– I agree. It’s about time,” the woman laughed.

She had not yet seen that a surprise in the form of Oleg was waiting for them near the entrance… The man silently watched what was happening, clenching his fists in anger.

– What is it called? Have you gotten to the point where you’re messing with the foreman? Oleg asked angrily.

– What are you doing here? Get out! Larisa shouted.

– Well, that’s what it was worth proving… Dear, I’m sorry, but you just became a tool for revenge in the hands of my beloved wife,” Oleg said calmly.

– Well, I should probably go …, – Kostya said quietly, quickly returning to the car.

There was pain and longing in the look he cast at Lara. He couldn’t understand why she had treated him so cruelly…

– Kostya, wait! Lara shouted after the man. – Don’t go away. Everything is completely different from what you imagined. This man means nothing to me anymore. He’s lying, I wasn’t trying to get back at him. There will be a lot of honor for him…

– Kostya, come to us, – Nastenka sincerely asked.

Konstantin stood by the car, not knowing what to do. In his heart he didn’t want to leave, but his mind told him otherwise. He understood perfectly well that Lara had a family, and he had no right to interfere in the relations of quarreling spouses. Getting into the car, Kostya quickly drove out of the yard.

– What are you doing here? Larisa shouted angrily. “Get out of here, and don’t you ever interfere in my life again.” I’m filing for divorce tomorrow. That’s it. There’s nothing holding us back anymore. I’ll give you two days to leave my country house…

Taking Nastenka in her arms, the woman quickly went to the entrance. She understood why Oleg had returned. Moreover, Lara had been waiting for this visit. The thing is that the man had nothing behind his soul. He lived in Lara’s apartment, felt like a master in a country house that his parents had given to the woman.

Larisa was the owner of a large beauty salon, and Oleg worked as a driver in a businessman’s family. Only now he realized that he had lost a lot, and most importantly, he had lost a carefree, comfortable life…

– Lara, won’t Kostya come again? – the girl asked sadly.

Larisa wanted to burst into tears from injustice, but she could not afford it in front of the child.

“I don’t know, honey. We are going to set a festive table with you now, and we will celebrate Christmas. We don’t need anyone, we’ll sit by ourselves,” the woman said, trying to hold back tears.

The doorbell rang insistently. One, two, three… Lara guessed that only Oleg could afford such a thing. Beside herself with anger, the woman rushed into the hallway. To her surprise, Kostya was standing on the threshold…

“Am I late?” Or have you already started without me? The man smiled guiltily.

– no. We are really waiting for you! Nastenka clapped her hands, not giving Larisa a chance to say a word.

Lara and Kostya sat in the kitchen all night. They talked quietly so as not to wake Nastenka. It was a night of revelations. The time when two lonely souls met and were finally able to talk to each other.

– Lara, I may be rushing things, but I want to be honest… I want to live the rest of my life with you. To be honest, as soon as I saw you there, among the woods near the highway, I immediately felt that you were my soul mate,” Kostya said seriously.

– Really? Larisa smiled. – Judging by how rude you were to me, I wouldn’t say…

– At that moment I was very jealous of your spouse. I think such a beautiful woman is in a hurry with a child to a loved one… After all, no one was waiting for me at home, and no one hurried to me…

In the morning, Lara and Nastya went to the hospital to see Tamara Viktorovna. Granny felt much better, but in general she had a tired, sickly look. She tirelessly thanked Lara for taking custody of her granddaughter.

– Tamara Viktorovna, I wanted to ask you a personal question, – Lara said quietly, making sure that Nastenka did not hear this conversation. The girl was standing on a stool by the window, looking at large snowflakes that floated smoothly from the sky to the ground. – Where are Nastya’s parents?

“They’re not there,” Grandma cried. – It’s been two years since they buried him… And I can’t tell my granddaughter the truth. I lie that they went to work very far away.

– That’s what I assumed… And what, you have no relatives left at all?

– no… That’s the worst part. I had to put a lot of effort into getting custody of my granddaughter. But I understand that it won’t be for long,” Tamara Viktorovna said sadly.

– I understand that now is not the time… But still, think about it… I want to adopt Nastenka. I probably won’t have my own children, and I’ve become very attached to the girl these days. I’m even afraid to imagine what will happen when she gets home… Sometimes I forget myself, and it seems to me that the baby is my daughter… Don’t think about it, Nastenka will remain your granddaughter forever. We will communicate, and if you want, you will live with us. I will be glad of this, my parents are far away, and my grandmother has been gone for a long time. You also need help and support.

Tamara Viktorovna silently wiped her tears, not knowing what to say.

– Thank you, honey! I’ll think about it…,” Grandma whispered. – Such decisions are not made spontaneously.


– Dad, when are Mom and Brother coming? Nastenka asked, looking out the window.

– Baby, leave Daddy alone! Tamara Viktorovna laughed. – You’ve been buzzing his ears all morning. – Come help me with the pies. Today is Christmas Eve, we will make a wish.

– I have nothing to think about, – the girl shifted her shoulders. – All my wishes came true last Christmas Eve. I found Dad and mom, moreover, Mom gave us a brother. What more could you want? I don’t need any more gifts…

“You’re right, daughter,” Kostya smiled. – We have a happy family, everything is there. And let’s just wish good to all people…

Tamara Viktorovna was wiping her tears by the stove. She did not even dream that she would acquire a family at the end of her years. Larochka and Kostya loved Nastya very much, treated the old lady with respect, surrounded her with love and care. Probably for their good deeds, the Lord descended, and gave their friendly family a son. The granddaughter was right. All their wishes were fulfilled…


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