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I found out that my husband is cheating on me

When I found out that my husband was cheating on me, anger overwhelmed me. I was ready to make a huge scandal by putting all his things out the door. I was very lucky that he was not at home at that moment. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday afternoon, my husband was at work, although to be honest, at that moment I was no longer sure if he had been working on Saturdays for the last six months.

To calm down and recover, I decided to go to my best friend, to a person who will always listen and give the right advice, to my stepmother. My mom died when I was 10 years old. A close friend of my mom helped my dad and me cope with the crisis and survive the loss of a loved one. Olya took care of cleaning, cooking, solving minor problems, it was she who went to all my parent-teacher meetings at school and helped me do my homework. After a year and a half of such help, my father and I had a serious conversation. Before making an offer to Ole, Dad wanted to know my opinion. I had a very good relationship with Olya and her son from my first marriage, so I approved of my father’s choice. Two years after my mother’s death, Olya and her son moved into our house, and three years later they formalized their relationship with their father. Olya and Dad don’t have any children together, Olya’s son and I have been living separately for a long time, so now Dad and stepmother live alone.

Recently, my husband and I have had a very tense relationship. We have been married for 8 years, but we have no children, I think it is because of the lack of children that we are moving further and further away from each other every year. I see how my husband looks at other people’s children: nephews, friends’ children, or just other people’s babies, but I can’t do anything. My husband and I are the same age, this year we will celebrate our 33rd birthday. I’m still young to give birth to a baby, so I try not to attack in spirit.

When Olya opened the door for me, she immediately understood everything:

– What happened? You don’t have a face on, you’re all pale.

She helped me undress and invited me into the living room. She brewed her signature hour with herbs, and we continued the conversation:

– Antom is cheating on me…

Olya frowned and said:

– To be honest, I saw that your marriage has been far from perfect lately, I even wanted to talk to you, but my father said not to interfere, you are adults and you will solve your own problems. How did you find out about this? Are you sure he’s got a mistress?

I understood what Olya was hinting at. The fact is that my husband is a very economical man, sometimes his economy reaches the point of absurdity. For example, my husband at one time washed milk bags and carried food in them (bread, vegetables, etc.) for lunch to work, after a joke by one of his colleagues, he began to use reusable plastic containers. Or in winter, in frosts, he rides a bicycle to work (we don’t have a car), because he feels sorry to spend money on taxis, and buses don’t run often. A mistress is a certain economic cost. My husband has never given me such expensive gifts, the last piece of jewelry is a thin white gold chain that he gave me for our 5th wedding anniversary.

– Yes, Olya, it was because of his economy that I found out that he was cheating on me. Anton bought gold earrings at a jewelry store a couple of weeks ago and used our general discount card. Five years ago, when making a discount card in the store, we indicated my email address. After the purchase, electronic receipts and letters are sent to her with a request to evaluate the work of the store. I haven’t used this e-mail box for 5 years, but today I needed an e-mail address that was stored there. I barely recovered the password and began to look through the letters, and now I found a letter about an expensive purchase.

– Lena, baby, well, this is not proof of his infidelity. The earrings could have been bought for you or someone else could have used his card, a colleague or a friend, for example.

– I don’t wear yellow gold, and my husband knows it perfectly well. And earrings made of yellow gold with topaz. And the purchase was paid for with his card.

We talked for a long time with Olya, she convinced me that earrings are not a confirmation of infidelity, but just a combination of circumstances, that it’s not worth swearing and ruining a marriage because of such a trifle. She advised me to find the right moment and talk to my husband.

– Any little thing can destroy a marriage, and you have been married for 8 years. Approach this situation wisely, talk to your husband.

The conversation with Olya brought me to my senses. I decided that I would definitely talk to my husband, but I had to choose the right moment.

In the evening, I was walking my dog near the house and met with a neighbor who lives in the house opposite, recently we often talked with her. She was a little younger than me, but not married. I involuntarily glanced at her earrings. She was wearing the same earrings that I saw on the computer.

“What beautiful earrings you have,” I said involuntarily, being a little shocked.

– A birthday present from a loved one.

– A good gift, you’re lucky to have a loved one.

The woman smiled back. I said goodbye and left, now it became clear to me why she had been trying to be my friend lately…

My husband is cheating on me…. I have a difficult conversation ahead of me…


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