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A lonely grandmother left a generous will to a woman

This incredible story happened to my old friend in Ufa. She inherited a two-room apartment from a woman who had been begging at the central market of the city for many years.

My friend, her name is Olga, is a very responsive person. She is one of those who will definitely call an ambulance if she sees that a person is ill on the street. She also uses her small salary to find money for the treatment of street cats and dogs. And when he sees how money is being collected on television for the treatment of children, he also sends text messages.

Olga worked as a seller at the same central market.

Somehow she began to pay attention to one grandmother who was standing at the bus stop with her hand outstretched. Winters in Ufa are quite cold. On one of these frosty days, a friend noticed that the beggar was standing in some kind of autumn coat.

Olga came over, bought granny tea with white, and the next day brought her an old warm jacket. So they began to communicate. Olga, when she saw Granny, bought her tea. They were having a nice conversation. My grandmother told me that she had no one, that her husband had died, her son was missing, that she had no friends, and she did not communicate with neighbors. Olga didn’t really delve into the old lady’s stories, she just bought her tea.

One day, grandma invited my friend to visit her. Olga says she didn’t want to go, she had her hands full at home, but it was really interesting how people who beg on the street live. I thought that my grandmother lived in the attic, in the basement, or maybe even on the heating main.

Everything turned out to be more prosaic. My grandmother lived in a rather spacious two-bedroom apartment on Sorge Street. The apartment was cluttered, of course, but Grandma said she just didn’t have the strength to clean up.

They talked like that, and one day Olga began to notice that the granny had disappeared somewhere from the bus stop. A day she’s gone, a week, a month. Olga remembered the address and went to visit an old friend.

It turned out that the pensioner was ill and she did not have the strength to leave the house. So Olga began a new watch in her life. Two or three times a week she cuddled up to Granny. I brought her groceries. The pensioner cried all the time, said that she had no money, so Olga bought bread, milk, porridge at her own expense.

She cooked food for her grandmother, cleaned. Sometimes, when there was a complete blockage, she sent her eldest daughter, a tenth-grader, to help the pensioner. They lived in this mode for two years.

Granny periodically told Olga that she would not forget her kindness, that she would transfer the apartment to her. Olga says that she did not take these words seriously. Once a pensioner even showed her a copy of the will in her name. Olga just shrugged her shoulders, you never know how many papers are being written now.

When Olga came to grandma once again, she found that she had died. Most likely it happened in a dream. My friend called the police and an ambulance, then organized a simple funeral.

While cleaning the apartment, Olga found a copy of the will, went to the notary. He confirmed: yes, her grandmother really left her her apartment.

Olga herself, with her husband and two children, huddled in a one-room apartment, so the apartment was very useful to them. In addition, it turned out that the granny liked to save money.

Olga found whole warehouses of Soviet-style banknotes in the cabinets. Now they have no value, but several hundred thousand were also brand new banknotes. Olga never found out what kind of money it was, a pension or the amount collected from alms.

Nevertheless, Olga and her family did not manage to live in the donated two-bedroom apartment. The neighbors were pecked, who began to accuse Olga of all mortal sins.

My friend was very upset, during the time that she helped her grandmother, she never saw anyone help her around the house or go grocery shopping, but the family did not argue with the neighbors.

Olga and her husband sold both apartments, both their own and inherited, and then bought a three-piece. And that grandmother who asked for alms in the family is often remembered.

Obviously, the grandmother was quite well-off. The only explanation for why she went to the porch was that she needed simple, human communication and attention.


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