Beautiful kind sweet girl

I confessed to my husband of treason, and in response I heard 1:1

Valentina has been married for 15 years. During this time, she managed to buy a house, a car and give birth to two children. Her husband was a serious and responsible man, he worked a lot.

– I am grateful to fate for having met my husband. – she told her friends.

– Lucky you, Valya. Fedor is a wonderful father, a loving and faithful husband.

Fedor and Valentina were an ordinary family. They sometimes quarreled, reconciled, irritated over trifles. But in general, they lived relatively peacefully. Valentina wasn’t jealous. She knew that her husband loved her. She also did not give him a reason for jealousy.

“And that you’ve never cheated on him?” – asked her friend Victoria.

– Not once. And why? I don’t see the need for that. – Valentina answered.

– Why? Ask our Alyona. He’s already changing his fifth lover. He won’t calm down. I still wonder how she manages to hide everything from her husband for so long.

– But she goes to expensive restaurants, dresses smartly and drives a brand new car. So you still need to be able to.

– I don’t know, girls. In my opinion, Valechka is well done. Her husband is not a reveller. He loves her madly. And it hardly seems to me that he cheated on her at least once.

Valentina laughed it off, and she remembered how her family life had changed a year ago. Then she accidentally passed a correspondence between Fedor and a certain Marina. As it turned out, they had been together for eight years. There was a big scandal. Valentina was going to file for divorce.

Saved all the same correspondence. In it, he openly said that he loved his wife and children, he would never leave them. And he meets her only for the sake of relieving tension and changing the situation.

Of course, the couple’s relationship at that time had already deteriorated. What kind of idyll could we talk about when trust is lost? Valentina could not forgive her husband for a long time. They lived separately for a while.

They reconciled only six months later. Only Valentina’s mother and best friend, Sofia, knew about this unpleasant incident. The rest saw an ideal family in front of them.

– Well, how do you live after that? Did you just forgive him? Sofia asked her.

– We live as before. Forgive – I have forgiven. But I haven’t forgotten. In any scandal, I remind him of his Marina. He’s terribly angry. Well, plus – trust is undermined. Every time Fyodor stays somewhere, I think he spends time with someone.

After Fyodor’s secret was revealed, he became more attentive to his wife. I tried to spoil her. He was showered with sweets, gifts and flowers.

– What will happen next? Valentina thought. – As before, the husband is no longer happy. Sometimes I don’t even want to see him. Calms only that he loves children and does everything for them.

Only her mother saw such a depressed state of Valentina. In public, she tried to pretend that everything was fine.

– Don’t worry, dear. Everything will get better. Do you think your dad didn’t cheat on me? There are only a few loyal men. Yours is no exception. Big deal, I stumbled. Succumbed to temptation. Who doesn’t happen to?

– Something his temptation dragged on for 8 years.

– Think about the kids. You’ve got a good one. Not greedy. Everyone in the house. Forgive and forget.

– I can’t help but think about it.

– Honey, I know. You need to change the situation, find a job or unwind somehow. Get carried away with something so that there is no desire to remember the past. – mom advised.

Then Valentina could not even think how one chance meeting would change everything.

It happened in the summer. During the terrible heat, Valentina’s air conditioner broke down. She called her friend Sofia.

– My air conditioner broke down. Fedor is at work now. Do you happen to have some master acquaintance? Maybe you know someone who is engaged in repairs?!

– Oh, girlfriend, what would you do without me?! There is just such a friend. Write down the number and call.

Valentina wrote down the number and dialed it three minutes later. A pleasant male voice with a slight hoarseness sounded in the receiver. It gave Valentina slight goosebumps. The man on the phone was very polite. After discussing all the details of calling a specialist, impressed by the pleasant communication, Valentina hung up the phone.

– That’s the voice. Uh. It throws you into the heat, then into the cold. This happened to me when I first met Fedor. Valentina reasoned to herself.

At the appointed time, the doorbell rang. The children were walking on the street. Valentina was home alone. Opening the door, she saw a tanned, handsome man with a beautiful athletic figure. In his hands was a small suitcase with tools.

– Well, sir. Where is our patient? The young man asked and entered the room.

– Who, excuse me?

– Where is your air conditioner? – the man smiled, showing his perfect smile to the hostess.

– Oh, yeah. Excuse me. Please come in.

Entering the room, the master began to study the cause of the breakdown. He carefully examined the air conditioner and began to repair it. Valentina froze in amazement. She was filled with mixed feelings. On the one hand, for some reason she was terribly attracted to a stranger, and on the other, she reminded herself that she was not free and should be reasonable.

– Nothing serious. Don’t worry. Now we will patch up your patient, and he will work like new again.

The man performed several manipulations with the equipment and opened the window. I checked the condition of the cords, the strength of the fasteners and wanted to close it, but accidentally touched the flower. Not expecting such a pressure, he fell down and crashed on the neighbor’s parapet.

– I’m sorry, it turned out so inconvenient. – the man tried to justify himself. – I didn’t mean to.

But Valentina didn’t even have time to react. It was as if she was under hypnosis.

– Are you all right? Payment in cash or by card? I’ll give you a discount for the destroyed flower.

Valentina came to her senses, took the receipt and carefully looked at the young man.

– Here’s my card. If you need me, call me. Everything is written here. Are you sure you’re all right?

Valentina looked at the card. The master’s name was Andrey. She smiled in confusion and handed over the required amount.

– Thank you! Well, all the best to you.

After the master left, Valentina stood rooted to the spot for another 10 minutes. Sobering to her was her son’s voice.

– Mom, can we go to the neighbor’s yard. There Misha returned from the sea.

– Of course, dear, go.

The whole day Valentine was under the impression. Andrey’s voice sounded in my ears for a long time.

– What’s wrong with me? Behaved like an idiot. It’s just a master. she thought. – We need to return to reality urgently.

Before she could recover, the doorbell rang. Andrey stood on the threshold and held a pot of dracaena in his hand.

– I’m terribly sorry. Here, I brought you a new flower. Sorry again for ruining yours.

– Oh, come on. I shouldn’t have.

– It is necessary, it is necessary. It’s my fault. – Andrey handed a pot with a flower to Valentina. – Do you need to fix anything else?

– No, thanks. So far nothing else has broken.

– Bad. More precisely, it’s good that it didn’t break. Well, then I’ll go, have a nice day.

– And you too. Andrey went downstairs.

Valentina stared after him for a long time. He turned around once more and smiled at her.

– That’s it. The man is very nice, but stop staring at him. It’s indecent. Valentina thought and closed the door.

The next day she was walking out of the store with a bunch of bags and groceries. I saw a bus standing at the bus stop and ran after it. But the driver did not wait for her and left.

– Hey, wait. Valentina shouted.

One of the handles of the package broke off and several apples rolled out to the ground.

– Let me help you. a familiar male voice with a slight hoarseness rang out.

Valentina raised her head and saw Andrey.

– I’m here on a call. But I can give you a ride home.

– Oh, come on, no need. – Valentina said, picking up apples scattered on the road.

Andrey bent down and helped her. They took one apple together. Their hands touched. Feeling an unprecedented tremor all over her body, Valentina slowly pulled her hand back.

– Sit down, I’ll take you. – he said, wiped the apple left by Valentina and took a bite of it with an appetite.

– Well, if it’s not difficult for you. – Valentina hesitated.

At the same moment, Andrey took her bags and put Valentina’s purchases in his trunk.

– Sit down. Valentina obediently sat down.

At that moment, she wanted to scream with happiness. Being in a kind of euphoria, she completely forgot about her husband and children. Almost to the house, they both chatted incessantly.

As it turned out, they have a lot in common. Arriving at the entrance, Andrey helped Valentina get out of the car and take her purchases home.

– Thank you for helping me. – Valentina broke into a smile.

– You’re welcome. If you’re not in a hurry, I’d like to treat you to a cup of coffee.

Valentina hesitated a little.

– I would love to, but I have a lot of things to do.

“Well, if that’s the case, I won’t detain you. – Andrey smiled and disappeared behind the elevator doors.

– What an idiot I am. Why did you lie? I don’t have any business. But on the other hand, I don’t need all this. What if someone you know sees it? – Valentina reasoned.

The next day, Valentina took her children to summer school. It was a private institution that worked in the summer. There they spent the whole day, playing, eating, singing songs and learning English. After saying goodbye to them, she met Andrey at the exit. He was holding the hand of a red-haired little boy, about seven years old.

– Hi there. – Valentina greeted me. – I didn’t expect to see you here. I know almost all the parents.

– hello. We’re here temporarily. There was no one to leave him with.

“Your son?” – No. – Andrey smiled. – Nephew. If you’re not in a hurry, we can have coffee somewhere.

“Thanks, but I don’t feel like coffee in this heat.”

– Wait for me here. I’ll take the child now and we’ll figure something out.

This time, Valentina did not rush anywhere and decided to wait for Andrey on the street. A few minutes later he came out.

– Get in the car, I want to show you something.

Valentina looked at him and got into the car. After a little ride around the city, they stopped at a small outdoor cafe.

– Stay in the car, I’ll be right there.

Before Valentina had time to look around, Andrey came up to her.

He was carrying two waffle cones with ice cream in his hands.

– It’s better than coffee. Let’s go for a walk. – Andrey took her by the hand, and they went around the corner of the cafeteria. There was a small clearing and a lake. There was a wooden bench on the shore.

– Oh, how great it is here. Valentina waved enthusiastically. – Thank you for persuading me to come here.

– I didn’t really persuade. I wanted to take a walk myself. It’s obvious. – with these words Andrey touched Valentina’s cheek.

– No need. Probably, it was a mistake to come here with an unfamiliar man after all. – Valentina removed his hand and sat down on the edge of the bench. – I guess you take me for the wrong one. I’m not a woman of easy virtue. I’m married. I have children. It’s all wrong.

Andrey sat down closer to her.

– I understand it, I see it and I appreciate it. But you, like me, are attracted to something. Don’t deny it. I can feel it.

– It seemed to you. – Valentina got up from the bench and walked closer to the lake, turning her back to Andrey.

– no. It didn’t seem like it. – with these words, Andrey came up from behind and hugged Valentina around the waist.

At the same moment, Valentina turned around and looked at the young man. There was passion, desire and fear in her eyes.

– What am I doing? Valentina asked and she and Andrey kissed.

Since then, they began to meet with him every day. They went to nature, spent time at the hotel, at the dacha and enjoyed every minute. They wanted to be together.

– Well, you give, girlfriend. I didn’t expect anything from you. And she pretended to be a saint. Sofia told Valentina when she told her everything.

– Stop it. I’m sick of all this. I hate myself. But he’s so… just beyond words.

“What are you going to do now?” What about Fyodor? Children?

“What about them?” I’m having a great time. For the first time in so long I feel happy.

– Well, look, be careful. Don’t you dare tell your husband everything.

– What are you? He’ll probably kill me.

A year has passed. Valentina and Andrey continued to meet secretly. He gave her gifts, which she safely gave to Sophia, since she could not bring home. He gave money for various purchases. Pleased with pleasant little things. At one point, he even confessed that he loved her. Valentina reciprocated.

“So what do we do now?” Valentina asked, laying her head on Andrey’s chest. He looked at her and gently ran his fingers through her hair.

— I don’t know. Can we drop everything and go somewhere?

– Are you serious?

– yes. And why not? Your family is here, husband. All this pulls you back and does not give you complete freedom.

– Stop it. I’m not going to leave my husband and leave my children.

At this moment, Andrey even changed his face, but restrained his emotions. Valentina noticed this, but didn’t say anything. A week later, everything became more complicated. Andrey has changed dramatically. He became jealous of Valentina’s husband and children. Flooded her with text messages, called. He used to do it carefully. Now his calls have become frequent and intrusive.

– I don’t know what happened to him. He’s changed so much. Constantly calling. And he does it at any time of the day or night. I have to put the phone on silent. Once I called drunk, at first I said all sorts of nasty things, and then I got out with apologies. – Valentina told Sofia.

– Well, what can I tell you? Your affair has dragged on. We need to throw it. Otherwise, you’ll remember my words, he’ll slip you some kind of pig.

That evening Valentina thought for a long time. And when I analyzed everything, I decided to slowly move away from Andrey.

Suddenly she became very busy. Got a job. I began to communicate with him less often on the phone and respond to messages.

Andrey was going crazy: he was inundated with messages, often called, waited at the entrance, at the store, at the summer school. And when Valentina told him she didn’t want to see him anymore, he threatened to tell her husband everything.

Valentina did not attach importance to these threats. She blocked him on social networks and blacklisted Andrey everywhere. A little later, strange accidents began to happen in Valentina’s life.

First, someone punched the wheels on their car. Then, as if with an axe, he cut through the metal on the car from the side where Valentina usually sat. But when Valentina began to throw up photos of herself, her children and her husband, she was scared.

That evening she plucked up the courage and told her husband everything. And when all the relations were clarified, Valentina took the children and went to the village to her mother. A few days later, someone called her from an unfamiliar number and was silent for a long time on the phone.

– Andrey, is that you? I know you are. I’m not afraid of you anymore. My husband knows everything about us. You can leave me alone now. – there were long beeps in the receiver.

No one else called Valentina. In the autumn, a car drove up to the mother-in-law’s house. It was Fyodor. Seeing him, Valentina went out into the yard.

– How are you, Val? I miss you. So be it, “1:1”. Draw. Come back. I can’t do it without you.

– You’re still kidding.

– no. I’m serious. I’ve come for you. Get ready.

At the same moment, children ran out of the house. They hugged their father and hugged their mother tightly. Finally, the whole family was in full force.


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