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The husband offers to live in two families

If someone had told me that such a situation would happen in my family in the future, I would have twirled my finger at the temple of the one who told me about it. The fact is that I have been married for several years now. And quite by chance, taking my husband’s phone without his knowledge, I came across a lot of outgoing calls to some suspicious contact. After calling back there (I know that this is not done, it’s ugly and generally humiliating), I heard a woman’s voice. We got to talking and it turned out that I was communicating with my husband’s constant mistress.

Now I found out that she is pregnant with his child and is not going to have an abortion. I do not know what to do. Their union was the result of a combination of many circumstances. When my husband was offered a promotion, we were happy at first. But then it became known that I would have to move to another city. First he went there to settle in and, so to speak, to scout the situation. Then we had to move with our eight-year-old son. And before we moved, we continued to live with his parents.

But time passed, and he was in no hurry to call us to him. It seemed to me that it was all somehow too long. I began to worry, to wind myself up. But now he finally announced that we can get ready. We moved and now live in an apartment that he got from work.

I have always had a developed intuition, so I immediately noticed problems in my husband’s behavior. He behaved differently, and was not the same as before, in relation to me. Therefore, circumstances forced me to get into his phone. And although initially I wasn’t going to rummage through his contacts, but took the phone for another case, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

In general, she is pregnant now, but he does not plan to go to her. And he doesn’t want to give it up either. He immediately said that he would understand me if I decided to file for divorce, and in any case he would support my decision, whatever it was. But he himself wants me to get into the situation and accept this situation.

Thus, he wants to live in two families, and for me these words alone sound like sheer savagery. He loves me, I know that, and I love him very much too, and I don’t want to leave him. I’m afraid of losing him once and for all. But I definitely don’t want to live in such a composition, him, me and my mistress.

I don’t know what to do now. I’m just desperate and sometimes it costs me a lot of effort not to burst into tears in front of my son. Why couldn’t he have told me everything when I hadn’t moved in with the baby yet? I gave up everything, friends, work, the familiar atmosphere in my city and moved to a place where I don’t know anyone. And for what? To come to terms with such a betrayal from a loved one.

Now I’m thirty-eight, and my husband is forty-five. His mistress is already twenty years younger than him. I don’t want to leave, that’s for sure. I cherish what we have created together. And first of all, I am grateful to him for our son. He also dotes on me, helps me in everything and generally treats me well. Moreover, I don’t want to leave and give him the opportunity to marry her. And while we’re officially married, she won’t be able to get him for good.


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