My mother is an old lady

No one will love you like a mother!

One winter evening Anna decided to visit her boyfriend. Kirill, that was the name of her boyfriend, at that time lived with his mother, Natalia Ilyinichnaya.

Anna knew that her future mother-in-law had already come home from work. Their relationship was neutral. Natalia Ilyinichna teased Anya in every possible way, but she, by virtue of her upbringing, only smiled sweetly in response. “The affectionate calf sucks two queens,” Anya recalled her mother’s words in her head. Therefore, I tried in every possible way to smooth out the corners in communicating with my betrothed’s mother.

Anya popped into the store for cookies for tea. She can’t come to visit empty-handed.

“Oh, chocolate. My Kiryushka loves them so much.”

After buying cookies, Anna went to Kirill’s house. She rang the intercom and went up to the 6th floor.

Kirill was already waiting for her on the landing. “Hello, my love! How I’ve missed you! Come, I’ll hug you,” Kirill greeted her with a smile on his face.

“And I’m very glad to see you,” she replied.

Anya went into the apartment. She could hear Natalya Ilyinichna cooking something in the kitchen.

“Hello, Natalia Ilyinichna!” Anya said loudly. But there was silence in response.

“Mom, Anyutka has come,” Kirill went into the kitchen.

Natalia Ilyinichna pretended that she did not hear her son’s words.

Anya timidly entered the kitchen and said hello again.

“Oh, it’s you. Well, hello,” Natalia Ilyinichna squeezed out through her teeth. She turned to the stove and started cooking.

“Oh, Cyrus, I bought cookies here. Chocolate, as you like,” Anya took a pack of cookies out of her bag and put them on the table.

“Anya, how caring you are,” Kirill went up to Anya and hugged her.

“So, I haven’t cooked dinner yet. Clear the table quickly. Spoil your appetite,” Natalya Ilyinichna grumbled.

Anya is used to this manner of communication. She even felt sorry for Kirill’s mother. All her life she raised her son alone. My husband left the family when Kirill was 8 years old. He went to a young colleague. Everything is shown as in the TV series. So she grumbles because no one but her son needs her. Anya thought so.

“Of course, Natalia Ilyinichna! I bought this for tea. Can I help you with dinner?”

“Cut the bread. I’ve already prepared everything.”

For dinner there were fried chicken legs with mashed potatoes. Natalia Ilyinichna cooked very tasty. Anya even joked that when she and Kirill get married, he will go to lunch with his mother.

Anya sliced bread, Kirill helped his mother arrange plates with food. They sat down to dinner.

“Natalia Ilyinichna, everything is very tasty! As always,” Anya complimented.

“A good housewife should be able to cook. And she should always be clean,” Natalia Ilyinichna replied.

“Well, tea?” – Kirill asked. – “Anyuta bought my favorite cookies! You see, Mom, how she takes care of me. He loves me very much,” Kirill winked at Anya.

“Say it too. Anya, you don’t buy this chemistry anymore. There’s nothing useful there. And Kirill has gastritis, by the way,” Natalia Ilyinichna sat with a dissatisfied face.

“Mom, what are you starting again. I eat them all the time at work. Nothing, I’m not dead,” Kirill took the teapot and began pouring tea for everyone.

“Do I have to wait for you to die? You know, son, I always take care of you. I have no one but you. She doesn’t care what you eat. But I don’t. She loves… Yes, as a mother, no one will love you, understand? There will be a lot of such girls yet. You’ll see,” Natalia Ilyinichna could no longer contain her irritation.

“Mom, calm down. What are you?”. It was obvious that Kirill was uncomfortable for his mother.

Anya sat with her eyes downcast. This is not the first time that the mother of her loved one says such things. “As a mother, no one will love. Of course it won’t! After all, Mom is alone. And as a girl, I love my future wife. How can we compare our love?” – Anya had these thoughts in her head. But she was afraid to voice them. I didn’t want a conflict.

Do you think it is necessary to compare the love of a mother and a wife/girlfriend? And why do we hear so often the phrases “No one will love like a mother”, “Only mom is worthy of love”?


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