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A rich employee at work does not understand how it is possible to live in poverty

I have a colleague at work whose attitude to life is unclear to me. Someone will say that I’m just saying this out of envy, but it’s unlikely that this is true.

My family was poor, I grew up without a father, so I got used from an early age that there was no money in the family. Although my mother worked all her life and tried to make sure that we had everything. She worked to her own detriment. While she was giving the last money so that I could eat and get dressed, she herself was walking around in rags and malnourished.

For all the time, we did not manage to go to the sea so often, only thanks to my mother’s work, vouchers were obtained with a big discount. Needless to say, I have never been abroad. And for me it was not important, it was much more important to me that no one in the family swears, loves each other. And money is something you shouldn’t worry about. You just need to earn them and try to have enough for everyone.

I married a hardworking and loyal man, we don’t have much more money than we had in my childhood, but the situation has improved a little. And recently a new employee transferred to us. In principle, she is not so bad, sometimes gives good advice, does not regret anything, settles conflicts with management well. She herself comes from a rich and influential family that has great connections in our city.

Of course, as a child, she didn’t have anywhere near the problems that I had. And it is not surprising that, as a result, her chosen one was a man who was as influential as her parents. And of course she perceives life in pink. And her sister also married an influential foreigner, lives somewhere in Europe.

She is almost obviously distrustful of my stories that I have never been abroad, as if she does not believe me. She believes that she saves on clothes by not dressing in luxury boutiques, but at the same time she has never come to work in the same blouse twice. And she buys all her clothes only in Europe when she goes to visit her sister.

When I needed a new phone, I considered affordable price options. So she looked at me almost like I was crazy. Because she herself had one of the most expensive phones and she was going to update it soon, as it did not suit her, they say, it was outdated. I might be glad not to talk to her as much as possible while I’m at work, but it doesn’t work out. Our tables are very close, so willy-nilly we have to exchange phrases. And I often regret this as soon as the conversation begins. It’s true, I don’t want to look at her again.

She constantly brings expensive treats to work in large quantities. And I can’t afford such expenses, because sometimes I don’t even have enough for basic groceries at home. Because of this, I feel awkward, and therefore doubly dislike her. She does not hold on to this place and teaches me the same thing, that it is not necessary to follow the lead of the authorities and take on all their assignments. But the fact is that she will not suffer in any way if she is kicked out tomorrow, but it will affect me. And she just doesn’t understand the basic things that not everyone was born in a shirt, not everyone was so lucky. These seem to be simple truths, but they are so incomprehensible to an adult.


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