Beautiful lonely woman

One apartment for two

The new apartment lifted Albina’s spirits, against the background of this joy, even the divorce ceased to seem like a disaster.

It’s been two years since some girl called and announced her pregnancy from Albina’s husband, Maxim.

Albina didn’t believe it right away, thought it was someone’s evil joke, then Masha, that was the girl’s name, called the non-obvious place of Maxim’s tattoo, offered to let her husband go to her and leave her alone.

– Yes, take it, I don’t care, he’ll find another one anyway. If he betrayed me, he will betray you. Well good luck.

Returning from work, Maxim saw a bag of things standing in the middle of the corridor.

“I know everything, you don’t have to make excuses,” Albina said in a cold voice. – Get out. Just tell me, what didn’t suit you? – the girl’s voice began to break, – because we don’t have children? So you just had to wait. You know, wait! And not run to get some woman pregnant…

– Al, I’m… sorry, – Maxim tried to approach his wife, but she pushed him away.

– Take your things and leave. I don’t want to see you anymore.

Maxim left, now Albina’s life partner was depressed, a difficult divorce brought funds to buy her apartment, at least in some ways she was lucky.

The apartment, although it belonged to the old foundation, was very good, and the price was pleasantly surprising.

The whole day the girl put things in order, put things away, and in the evening she arranged a royal dinner for herself: she ordered food and a bottle of wine. An interesting film was supposed to perfectly complement the evening.

Suddenly there were noises in the hallway, Albina jumped up and saw a man carrying his bags into her apartment.

“Who are you?” the girl screamed.

The man, clearly not expecting to see her, was confused.

– And who are you? I bought this apartment, move out.

– Wait a minute, you’re confusing something. I bought the apartment, I have all the documents, let’s compare.

It turned out that the packages of documents were exactly the same, both were deceived. The same apartment was sold twice.

– While we have to live together, as soon as we figure it out, we’ll separate. Let’s be neighbors,” the man said, “by the way, my name is Vlad.

“Albina,” the girl muttered and went into the room.

The evening was definitely ruined, Vlad was messing around with something in the kitchen, Albina came out and noticed bread, canned food and something else that did not inspire confidence.

– Vlad, – the girl called him, – let’s go to dinner, you’re hungry, I probably set dinner there, we have enough for two.

– The smell is amazing! Did you cook?

– No, it’s a restaurant. I wanted to celebrate the housewarming, I ordered the delivery. And who sold you the apartment?

– Balding man, his name is Vitaly. And you?

– And me too. To the police tomorrow?

– It’s not worth it, I’ll explain everything to you now. We will have a lot of problems, we will be dragged around the departments, and do we need it? I just got a job, I can’t get distracted in any way. I have a friend, he’s a private detective, I’ll tell him everything, and he’ll figure it out. I promise.

– Okay. Are you with your family or what?

– Or how. I don’t have anyone, I understand you…

– There was a husband, but he surfaced. This does not sink,” Albina grinned.

For a very long time the girl could not sleep, she kept thinking about how they were both deceived and about Vlad… Although he was not handsome, he literally attracted to himself, and did not inspire a sense of danger.

The neighbors lived peacefully for three months, communication improved, it seemed that everything was supposed to be like this, but one day, after returning from work, Albina heard voices in the kitchen. Vlad was not alone.

– I love you, understand, – the girl screamed, – if you want children, you want a dog. Just come back.
Albina was about to leave, so as not to interfere, or maybe not to hear Vlad’s answer? His voice made her freeze:

– You shouldn’t have come.

– Have you really forgotten everything? We were so happy!

– On the contrary, I remember everything, and I remember how you got rid of my child.

– Vlad, listen, it wasn’t your child. Do you remember when you went on a business trip? I went to my friend’s birthday party then. I was coming home alone in the evening, there were three of them, you know? There was nothing I could do.

– Why didn’t you tell me?

– I was afraid, you know? I love you so much.

Albina quietly crept into her room, unwittingly seeing Vlad hugging a thin girl buried in his shoulder.
Since then, the man often did not return to spend the night, the girl missed him, but tried not to admit it.

One morning Albina was woken up by the doorbell. She thought Vlad had forgotten the keys or something, but Maxim was standing on the threshold.
He rushed to her, begged her to forgive him, threw himself on his knees.

“Take your hands off me,” Alya said harshly and coldly. You betrayed me, now you’re betraying her, and you want forgiveness?

– My girl, Alechka, what are you doing? I will change, we will have a great family, I understand everything!

– Go back to your family, don’t touch me.

– Masha’s daughter was born sick, I don’t need such a child, I want a normal son from you! Maxim picked up Albina and dragged her into the room.

The girl tried to escape, but Max was much stronger. He pulled the robe and easily tore the thin lace, she already imagined how he would lean on her with his whole body and squeezed her eyes shut, but this did not happen.
Albina opened her eyes and saw Vlad fighting with Maxim, at some point Vlad dragged her ex-husband out of the room, and then pushed him into the entrance.

When the man returned, the girl could not contain her emotions, rushed into his arms, he hugged her tightly and kissed her.

– You didn’t spend the night at home, how did you seem here? What about your girlfriend?

“What makes you think I was with her?” I serve in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, I have night shifts, not what you thought. She betrayed me twice, wants to make peace, let her want to go on.

– I’m sorry, but I heard your conversation.

– Let’s not talk about the past, okay? I want to be with you,” Vlad said and kissed her passionately on the lips.

For several days Albina walked around happy and elated, one evening a call came from an unfamiliar number.
– Hello?
– Albina Andreevna?
– Yes, I’m listening.
– Your husband is in a serious condition in the hospital. Arrive.
– what? Husband? Did something happen to Maxim?
– Maxim? No, Vladislav Vergasov. Or did we make a mistake?
– Vlad… I’m on my way!

Already in the hospital, Albina found out that Vlad had been beaten up on the street by several men. Passers-by called an ambulance and the police and now the man was lying with a blindfold and a bandaged head.

“Who was that?” Do you remember? – the girl cried, not realizing that it was Maxim’s revenge.

A week later, Vlad was transferred from intensive care to therapy, but the blindfold was not removed. One day an ex-girlfriend came to him, said she didn’t know about his condition, Albina went to the window so as not to interfere.

– The doctors said I won’t see anymore. Do you want to spend your life with a blind man?
– What? How? That’s not true!
– Really.

The girl abruptly got up and ran out of the room. Albina came up to him and took his hand.
– Don’t worry, I’ll always be with you. We will find the best doctors, we will restore your eyesight, and even if it doesn’t work out, I will always love you.

After discharge, Albina took Vlad home, took care of him and loved him.
– Al, darling, will you marry me?
– Of course, – the girl laughed, – we need to raise a child together. I’m pregnant, Vlad.
The man picked her up in his arms and began to circle around the apartment.
– I love you, Alka, I love you, I love you!
– Be careful, it’s not safe, you may stumble, – worried Albina.
Vlad just smiled.
– Do you see? You can see that, right?
– My sight returned three days ago, I wanted to understand if you would agree to marry me if I was blind.
– That’s stupid! I love you, understand?
For the wedding, the young people received an unexpectedly expensive gift – a chic country house.
– Vlad, where is this from?
– Do you remember my detective friend? He found that crook, this house is our compensation.

Albina laughed and kissed her husband.


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