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Burning love

A few years ago I worked as an editor at one of the Texas newspapers. I’ve been to Texas, where they serve meals for one, and it’s so huge that they can feed a group of hungry students.

Every Friday evening, after work, a group of us went to the nearest bar to knock over a couple of daisies and eat a few ribs. One day my friend Luda drank a lot of daisies, and started telling funny stories about her husband. When the waitress brought our ribs and fries, she brought another bowl of jalapeno peppers.

I’ve never had a jalapeno before, let alone a jalapeno without everything, but I’ve drunk enough margaritas to have the courage to try. That was my first mistake. My eyes were watering, my mouth was burning, my stomach was also on fire, everything was on fire.

The only thing I could do was sit there and pretend nothing was happening. Oh my God, I urgently need another Margarita, quickly!

Lyudka just laughed and continued to tell us about the time when her husband Sasha won the jalapeno food contest. Americans organize such contests in Texas. And my friends took part there. And Luda decided to tell this story that happened to them.

At that time, Luda and Sasha had been married for three years and decided to celebrate the anniversary with margarita and spicy Texas-Mexican food. They ate more than enough, drank, and ordered chicken wings with jalapeno pepper. After they celebrated their anniversary at the bar, they returned home. The food that night wasn’t the only heat. They got very hot with each other and no longer had the strength to endure, but first Luda had to go to the bathroom to insert a diaphagram.

Who knew that the heat from touching this jalapeno would give a LOT more emotions than the one that Luda was counting on from her diaphragm? She couldn’t believe the heat… and burning pain. She didn’t call an emergency, and besides, she was explaining to the doctors and nurses exactly what had happened to her. It took her weeks to recover from the burn and from the embarrassment. Sasha had to take a lot of cold showers, and their anniversary night of spicy food with jalapeno peppers and making love was a complete failure. And it was remembered for a long time. It was the most memorable trip to America for them.

I guess the moral of this story is that if you want to have a fun night of wild hot sex, don’t order a jalapeno. Or, if you have a jalapeno, be sure to wash your hands before making love. Therefore, there is a really HOT and BURNING love!


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