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Greedy mother-in-law

Four women are lying in the postoperative ward and coincidentally, as one of them said, they are all young pensioners.

Only recently they left their jobs, gave up their places and positions to the young. Well, in a ward where only women and dating happens quickly and very soon everyone knows how their roommates live in the ward. Who else is in the family, what specialties are prepared, in a word, all women’s topics are raised. Those who come to visit these women are also discussed. One visit is enough to make the relationship in the family as in the palm of your hand, but this ward was lucky. Nothing bad could be said about any of the relatives who came to visit the patient. Only, well, how is it, so as not to discuss someone. So the topic about a bad mother-in-law surfaced.

Galina Stepanovna, and she told the story with her neighbor, which will be discussed, was familiar with the sandbox. Their parents, who are no longer there, worked at the same factory and at the same time received an apartment in a factory house. It is not surprising that girls of the same age became friends.

As a rule, Galina Stepanovna, and then just a Jackdaw coming down from her third floor, necessarily came for Vera, who lived on the first floor and the girls went for a walk in the yard. They went to the same school, only in different classes. Their families lived in the same sense of prosperity, we can say, like everyone else. In this factory house, the girls often visited each other, they were not allowed to walk when it was cold or windy, both often caught a cold. In a word, the friendship was strong until the ninth grade.

During the break, a friend who had just returned from the capital, where she had been staying with some relative for a month, Galya noticed immediately. Vera began to speak in the Moscow manner akala constantly. Then she blew out Galkin’s new dress, said that they don’t walk like that in Moscow. Then I stopped walking with her, Galya came after her, but no one opened the door. A friend looked out the open window, waited for Galya to come out of the entrance and said that she had no time for her business and Galya stopped coming in. Now they met only at school, they will say hello and that’s it.

After school a year later, Galya married one of the guys who worked in her shop. He lived in a hostel and moved in with them after the wedding. Vera’s friend did not come to the wedding, although Galya invited her. She promised, but she never came. Accidentally meeting at the entrance Vera asked:

“Couldn’t you have found anyone better?”

That was the end of their friendship. Because Galya loved her husband and he loved her too. When their son was born, their love was enough for him, and that year was difficult. An oxygen section exploded at the plant, there were dead and wounded. Among the dead are Gali’s father and the parents of her ex-girlfriend Vera. Now she is an orphan. Galina’s mother turned black with grief and began to get sick often. Now she could not always even take a walk with her grandson. Galya saw that it was hard for her mother to walk. Only in the cemetery on my father’s grave I always found the strength to go.

A year and a half later, Galina’s mother died and she also became an orphan. It’s good that my husband was there and my son was growing up.

Soon Vera’s friend got married. Her fiance was handsome, fashionably dressed, wore a tie and a hat. He was the only one in the factory house. Galya does not know how they lived, although the apartment windows were still always open, no scandals were heard from there. Only one evening there was crying and moaning from an open window. It was a friend who went into labor, and her husband was not at home. Galya called an ambulance for her, and she went to the hospital with her.

When I returned, Vera’s apartment was dark. She wrote a note, explained what kind of house her friend was taken to, but in the morning the note was still stuck in the door. Then Galya and all the neighbors found out that her husband had left her friend. Why he left and where he went and to this day Galya did not know.

Her ex-girlfriend Vera was angry at the whole white world. She lived alone, well, not alone, but with her son. Worked. I dressed my son in the best. I bought expensive toys. Probably and fed not as Galya his. I could hear them talking from the open windows. The mother did not forget to tell her son that he was doing well. He does the right thing by not giving his toys to children either in the garden or on the street. He was obedient and always neat. I walked only with my mother. Galina will not remember that other children came to their house. Everything is with Mom and with Mom. She chose the university for him, and he didn’t mind, he was used to listening to her.

And two houses later, another family lived. Father, mother and daughter. Also former factory workers, but they were one of the first to go to their bread. They opened two small shops and people willingly bought food and vegetables from them. There was no delay, here the prices were moderate and they could release the goods on credit under the record. Now this family lived richer than others. Not that they became cool, but they bought a one-room apartment for my daughter. The girl dressed fashionably and the parents themselves looked quite modern. But they also had their own problem, their only unlucky daughter turned out to be on the guys. And she is good, and hardworking, and her family is a mountain behind her, but those few young people who started relationships with her, ate, drank, accepted gifts from the girl, and then disappeared. They calculated her quickly, she was kind and trusting, she would not raise a scandal. They took with them what they liked from things, equipment and left without explaining anything.

If Galya had not been familiar with this family, if the girl had not grown up in front of her eyes, she might not have believed that this good girl was so chronically unlucky. But it was true for you. And now the girl is alone and often cries quietly so as not to upset her parents.

And almost next to her lives a young, handsome guy. Educated. True, not the owner of his own company or company, but a decent earner. Lives with Mom. The same Vera, the former girlfriend of Galina Stepanovna. He still coordinates his every step with her. Over the years, Mom’s authority has only increased. Well, in her instructions, the theme of the family, or rather the bride, began to sound.

And so the guy, returning home from work, gets out of the minibus at his stop and sees how a young girl helps an old woman to collect apples scattered from a burst package. And a few apples are literally at his feet. Then he joined in, they collected grandma’s apples. She said thank you to them, and the young people went as it turned out in one direction. The girl only glanced at the young man.

“Yes, I helped my grandmother to pick apples, but she’s just had bad luck with guys.”

And he, on the contrary, stared at the girl, immediately he liked her. And for the first time in my life, without consulting my mother, I took the initiative and offered to accompany her. When it turned out that they live almost next to each other, they were surprised. I’ve never had to meet before. But now they started dating. The guy never came on a date without flowers. He took the girl to the theater, to concerts. He made small but valuable gifts. In short, he was completely different from her previous young men. In addition, he was distinguished by delicacy and tact. And when the girl introduced her parents to him, they were delighted. This is a really decent man, and then the father and mother began to dream that their daughter would marry him. The young man’s mother also liked the girl, especially when Vera found out that the girl’s parents own two shops, and the girl works in a bank and she already has a studio, but her own apartment.

Vera, angry once and for all at men because of her runaway husband, has long bet on her son. He has to take everything from life, or rather he is with her. That’s why I gave my consent to the wedding. The parents met, agreed on the date of the wedding. The bride’s mother and father immediately said that they were taking care of all the expenses, there were two of them, and the future matchmaker was one. And this also pleased Vera, the groom’s mother.

The groom’s mother, the same ex-girlfriend of Galina Stepanovna, was already preparing a plan. Disgusting, dishonest, but she was only satisfied with this outcome of events. This marriage is a launching pad for her son and for her, to take the maximum from matchmakers after the divorce, which she did not even doubt. As she did not doubt the power she had over her son. At the wedding, she portrayed joy, hugged the bride, the matchmaker and the matchmaker. She repeated that their children were so suitable for each other that she only wished them happiness.

Finally, Vera was convinced that she would sort out this family in her favor after the bride’s parents presented the young with a generous gift, they bought them a three-room apartment in the center and apologized that the newlyweds would not be able to go there right now. Major repairs are in full swing, and when it is over, the apartment will be ready to accept new owners.

Some say that envy is an oncology of the soul. This was the diagnosis of Vera, the groom’s mother. But she has determined for herself how her oncology can be cured: take everything for herself, well, and her son. And if by law it cannot be done, she will find a way to get a three-room apartment. And this apartment will not only not interfere with their son, but also help them in the future. In the meantime, Vera had to play the role of a loving mother-in-law, come to visit the matchmakers’ house, because the newlyweds settled there before the renovation was completed.

But much more often and almost daily, the son came to the mother. He still listened to her, agreed with her as in childhood that she would not say. And it did not even occur to her that mocking her daughter-in-law would hurt her beloved son, because he loved not only her, he loved his wife very much and respected her parents.

For some time, burning with impatience, the mother-in-law did not dare to openly talk to her son about what she was planning. She was digging him dosed, or something. His intelligence, beauty, and upbringing have always been a red thread, and they could not be compared to the shortcomings of his wife. Not to mention that his father-in-law and mother-in-law are ordinary merchants. Not businessmen, not oligarchs and not deputies, but merchants. Such hints were unpleasant for her son, and then she decided to use heavy artillery.

– I see that you, living in the house of these merchants and under the heel of your wife, whom I will not call a beauty even under penalty of death, forget, or maybe you have already forgotten who I am for you! Don’t you know that there can be ten wives and one mother?! You open your eyes! Who are you in their house, the fifth water on jelly?!

The son left his mother dejectedly and did not understand what to do. He came home, and they were waiting for him there. We didn’t have dinner without him. They asked how the day went. They told me how they worked out themselves. So he was slowly moving away from his mother’s instructions, which he now increasingly did not understand, but did not dare to contradict.

And then the day came when it was possible to move into a renovated apartment. The mother-in-law decided that she should tell her son-in-law’s mother about this, and they lived not far from each other. The mother-in-law, in order not to go empty-handed, took a bar of chocolate and hurried to her. I wanted to run away and come home for dinner. She was already approaching the entrance and passing by the windows of the matchmaker’s apartment, and as always, the window was open and the mother-in-law heard the son-in-law’s voice.

– Mom, but I don’t like it.

And the matchmaker in response:

– Big deal, I know what love is. Here you will move back and forth for six months, and then for a divorce and for the division of property. I’ve already found someone who will make sure that you get everything. At the very least, half of everything will definitely be for us,” the matchmaker confidently said.

The mother-in-law even sat down from surprise, she did not expect this, but she heard it with her own ears. And then more.

– After the divorce and the partition, we will sell everything that gets from them and finish building the cottage. I think there’s enough for a car. Then you will finally take me to the bazaar,” the woman continued. – Do you understand, son? Now it’s your turn to provide for me! Do you think I didn’t deserve it, and who has been cherishing you all these years, and blowing away dust motes? Your daddy? I gave you a life, I can say I gave up my own! I ask you again, do you understand?! Are you going to serve your mother?!

“Yes, I understand, I understand,” the son replied with a heavy sigh. – Well, so I’ll go Mom?

– Go, go, just do not forget that we will act according to my plan. I have already prepared a deposit for the right person. In six months, you can act openly,” the mother concluded the conversation with her son.

The mother-in-law barely managed to run into the next entrance, otherwise she would have run into her son-in-law nose to nose. And from the open door of someone else’s entrance, she saw her son-in-law come out with his head down, walked slowly, slowly, and she felt sorry for the guy. After all, he’s a good man, just a mattress. Mom’s henpecked. She guessed for a long time that the matchmaker twists them as he wants, but so that…

They have a nightingale when they come to visit. Praises, captures the daughter-in-law. About her and her husband, she says that she was so lucky with matchmakers, and that’s what she had in mind. She and her husband have been plowing all their lives, first at the factory on shifts, then in their two stores. Until recently, they loaded and unloaded the goods themselves. And they worked as sellers, and cleaned themselves. My daughter also helped.


That’s who she felt so sorry for. She loves her husband and has been unlucky with guys so many times, but here he is kind and affectionate, and does not refuse any work around the house. And what will happen to her when his mother gets her way and divorces them. Just the joy of her life appeared and suddenly again deception. No, we need to do something and not tell my daughter anything yet. Not to talk about what I heard with my own ears, but I need to tell my husband. Of course, he will boil, but we must persuade him not to betray that we know about the dear matchmaker’s plan.

The mother-in-law also had enough strength to go to her after all to invite her to a new apartment tomorrow in which the children will live. Well, to see how she behaves.

As a good actress, she met the matchmaker with open arms, although she could not resist asking if she had run into her son. He stopped by for a minute to check on his mother. Mother-in-law also decided to play a role:

– No, I haven’t. I was running behind the house, just to call you tomorrow. The children are moving into a renovated apartment, and my husband and I are not very happy. It will be boring without them.

And the matchmaker supports small talk, says that they are moving not far away. That the young themselves want to live and promises that if she succeeds, she will definitely come to move. And she didn’t move an eyebrow, and there was no hint that she pushed her son ten minutes ago.

And then the mother-in-law finally decided that she would save her daughter, save her family.

I went home and decided what to do, what to do.

She fed everyone dinner and called her husband allegedly to a neighbor, they say she has vegetables for sale and cheap, but in fact she took her husband to the square. They sat down on the bench and told the mother-in-law how she was going to save her daughter’s family with his help, of course.

The son-in-law worked for a not very successful company. There, then the contracts were broken, then the deliveries did not arrive on time. People left in search of a more reliable job. The son-in-law, literate and educated, pulled the strap for three at a bare rate. I haven’t seen the award for a long time. He understood that the owner was using him, but having grown up under his mother’s oppression, he did not dare to quit, and then his mother-in-law and father-in-law began to attract him to their small business with her husband. They will be asked to suggest to equip a new warehouse in order to win space, then as a freight forwarder to go to the farmer with whom they intend to cooperate, see what vegetables he offers, then check the accounting and always praised him, which in general was fair and the money was paid. He calculated this revenue and made sure that here he earns more and they respect him, praise him.

And then one day at dinner at the house of their mother-in-law and father-in-law, they started talking about the fact that they could already expand their vegetable business, but they could not cope without their son-in-law and offered him the most responsible area of work, to take over and take control of all purchases. And its volume was already large.

– You understand yourself, – said the father-in-law, looking at his son-in-law, – here we need a smart person and that we trust him as ourselves. It turns out that it can only be you. Think about it, just for a little while. The vegetable season begins, we can either make a good profit or burn out. In short, decide. Only then will you have to leave the company.

The son-in-law was pleased with such trust. He looked at his wife. The habit of consulting with mom affected, but mom was not there. And he guessed that he would definitely not like her advice, and his wife looked at him with delight. She sincerely rejoiced at such an offer and had no doubt that her husband would cope. He nodded gratefully to his wife and said:

– I agree and I promise that I will try. I understand what a responsible front of work this is.

The work really required constant monitoring, and often ended late. Therefore, he did not always have enough time to visit his mother every day. And then he realized that he didn’t really want to go to his mother. If you compare how he is with his own mother and how he is at home with his wife or visiting his mother-in-law with his father-in-law. It’s like they say in Odessa, two big differences. Without his mother, he felt confident, independent. Responsible not only for themselves. He really worked and got the money he earned. His mother did not know about how much he was getting now, and knowing she would have already over-half his salary for a long time. She herself came to them several times, but did not find her son.

The daughter-in-law explained that there is a lot of buying season, and only her husband can decide whether to buy from this farmer or not.

– He has never bought a noncondition or at an inflated wholesale price. He’s such a good boy, my parents are like hands without him,” she proudly told her mother-in-law and called for tea.

“I don’t have time to drink,” she replied, hiding her anger at her daughter-in-law, her family and her son.

“Did I finally fall under her heel, but what about her plan? It will soon be six months since a married couple divorced.”

“I’ll go,” she said, refusing tea. – Tell him to come in thoroughly today or tomorrow. I’ve already forgotten what he looks like.

The daughter-in-law blushed, didn’t know what to say, and her mother-in-law wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

When her husband came, she fed him first, then sent him to the shower and only after the shower asked:

– Why don’t you go to Mom’s?

And he immediately lost his mood. But he couldn’t admit that he didn’t want to, wasn’t going to listen about her plan. I was ashamed…

She also added that her mother-in-law came by today, asked her to tell him that she was waiting for him.

“Okay,” he said, “I’ll run in a few days.

Well, it didn’t work out the other day. All four of them: he, his wife, father-in-law and mother-in-law went to buy new furniture. And trying not to show it, he was proud. His money they earned was enough to pay for a soft corner, one of the most expensive, by the way, in a furniture salon.

And the mother’s plan should have already approached the denouement, only the son did not go and did not go.

My mother-in-law did not forget about six months, and she was waiting for the events of the divorce to begin to develop. I saw from my son-in-law that he was not thinking of getting a divorce, that for the first time he felt like the head of the family and a valuable employee. He even changed outwardly.

But the matchmaker will not give up his position so easily.

And indeed Vera went to their store, but she did not find her son. Then she told the matchmaker that tomorrow she would go to the hospital for examination, the pressure jumps and the heart aches.

– Oh, and how inopportune, – the matchmaker almost wailed, – and the children are flying to the sea tomorrow. The vouchers are good, they are so tired for a whole year without a vacation, but don’t worry about going to bed. My husband and I will visit you, if we need any medications, we will buy everything.

With that, the mother-in-law left, hissing with anger. And the mother-in-law really sent the young ones to the sea, said let her not worry about her mother, she goes to the hospital for examination and while they are at sea, they, she and her father-in-law will take care of.

After the sea, the son came to his mother with a basket full of figs and a huge bunch of grapes, but she did not even look at them.

From the threshold:

– What are you doing? In a week it will be six months. The person is ready to start the divorce process. And you don’t forge and you don’t chalk!

And then I got an answer that I didn’t expect:

– Come on, Mom. I don’t want to hear any more about your plans, and it’s not plans, but real machinations. I love my wife. I will say even more. I love her family. These are good people, not like you. I’m sure there will be three of us soon. Do you want to make your grandson or granddaughter a half-orphan? In short, if you want to spin intrigues, fool someone, go to a dating site, put up your photo, you’re still wow and find yourself a rich fiance, so that both with a dacha and with a car… Agreed? – and left.

She just froze in place, and then realized it wouldn’t be the way she intended. Her son will not go on about her, he will never go again…

And either out of anger, or it just so happened, she found herself a cavalier first by correspondence.

He wrote that both are, and this. Not only a car, but also yachts are available. Only I didn’t meet a woman to get hooked, but she did.

And so they met. A respectable man, nothing to say. Courted like in the movies. Flowers, cafes and conversations about traveling abroad. True, he lived in another city, but here for work, for business. That’s why I stayed at the hotel. She invited him to her house and also already prepared a plan, but…

I left him alone for only half an hour. While I was running to my partner, so that she would replace her tomorrow, and come back…

In a word, no respectable groom, no gold, no savings. Including the money that she prepared for her son’s dishonest divorce.

Now she’s quieter, quieter than water and lower than grass.

Galina Stepanovna finished her story:

– And her son and daughter-in-law are decent people, and the matchmakers are excellent. They helped her, of course, they gave her money, but then the Internet groom didn’t leave a penny and I feel sorry for her, she was a good girl, and I don’t feel sorry, she didn’t like people very much.

– And I’m not sorry, – as three roommates said in concert.


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