Beautiful kind girl on the street

Escaped from the village

Marina grew up surrounded by love and affection. The parents loved their only daughter very much, spoiled her and refused nothing. They bought her the best clothes, fulfilled every whim, she had almost everything you could dream of. The only thing that did not suit the girl was life in the suburbs.

She wanted to move to Moscow, there was more entertainment and freedom, so she decided to find a husband with an apartment in the capital.

One day, at a party in a nightclub, she met Andrey. The young people immediately liked each other, and they had a stormy romance. After several months of relationships, Marina moved to Andrey’s apartment in Moscow, where he lived with his mother Tatiana Alekseevna. And soon they had a magnificent wedding.

– Marinochka, what are you going to do around the house today? – the mother-in-law asked the girl once.

– Is it necessary? I’m doing pretty well as it is.
– Great, and what is your goal in life?

– Tatiana Alekseevna! Why are you always picking on me? I have been married to your son for six months now, and every day you bother me with your remarks. I’m going to meet a friend, I have no desire to be here with you.

– Do you want to cook dinner for your husband?

– We’ll have dinner at a restaurant, my husband can afford it. And you, if you want, then cook for yourself.

– And how does your conscience allow you to talk to me like that?!

– What a bore you are!

Tears sprang from Tatiana Alekseevna’s eyes, she quickly left and locked herself in her room. No one thought or guessed that her beloved son would bring such a girl into the house. She gave birth to him from a famous scientist who is no longer alive. Andrey’s father managed to provide for his son and wife during his lifetime. I left them an apartment, a bank account, a business registered to my son.

Tatiana Alekseevna imagined her old age differently – calm and measured, but the appearance of an impudent daughter-in-law spoiled her plans. Marina was constantly rude to her mother-in-law, did not take into account her opinion, behaved as if she was the owner of the apartment, and not Tatiana Alekseevna.

Several times Tatiana tried to start a conversation with her son about the behavior of her daughter-in-law, he talked to her, but it did not lead to anything.

– Mom, please don’t involve me in your feminine squabbles. I have enough problems at work, at home I just want to relax.

– Son, I can’t do this anymore, Marina constantly insults me, she called me…

Andrey touched his mother, wanting to calm her down.

– Mommy, don’t cry, I love you very much. Let’s go out together this weekend? In the movies, for example.

Tatiana Alekseevna hugged Andrey, she understood that she had a very good, attentive son, and was sorry that he got such a wife.

Andrey calmed his mother down and decided to have a serious talk with his wife. He asked when she would stop being so rude to his mother.

– Am I being rude? Yes, it’s your mom who drives me crazy! Why did you marry me then, if her opinion is most important to you!?

– Let’s move to a rented apartment, we will live separately, and your scandals will stop.

– No! No way! I do not intend to move out of the center of the capital and pay for the rental of housing!
– Okay, but if my mother complains again that you’re being rude to her, we’ll move out immediately, okay?

Marina started crying, Andrey was upset by his wife’s tears, he hugged her to comfort her, and the girl promised to behave with restraint towards his mother. But a day later, it all started anew.

After a while, Marina told everyone that she was pregnant. From that moment on, Tatiana Alekseevna’s life turned into a living hell. The girl began to drive her mother-in-law out of the house., but one day Tatiana plucked up the courage and threw her daughter-in-law out the door.

Marina brazenly turned around and left. She spent the whole day walking with a friend to shops and restaurants, went to a beauty salon. The girl was proud of herself, but then she began to worry why her husband didn’t call her. He probably has already returned from work and should have noticed that his wife is not at home.

Evening came, Andrey did not call Marina. Then she called him herself, but couldn’t get through. Marina decided to go home, and was very stunned: suitcases with her things were standing near the apartment door, the girl tried to open the door, but the key did not fit. She started knocking on the door, kicking:

– What do you allow yourself! I’m pregnant! If I get sick here and I die, it will be on your conscience! Andrew! Do you hear? Marina exclaimed angrily.

No one heard the girl’s screams, she took her bags and left. Somehow she managed to drag her suitcases outside, then called a taxi and left for an expensive hotel.

For a while she lived in hotels, first in the best, then simpler, and eventually moved to the cheapest hotel.

Marina wanted to find Andrey, went to work with him, waited near the house, but she could not meet him. He and his mother seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. And then the day of childbirth came, Marina was taken from the hotel to the maternity hospital, a week later she packed her things and left for her parents forever.

She left her little son in the hospital, refusing even to look at him and breastfeed.

The girl did not tell her parents about the newborn grandson. The father and mother were very happy about the appearance of their daughter in the house, but the news of the divorce upset them. They tried in every possible way to support their daughter, distract her from her worries. Without thinking twice, Marina began her former life, only entertainment has now become not as harmless as before.

The girl began to disappear often in pubs, her father brought her drunk in the morning, in an inadequate state. Her parents even wanted to force her to undergo treatment at the clinic, but they did not succeed, so she reached the very bottom. One day, after another spree, Marina finally disappeared.

Five years have passed since then. Andrey, returning home after work, saw a boy in old torn clothes near the house. The boy was sitting on a bench alone, unattended.

“What are you doing here, kid?” Andrey asked.
– I’m sitting here.
– I can see that, but where is your house?

– I don’t have a home.

“Then where are your mom and dad?”

– They are not there, more precisely, there is a mother, but she is missing, and I do not know where she is — the boy replied

– You’re already big! What’s your name?

– Yes, I’m 5 years old, my name is Sasha.

– And my name is Andrey! You must be hungry?

– Yes, a little.

– Let’s go up to my apartment and I’ll buy you dinner.

Tatiana Alekseevna was surprised to see her son with a stray boy on the threshold.

– Son, whose child is this?

– This is Sasha, he has no parents, and he has nowhere to live, so he will stay with us for a while, and then we will see.

– But he’s a stranger, Andrew, why do we need this?

– Mom, he and Kirill are almost the same age, I think we need to look at him. Completely exhausted, how is Kirill doing? Does your throat still hurt?

– Everything seems to be fine, I just fell asleep recently. It seems to me that you’re right,” the woman pondered, “if you hadn’t followed our Marinka then and we didn’t find out that she left her son in the hospital, because our Kirillushka could have ended up on the street like that. I’m going to bathe Sashenka, then we’ll feed him, well, and tomorrow you’ll find out everything about him.

Andrey has been doing paperwork for several months to become Sasha’s father. It turned out that his mother died in childbirth, and the boy was sent to an orphanage. Now Andrey had two sons, the boys quickly found a common language, they were always together like water. Their father loved them equally and refused them nothing.

One day, a new employee got a job at Andrey’s company, her name was Katerina Mikhailovna. An attractive girl with a sad look. The young woman turned out to be very purposeful, and within six months she had grown from an ordinary economist into a department head. Colleagues showed her signs of attention, but apart from work, she did not want to communicate with anyone.

Katerina often stayed late in Andrey’s office, preparing reports and documents, but she never even allowed herself a ride home.
In the morning Andrey came to work earlier than usual, and saw that Katerina was walking in a completely different direction from the office. The girl walked with her head down, she was obviously saddened by something.

Andrey decided to follow her, and went after her by car, when he drove closer, he saw that Katerina came to the maternity hospital and sat down on a bench. The girl was sitting and crying, and Andrei could not stand it, went up to her and sat down next to her.

– Katerina Mikhailovna, what happened to you? Maybe I can help?

Suddenly Katya turned to him, pressed herself to her chest, and burst into tears even more, she could no longer hold on. Later, the girl calmed down and looked up at Andrey.

– Thank you for being with me, I didn’t expect that I would be able to trust someone.

– Tell me what happened? Why are you here?

Katerina told her story.

A few years ago, she was dating a married man. She loved him very much, but she wasn’t going to take him away from the family. However, I wanted to have a child with a loved one. At that time, Katerina worked in a reputable firm.

After a while, she found out that she was pregnant, and decided to move to another city so that her lover would not find out about her situation. The following events shocked the girl. At the previous place of work, financial fraud surfaced, in which Katerina Mikhailovna did not take part, the girl was accused of theft. The key moment was her moving to another city.

– When I was seven months pregnant, I was arrested, I was very nervous, and because of this, premature labor began. Imagine, I was brought to this hospital to give birth. The entrance to the hospital was guarded by a convoy. The baby was born prematurely, they refused to even show it to me, they immediately took it to another ward. I was transported to the clinic at the colony. The investigation into the fraud case was conducted for four years, all this time I spent in custody. Then they found the real scammers, I was acquitted. As soon as I was released, I immediately turned to this maternity hospital, they told me that they could not help me in any way. Today my son turns five years old, Andrey, I’m sorry that I burden you with my problems, but I can’t do anything about my misfortune and my hands have been down for a long time.

– No, Katya, do you mind if we switch to you? You did the right thing by telling me everything, I understand you, because something incomprehensible is happening in your life, but we won’t talk about it now, I’ll tell you later. I want to suggest that you go to my house, where you can recover and wash your face.

– Yes, perhaps it would be better, thank you, Andrey

– I will be glad if you celebrate my son’s birthday with us, today Sasha turns five years old, I think he will be glad, I recently adopted him.

– Sasha? – Katya almost fainted, – I called my son Sashenka!

Andrey and Katerina have been happily living together for several years and raising two sons. Tatiana Alekseevna could not get enough of the young couple, finally her son met a good girl.

One day, on the way from the store, Tatiana met a drunk on the street, her face seemed familiar to her, when she looked closer, she realized…This is Marina.

The mother decided not to tell her son about what she saw, and why stir up the past, because he had not thought about her for a long time.


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