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Super-acquaintance! How I met my girlfriend’s husband

Loved ones give us surprises, often unexpected and shocking. I believed that Alice and I had an extremely trusting and harmonious relationship, but life was different.

I was 32 years old when I met an amazing girl. She was walking her dog in the autumn park, not far from my house, and she breathed something warm, cozy and homely. We started talking – Alice rarely appeared in my neighborhood, but she loved our park very much. We began to see each other more often, although sometimes we lost each other for a week in the maelstrom of work and life. Alice never complained about the lack of attention on my part. She was extremely understanding and knew how to listen.

I was happy as a child when I met her.

Many people said that we had a strange relationship — we didn’t live together, we mostly spent weekends apart. She rarely appeared in public with me, explaining that she did not feel comfortable.

But we had our evenings when we watched a movie in an embrace or fought online games with excitement. We never talked about work, and it was good — we took a break from everyday life. Alice didn’t demand anything, didn’t ask for anything, and I was falling in love more and more every day. I didn’t want to let go in the evenings, but we initially had an agreement about the nights. I respected her choice.

We have already been together for a year and a half, which rushed by in an instant. To be honest, I was already thinking about the proposal to seal our union with marriage and transfer this strange relationship into the category of family.

I decided everything and crossed out one evening.
A couple of months ago, I was appointed responsible for the contract of the company and our proposed conditions satisfied the partners. In honor of the agreement, a corporate party was organized, where employees of both companies were present. I talked with Dmitry, a man with whom I negotiated throughout the entire time I was working on the project. It’s a pleasure to work with him — intelligent, reasonable, knowledgeable.

We discussed the details of further cooperation. After apologizing, he was distracted by the phone ringing and went to meet his wife.
Listening to congratulations from the bosses, I didn’t notice when they returned.

Then everything was like in a fog. I saw Alice turn pale when she met my gaze. I don’t understand why I didn’t say anything then, didn’t ask a question. Dmitry introduced his wife, and I could only say, “I am very pleased.” On this ill-fated evening, my dreams and plans collapsed. All the oddities in Alice’s behavior immediately became clear: her unwillingness to appear with me in public, categorical refusals for joint nights. I scolded myself for not paying attention to these oddities before. I don’t remember how I left the place and nervously lit a cigarette. A text message came to the phone from Alice, where she begged not to spoil her life.

She asked me not to say anything to her husband if I feel anything for her. She apologized and swore that she had no idea how things would turn out. I didn’t expect that our communication would take so long, etc. I went home, unable to find the strength to stay at the party. At home, I was torn with the desire to go back and arrange a showdown, say everything and smash her husband’s face. I loved Alice, and hated her more than anything in the world at that moment.

I never saw her again. She did not appear in our park, changed contacts and disappeared from my life. I quit my job and lived for a while on the deferred funds that I was saving for our wedding.

It cost me a lot of effort to get out of the swamp of depression, and I got a job again. I found the strength to move on and try not to look back. But I can say with certainty that a part of me died that evening.

This story happened to me 3 years ago, and I still can’t let any of the women get close to me. Every time I see a beautiful girl, I remember Alice and the undivided pain of betrayal.


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