Nervous mom on the playground

There is a beautiful playground in our yard, so many children come to our yard with their mothers from neighboring yards. We’ve all met each other and so have our children. While the kids are running and playing on the playground, all the moms are watching on the benches near the playground and chatting about everything.

All mothers are ordinary, but one of them has recently started to stand out. The fact is that she is now seven months pregnant, and her first child is two and a half years old. She stands out by the fact that everything and everything has been very annoying to her lately.

She began to constantly yell at other people’s children. If someone else’s child runs past her, she immediately starts swearing at him. She is annoyed by almost any childish act. Children play and shout or laugh, she immediately comes up and starts scolding them for being loud. She does not just make a remark to the children, but shouts at other people’s children.

Recently, our children have become afraid of her, approaching their mothers, children constantly look at Aunt Polina with fear.

Many mothers are already very annoyed by Polina’s behavior, but we try not to express anything to her, since she is still in a position. Before pregnancy, she was no different from other moms.

Before going out for a walk, the children began to ask: ” Will Aunt Polina go for a walk?”

We are all walking with children, which means we were pregnant too, everyone is trying to feel sorry for Polina and calm her down, but lately it has been noticeable that some mothers are suffering with the last of their strength. In one evening of walking on the playground, Polina manages to yell at several children. And she scolds the children for their usual behavior.

She has been told several times that children should behave this way, it’s normal, they do things on the street that we don’t allow them to do at home.

It’s good that pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon, because last summer, the children behaved the same way, but Polina did not react to them in any way.

Other moms really don’t like that Polina shouts at their children, bringing them to tears, but they try to put up with it, because they were all in this position once too. But patience is running out. Some mothers have already stopped bringing their children to our yard, they take care of their nerves. The most important thing is that Polina does not notice that she is overreacting, and claims that she has always behaved this way, but we remember her behavior last year.

We don’t know what to do, we tried to talk to her, but she jokes and says that the children just behaved much better last year. In general, we will wait for further developments.


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