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My own sister took my husband away during my pregnancy

My older sister Oksana has always been my support and support, the fact is that from the very early childhood we were left to ourselves. The fact is that our own mother drank heavily, and therefore she was definitely not up to us, plus her attempts to arrange a personal life and a constant series of gentlemen. We didn’t know our own father, and I think he didn’t know about our existence either.

Therefore, all the worries about my upbringing fell on the shoulders of my sister. She helped me with my lessons, made sure that I had clean and tidy clothes, and she also helped me with all sorts of girlish things.

But time passed, and Oksana graduated from school with a gold medal, entered the university in Moscow on a budget, at the Faculty of foreign languages. I didn’t really gravitate to study and after the eleventh grade I went to work as a saleswoman in a local supermarket. There I met the guard Kolya, he was a couple of years older than me and almost immediately fell in love with him. We started dating, and soon he proposed to me and I agreed!

The wedding was modest, only close friends and girlfriends were invited, I called my sister, but the fact is that she got a job in a foreign company and was on a business trip at that moment. For the fact that she sent a solid monetary gift instead of herself. Which you will agree is extremely important for a young family.


As it should be, after some time of family life, I became pregnant, and my sister came for the last months, she wanted to support me during childbirth.

She stayed with us and helped me very much, she and my husband renovated one of the rooms, turned it into a nursery. Together with my husband, we went to construction stores, chose wallpaper and other building materials.

For the last month, due to complications, I went to the hospital for preservation, and Oksana and her husband began to visit me in the hospital every day. And now this day has come, I gave birth to a healthy boy, this hero weighing three kilos. Both my sister and my husband were waiting in the corridor when I was going to give birth, then they stood for a long time under the windows and waved balloons.

I thought happiness had come, but it turns out everything was still ahead. At the time of discharge, no one met me, to say that I was in shock is not to say anything. I remember someone from the staff called me a taxi and I went home, when I went home, I was met by the emptiness of neither my sister nor my husband, only a note on the kitchen table announced to me that Oksana had finally met her love, in the person of my husband and that they could not live without each other a friend. She asked me to understand her and Thorn, so she wrote, promised to help me financially, all the time, there was an envelope with money on the table.

Time heals

A year has passed since those events, I am busy all the time with my child, the pain seems to have subsided, especially since my sister did not cheat and really sends a substantial amount every month, as she says for alimony. And I already think that maybe it is necessary, maybe this man was really meant for my sister, but I will find another better one for myself.


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