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My boyfriend’s lovers

I was looking forward to this day with great impatience. To tell the truth, I was a little scared. Will the director and the employees of my beloved like me? However, the main thing is that Egor himself appreciated my appearance. And he didn’t change his mind about getting married.

I turned around in front of the mirror once more, then closed my eyes and imagined what our wedding would be like. Unforgettable. Romantic. The most-the most…

— Where are you going, girlfriend? Tamarka, my flatmate, interrupted my daydreams. — Judging by the misty look and the stunningly elegant dress, this is definitely going to be a date. Admit it, who is he? Do I know him?

— Of course you do. Egor’s ego! I replied enthusiastically. — Tomorrow we are going to a corporate party, where he will introduce me to his colleagues as his future wife.

— Yeah… It’s a shame,” her friend mumbled. — You still haven’t figured him out…

Tamara went to her room. I didn’t really listen to her words. Let him think whatever he wants. The main thing for me is that he is ripe for a serious relationship. Finally, he realized that he needed me (hopefully, only me). And he will surely stop disappearing from my life for months, making it impossible even to call him, hear an exciting voice and know what is happening in his life. Now it will belong to me alone. And what else is needed for happiness?!

I was preparing for this corporate event as the main event in my life. A new dress and stiletto heels, a chic hairstyle, skillful makeup, a perfect manicure — a guy like Egor should have the best woman!

“And I will be like that! I want him to be proud of me and not regret his choice!” — I thought. She was determined. Feelings overwhelmed. I have never experienced such excitement — even when I entered the institute, knowing that about seven people applied for one place. Because love is the most important thing in life, the most beautiful.

I have known Egor for a very long time, since school. We studied together in the first grade. But a special sympathy for him appeared much later, in high school.

A classmate won me over with the ability to read poetry. He did it with such a feeling, with such enthusiasm, completely conveying the emotions, the dynamics of the work. Yegor was the best in literature lessons. Later I found out that he writes very good poems himself. Ego seemed so romantic.

In order to attract the attention of someone who worried my heart, I constantly approached him with questions about literature, asked for advice or help to sort out homework. I tried to guess so that I could walk out of school together. In general, she was often in his sight, surrounded by interest and care.
Egor seemed to reciprocate. I’m not sure that he felt anything for me during his studies at school, but the fact that we were friends and constantly went together was a good reason for gossip. They said we were dating. I was insanely glad to hear such rumors. “Perhaps,” I thought, “such conversations will still help Egor see me in a new light, more interesting than just a good friend.” However, we graduated from school in this status.

Then there was the university… And here something more exciting began. The first touch, the first kiss… However, I must say that he was somewhat strange. Rather, Egor allowed me to kiss him, rather than kissing himself. Then I thought he was embarrassed, timid. He probably doesn’t have much experience yet. Who knew that wasn’t the reason…
Despite the fact that I had been in love with Egor for several years and all my old friends and new comrades — our classmates knew about it, this did not prevent the boys from chasing me. Among all the fans, Sergey was particularly active — a tall, statuesque guy with expressive brown eyes, jet-black hair and eyelashes, an open smile and a cheerful character. Many girls dreamed of him, but for some reason he chose me. Sergey wasn’t just courting or showing signs of attention, he pursued me at all parties, student gatherings, even where he shouldn’t have been. He went to a drama club because of me and participated in the creation of a student newspaper. And if the girls who liked him sighed languidly when they met him, then I started to get angry: “How so?! This brute knows that I love someone else, and does not give me a pass. It was not enough to have a fight with Egor because of this misunderstanding.” However, the beloved did not care at all, rather, on the contrary, amused. He did not miss the opportunity to joke about it, moreover, for unknown reasons, he even tried to help Sergei win me over.

— Why are you doing this? I was constantly indignant. — Why are you laughing? Can’t you see that all this is madly annoying and angering me?

— I don’t understand why? Yegor answered naively. — The guy is prominent, handsome, interesting. Look at how many girls are running after him, and everyone is going out of their way to draw attention to themselves. And you, you know, twist your nose!

It was difficult for me to understand why the person I love says such words. Does he really want to take me away? It’s just ridiculous. After all, if so, he could openly say so.

I attributed Egor’s similar comments to his original sense of humor. However, the story did not end with jokes and jokes. The object of my passion began to communicate with Sergey more and more often. Wherever we went, he invited him to join us. Moreover, Egor began to actively help his new friend pull up tails in some subjects. And everything would be fine if male friendship did not become an obstacle to our communication with Egor. The more the guys got closer, the less Egor communicated with me.

— Don’t you think that you see each other too often? I’m getting jealous,” she jokingly asked her beloved.

—Ego is temporary,” he defended himself.

— I can’t refuse to help. He’ll give up his tails — and be healthy!

But the debts did not end and did not end. I went to all sorts of tricks to discourage a newly-made friend. It’s all useless. Frank conversations and requests to communicate less with my boyfriend, who was still trying to conquer me, also did not bring the desired result. The culmination was Egor’s birthday, to which, among other acquaintances and friends, he, of course, invited Sergey. The celebration was noisy, cheerful and student-like rich in alcohol. My obsessive boyfriend went over it specifically and reached the state of “non-standing”. Like a faithful friend, Egor shouldered him and carried him into the room.

— Let the guy sleep a little. Usually it helps,” the birthday boy said and instantly disappeared through the door.

Thirty or forty minutes passed, and the hero of the occasion still did not return. “Maybe Sergei is very ill. What if you need some help?” – I got excited and went to the room where the guys were. When I opened the door, I froze… It seemed that my beloved man was trying to kiss his friend and my boyfriend on the lips. This is nonsense!

What I saw shocked me. I automatically closed the door and went into the living room. My head was not thinking, my thoughts were frightened. It’s all a blur. It was very difficult for me to perceive what my eyes saw. The mind refused to understand.

The celebration was in full swing. And only I’m not in the mood for fun. “This can’t be happening! I must have imagined it… That’s my boyfriend! He kissed me, said I was very sexy…

That I’m the only woman he cares about, and there’s unlikely to be another. And suddenly…” Egor interrupted the flow of my thoughts.

— Elya, dear, why are you alone? You miss me… Let’s go dance.

— How is Sergey feeling? I interrupted him. — I hope everything is fine?

— Yes, of course! The guy was a little drunk. — I thought he was very ill. It even seemed to me that you were giving him artificial respiration… — commented sarcastically.

— Well, you’re a prankster! Egor burst out laughing. — You’ll think of it too! Artificial respiration from too much alcohol?

He was laughing loudly, and I looked at him in surprise. The reaction was so plausible that I again had doubts about the truth of what I saw.

— Are you saying that you didn’t kiss Sergei?! — I asked him directly. Egor was stunned.

— Actually, no. And the thought did not arise. And what?! Should I have?

He seemed shocked by my sensational statement. I felt terribly ashamed of my rather strange suspicions.

“This is a joke,” I began to justify myself, pretending an idiotic smile. — However, not quite successful. Sorry…

We danced, and I naively blinked my eyes. Egor did not develop the topic, was not angry or offended. “How clever he is after all! I thought.

— No reproaches, no scandals… So understanding, wise… I would throw a tantrum if I were him.”

Of course, it’s stupid to be jealous of him. But I wanted more attention. I wanted Egor to be always there. I guess I’m being selfish…

The holiday is over. The guests dispersed. We said a nice goodbye to Egor, and I went home without suspecting anything.

Graduating from university really became the starting point for further significant changes in my life, including our relationship with Egor. Or rather, the complete absence of such. It’s been two years since the release. During this period I saw him only once, but this did not prevent me from loving him with the same strength.

He appeared on the horizon a year after graduating from university. Very sad, depressed, disappointed.

— How I missed you, Elka!— he said sadly. — I don’t understand how I could live without you for so long?! You’re the dearest person to me. The only one I fully trust, in whom I am one hundred percent sure. You’re the best!

These words fueled my passion. He kept talking and talking… Stroked my hair, gently kissed my lips, shoulders, and then disappeared again…

The separation was killing me. But most of all I suffered from uncertainty. After all, Egor left my life again without explanation, without conversation. Just disappeared. No calls, no meetings. Nothing. My attempts to find him and talk to him were unsuccessful. Toma, my old neighbor, sympathized with me and insisted that I put him out of my head, convinced him of his dishonesty. But I didn’t want to listen to her. It seemed that Egor’s behavior still had to have a reasonable explanation.

“Maybe he’s sick,” I argued with Tomka. — Or he has an emergency at work.

— Yeah. And the phones don’t work, as luck would have it,” the friend said ironically. “It’s all nonsense, you know that!

Of course, nonsense. But the heart loved. It’s hot. Passionately. Strongly. Unselfishly. I knew perfectly well that I was making up excuses for Egor, but I wanted to continue dreaming about him.

Our next meeting was as unexpected as the previous one. He appeared on the doorstep of my apartment, funnily enough, exactly a year later. Cheerful, happy and contented with life.

— Elka, what a beauty you are! — he said enthusiastically, hugging me and kissing me. — The sun, how I missed you!

Egor told me how hard he worked all this year in order to get a promotion. He told me how often he wanted to see me, but there was not enough time.

— You are my best friend, Elya! — he added with special warmth. — The best! I want to invite you to a corporate party and ask you to act as my bride, my future wife.

After hearing these words, I stopped understanding anything. My dream, Does my love make me an offer?!
Let it be somewhat extraordinary, original, after almost two years of separation… God! So he loves me! I was really excited about it.

— Well, future wife, will you come with me? Egor asked playfully.

“Of course, my future husband,” she replied, a little embarrassed.

By the time Egor picked me up, I was ready. His eyes were shining, his smile was all thirty-two, his mood was great. Of course, because this is the most significant day in my life!

When we came to the party, Egor proudly introduced me to the boss:
“The best woman in my life,” he said loudly and a little pathetically.

—It’s a pleasure to get to know each other,” Nikolai Petrovich replied kindly. — I see that you are as successful in love as in work. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

Egor was happy, and I was with him. When the evening was over, he invited me to a small restaurant:

— Let’s go get some coffee. I have prepared a surprise,” my beloved got excited. “Maybe he wants to discuss our future?” I dreamed.

We were drinking coffee and chatting sweetly, when suddenly a cute blond guy sat down at our table.

— Elya, meet me. This is Slavik, mine… my love,” he said. — We’ve been dating for eight months.

I did not expect such a turn of events. We drove from the cafe in silence.
First they brought Slavik home. When we were finally alone, I asked:

— What was all this circus about? Explain! You were playing with me! This is very cruel!

— Elya, what are you coming up with?! I told you you were my best friend!

— Why didn’t you tell me about your relationship earlier? Why didn’t you take your beloved Slavik to the party? I persisted. – why? Answer me!

What could the man who used me so cunningly say? That his boss doesn’t understand same-sex love? That his colleagues would stop taking him seriously? That he was trying to be honest with me, kissing me on the lips and telling me what an amazing woman I am? The best…

All night I cried like a fool, hugging a pillow. But, to my surprise, along with the tears, the insane passion for the man who had been deceiving me for so many years went away. Now there is no love or hate left in my soul for Egor.


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