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My wife left me with a child

We met Natasha on the birthday of my best friend Vitka. Our sympathy was mutual, and we quickly started an affair. Everything was fine with us, I really liked Natasha, and she liked me too. Soon I decided to propose to her, and she agreed without hesitation.

Family life began, we did not live richly, but we had enough for everything. Then pregnancy, childbirth, the birth of a daughter. All this flew by very quickly, almost unnoticed by me. From that moment on, it was as if my wife had been replaced. They say that after giving birth, a woman’s maternal instinct wakes up. But my wife, unfortunately, he did not wake up.

She tried to leave the child with me at every opportunity, and she went to her friends on business. Of course, scandals began about this, for some time I forced her to devote more time to her daughter. But, a couple of days later, she was out again, fortunately, her mother helped when I was on duty-she was sitting with her granddaughter.
The wife gradually moved away from her daughter. The girl was 5 years old, and she was like a stranger to Natasha.

Summer has come, it’s vacation time, I was given preferential vouchers to a sanatorium at work. I thought that a joint vacation would help establish a connection between my wife and daughter. But the wife, having learned that the departure time coincides with the arrival of her favorite musical group, flatly refused to go.

It came to a serious scandal, but I was simply tired of forcing her. Therefore, my daughter and I went to the sanatorium together. My wife and I had a big fight. Therefore, I had no desire to call her during my vacation, and neither did she. For 2 weeks of rest, she didn’t even deign to write us an SMS message!

Rest, rest, and two weeks flew by unnoticed. It was time to go back. Upon arrival at the apartment, I was stunned! It was half empty! Some of the furniture and appliances were simply missing! There is a note on the table from my wife, saying that we have a divorce, I have already taken my part of the acquired property!

It was tough, she surprised everyone with her trick, even her mother, who only found out about everything from me. Then there was a divorce, as it turned out, the things that the wife took out were already sold. And during the divorce, we shared what was left with me. Fortunately, I had good lawyers, and they left my daughter to me. And the girl herself did not want to live with her mother.

Two years have passed, my daughter is still small, but my ex-wife sees her only on big holidays, and even then, she misses some. And I don’t even want to talk to this woman. All I know is that she’s dating someone and they’re getting married soon. How I sympathize with this poor fellow!


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