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Slept with me to steal from me

My husband and I decided to file for divorce mutually, without tantrums and quarrels. I didn’t expect it from myself, but everything went smoothly and without tears. It turned out that we fell out of love with each other and there was no more reason. But as if they remained “friends”. The former spouse has already got a new family. Well, I was happy for him. And I wasn’t very lucky with men, but it’s not my place to despair. I still had time to build love and form a new family.

Soon I met Alexander. Immediately everything turned upside down. He was so romantic, you can’t imagine, I was sure I met the one. Now I understand how falling in love has clouded my brain.

One morning he called me, said that he had been in an accident and he urgently needed money. Like a naive girl, I threw him all the money from my card. Well, after that, there was no trace. I called him every day, but he didn’t pick up the phone. But a week later he called me back, said that he had been in the hospital for a week, so he could not answer me. He said that he was very grateful to me for the help. After that, the relationship opened a second wind.

I work in a veterinary clinic, and I’m often called to work at night. I told Alexander about it and left, said that I wasn’t expected before six in the morning. He also made me happy with the news that he would stay at my house today and clean up the apartment. When I came home, I found neither Alexander, nor a laptop, nor money, nor gold jewelry, not even my TV. I was just shocked by what happened. He just robbed me! I immediately call him back, but he immediately began to explain what had happened, that he was in debt, said that he would pay everything back to a penny. But it didn’t let me go for a week. He tricked me again! He used me, slept with me, so that he could steal from me later.

Time has passed, and trust in men has not yet returned. Although it’s been 3 years. How can you be so naive? After all, it would probably be possible to determine that he is a pathetic thief and fraudster. The trial took place, it turns out there were still victims of his machinations. Besides, he was MARRIED!

After this, how can anyone be trusted? I can’t answer it. I just broke down mentally. But I still want a relationship, a full-fledged family and children, but how? How to overcome your fears?


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