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My husband thinks he can only give me half of his salary

– Nikita, maybe you should try to change jobs? I asked my husband. – Lately, your 2 thousand dollars is not enough for four of us.

– Olya, you know, it’s hard to find a stable income higher than what I get today. And here, as in the proverb – “tit” is always in the hands.

After a little thought, I agreed

Nikita and I have been married for four years. We have two children of three and one and a half years old, a rented apartment. At the moment we live on the salary of a spouse, I am engaged in household and children.

But sitting on my husband’s neck with my legs dangling is not my habit. That’s why I work part-time whenever possible. The diploma of the pedagogical Institute gives me the opportunity to do tutoring.

From time to time, leaving the children in the care of old neighbors, I run around the students, trying to improve the welfare of our family. Earnings are not “hot” what, but still bring a small “penny”. From autumn to spring, when studies are in full swing, the demand for tutoring is good, but in summer it is not sweet.

I don’t blame my husband for a small income

Not everyone can earn “thousands of millions”. He has a lot of other advantages. He is kind, loves me and the kids, does a lot of chores around the house.

However, to be honest, sometimes it rolls over.

– And when will we finally have our own apartment, and we will be able, like normal people, to go on vacation abroad once a year? I sometimes ask bitterly.

– Be patient, dear, we will have everything, – Nikita reassures me, stroking my head.

I believed him, but still sometimes there were questions.

– Nikita, maybe you should try to change jobs? I asked my husband. – We’ve been getting a little short of your 40 thousand for four lately.

– Olya, you know, it’s hard to find a stable income higher than what I get today. And here, as in the proverb – “tit” is always in the hands.

But for the last year, bad thoughts began to visit me

The fear came that the husband might be cut, and we would have nothing to live on and feed the children. Immediately, the idea of a “safety cushion” arose in my head, the creation of which should be dealt with immediately.

Now, with every earnings, even the minimum, I was saving a certain amount for a “rainy day”. The change from all the purchases I made also went into this box. I didn’t tell my husband about my idea. The stash gradually grew and warmed me, giving me some confidence in the future.

And then one day, when nothing foreshadowed trouble, something happened that I was so afraid of.

– Olya, I was cut, – my husband informed me from the doorway.

I didn’t grieve for long

Pulling myself together, I went to draw up the benefits that were due to a young family who found themselves in our situation.

– Nikita, I need a certificate of your income for the last six months since your dismissal.

For some reason, the spouse was confused, began to say something unintelligible. He mumbled that he was unlikely to be given such a piece of paper, but a week later he still brought it.

My eyes went dark. At a time when I was saving every extra penny for unforeseen circumstances, my husband hid about half of his salary from me every month. The certificate stated that Nikita’s average income was 65 thousand.

There was a “very serious” conversation

After making simple mathematical calculations, I realized what amounts my husband spent unknown where in six months, a year, two. And all this at the moment when I was deciding what I would feed the children today. When I walked around in worn-out boots and an old down jacket.

– And where, my dear, could you spend such a lot of money? I asked, glaring at Nikita.

The husband just spread his hands – well, like, sorry, it just happened. Then it turned out that he spent them on himself, on his entertainment. There are trips with friends to the bar, and attending sports events. “My faithful” did not disdain to ride in a taxi once again, when it was possible to do with a “minibus”.

Trying to prove to his mother that her son was quite successful, he gave her various gifts two or three times a month. Yes, and just threw money “for life.”

In addition, at the end of the conversation, the husband became bolder

He took it and said that he had earned this money and had the right to dispose of it at his discretion.

What should I do? Chase him in the neck?

Let him go to his mom, since he’s so successful. And let him swim out himself as he wants – without a wife, without children and without a job.

But on the other hand, I also saved money from my earnings in the “quiet”. And the children need a father.

What to do in this situation?


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