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A man is a hunter, a woman is a prey???

Friday night, my friends and I stopped by the bar to have a glass of whiskey, so to speak, to unload after a working week.

I am a free girl, as they say nowadays, in a passive search. Only my beloved cat is waiting for me at home. I have not had a relationship with a man that leads to certain obligations for 5 years. Somehow everything didn’t stick, then he’s not the one, then I’m not the one. Yes, and in principle, men of modern society prefer to follow the path of least resistance and appeal to the interest of ladies through social networks, and if a soulless female did not appreciate his attempts to get acquainted and ignored the message, then it does not matter, there will be one desperate who will still give the boy the opportunity to express himself in the epistolary genre and answer his meaningful “hello”!

Yes, guys, unfortunately, those romantic times when gentlemen met ladies on the streets, in parks, in libraries, on trams or at bus stops have sunk into oblivion. The height of courage is now considered when a brave and flushed from alcohol peasant at the bar will offer to treat you with a cocktail. No, of course, do not think, I do not want and will not generalize everyone! No way! These are just the vast majority. But in justification of the men, I hasten to say that in such a sad situation, the girls themselves are partly to blame. The desire of many women to control everything, to be independent, tough, to have, excuse me, “eggs”, to pursue a purely mercantile interest, literally “castrated” the strong half of the human race!

So, we are unloading with the girls in the bar, joking, laughing, taking selfies, when suddenly trouble came from where we did not expect. A guy appeared in front of our table, tall, strong, broad-shouldered, pleasant-looking, well-dressed and, of course, with a cable smile from ear to ear and a sly look. My little heart sensed something was wrong! I like it when it is periodically broken. A red light flashed in my brain, signaling: But my new acquaintance quickly dulled my brain activity with tequila. From the bar, our friendly company moved to a karaoke club, where I felt a kindred spirit in the guy and we safely moved on to long kisses, gentle hugs and passionate dancing. The onset of morning and the closure of all the hot spots did not prevent us from continuing our acquaintance, and I invited him to my home…

My new friend’s name was Arthur, he was 28 years old, worked as a sales manager (as you know, he was able to hang noodles on his ears professionally), his own apartment, a good income, smart, well–mannered, with a healthy sense of humor, cute – what else do you need for happiness?

afternoon. I felt a slight shame when I woke up in the same bed with a barely familiar man, which is not typical of me in principle. He went downstairs to smoke, and thoughts were already jumping in my head: will he come back, run away without saying goodbye? And you know, when the door opened and Arthur appeared on the threshold, I felt a certain relief. At the moment when he asked me to spend the evening with him, my heart was already beating somewhere in the area of my throat. We went to him: ate my favorite sushi, drank whiskey, talked about everything, kissed, hugged and had hot sex. I felt that it was just “mine”! Towards morning I left for my home, happy and contented. In the depths of my soul, for some reason, there was still a slight fear: “And if he doesn’t call again, won’t he write?” But the next day, Sunday, Arthur wrote to me and offered to meet him on Monday after work.

Girls, my dears, I beg you, when you meet a man, never, do you hear, never run at the first call to a date with him at the time appointed by him! It’s better to marinate the candidate a little, honestly! Say that you already have things to do on this day, suggest another time that is convenient for you. Be busy, but don’t overdo it! You just need to warm up the interest slightly, and not pour water over the sparks. And don’t even think that he won’t want to see you again after the refusal, “and he’s so cool, and I haven’t had a relationship for so long, and there hasn’t been a normal guy for a long time, if at all.” Believe me, he will want to see even more what kind of fruit you are!

And how do you think I reacted to the offer of a new passion? Of course, inspired rushed to him! It was the first time when I devalued myself in his eyes as a woman, showed myself unclaimed, not busy, the one who will stand at the threshold when the mental owner wants… At that moment I didn’t think about it and didn’t even guess what consequences it would lead to. I thought I was doing everything right, that we were adults who already had a love relationship behind our backs. And why should I “twist my tail” if I met an adequate man to whom I am attracted? Must, girls, must! And at first I just have to! What can I tell you if the statement has been going on for centuries: “a man is a hunter, and a woman is a prey.” But for some reason, when the time comes to “break down” a little, we ignore the advice of the brain and listen to the whims of a poor, naive, wounded heart, which has lacked pure love for so long and which believes every time that everything will be different now, and once again breaks into pieces.


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