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Because of the lack of sex, she is ready to change her husband

Eight years ago I met my future husband. He won me over with his attitude. He was extremely caring, guessed my desires, loved the same things as me. We even had the same views on certain points. After we had lived together for three years, got to know each other better and made sure that the household would not quarrel with us, he made me an offer, to which, of course, I agreed.

So we lived for two years and I began to notice that he was getting colder towards me. Now there were so few cases when he showed at least some attention that they could be counted on the fingers. More and more our communication resembled not two lovers, but rather friends or buddies.

I thought that the whole thing is eating us up and we need to do something about it. Although I was well aware that the candy-bouquet period cannot be eternal.

Romantic moods give way to calmness and firm confidence in a partner, who at this stage already replaces everyone for you – both family and friends, and becomes your main support.

I’m not a fan of throwing scandals, so I tried to talk to my husband affectionately and kindly.

I told him that I was a girl and I wanted passion and attention from him, I wanted to feel wanted and loved. He listened to me (or pretended to listen), but that didn’t make it any easier. Anyway, the situation left much to be desired.

Then I myself tried to show him how to show these same courtship, which I expect from him. I bought erotic underwear, I danced striptease for him, I cooked delicious dishes for him, which we ate by candlelight, and also pleased him in bed with such things that I would never have dared to try before in my life. But it’s useless. And he also asked me to give birth to his child. We went to the doctors, it turned out that the problem was me.

We tried to do IVF, tried several times, but I could not bear the fetus, the embryos did not take root. And suddenly a miracle happened (and there is no other way to call it), and this miracle is already a year old. The child did not change his behavior for the better. On the contrary, since I gave birth, he believes that he has the right to push me for any word that, in his opinion, is not said correctly. He is also constantly rude to me and insults me.

By the way, he does not allow himself such an attitude with his daughter, thank God. I am thirty-three years old, I am young and successful, I have my own apartment and a good job. But in my personal life there are no such events that would excite the blood and make me worry, tremble and shine with happiness. He doesn’t kiss or hug me, I don’t talk about sex at all. If I take the initiative, then we make love at most a couple of times a month. If I don’t approach him, he himself can express a desire only once in a few weeks, and that’s not a fact. Although at the very beginning of our relationship there were periods when we just didn’t get out of bed.

He works, always tries to help me with my daughter when he is at home. He has no bad habits, except, perhaps, smoking. I have nothing to show him in terms of fulfilling his duties.

But he doesn’t understand that his attitude makes me think about cheating. I told him I was lonely. We even tried to solve the problem with the help of a family psychologist. But neither he nor I managed to reach my husband.

Maybe he has someone. I don’t know for sure, I don’t want to get into the phone. I guess it’s because I’m afraid to find something. As for cheating, there is one guy who shows up in my direction.

But mentally, I have not yet reached the point where I can afford to do this. Although I understand perfectly well that if nothing changes, I will take this step at least for the sake of attention and courtship, which I miss so much.


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