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Who will tell the boss the truth?

Probably, all young parents go through this: kids often get sick, they have to sit on sick leave. And the heads of any enterprises are reluctant to hire young mothers, to which I belong. That’s why I’m terrified of the boss. What if he fires me?

My husband calls me a life deserter. I’m afraid of everything: that my daughter would get sick and I would have to go on sick leave. That there is not enough money to pay. That the boss will call on the “carpet” and “put it on view”, arrange a scolding, deprive of the bonus, after the meeting he will say menacingly: “And I will ask you, Nikiforov, to stay.”

— Well, why are you so afraid of this boss? — my Kostya is perplexed. — But at home you are a general in a skirt. Building us all.

— Of course, everything is correct. You understand, dear, I don’t even know why I’m so afraid of him. You never know what he’s going to get into this time, and he always finds a reason.

My Kostya has imaginative thinking. When I complain, in order to somehow knock me off the minor, he starts improvising funny. And now the husband hangs up in a completely serious tone:

— Understand a simple thing: each person adapts to his boss. And shows him due respect. This is a forced necessity. Imagine, for example, that the janitor is obliged to come to the carpet to the head of the housing department. Before that, he straightens his mustache, straightens his apron.

He carefully puts his inventory in the corner of the utility room and goes to report clearly and clearly on the work done. And he’s not shaking with fear, because he knows that he did his job perfectly.

— Yeah, the janitor is fine. He did everything perfectly,” I said, giggling. — And our boss is hard to please. Sometimes we are late, sometimes we break deadlines, then we work very badly. Yesterday, for example, at a planning meeting, he called us a gang of criminals. That’s what he said: “You would make a great gang of criminals.” We chorus to him: “Why is this?!” And he: “You don’t leave any traces of your activities.” So I’m a villain!

Kostya exclaimed, laughing. — So your boss has a good sense of humor. And you’re still complaining. It was necessary to answer him: “Ivan Ivanovich, so praise us. At least we’re doing something great.”

— Yes, you’re having fun. Messing with him is like flirting with a crocodile. And we have no time for joy,” I sighed. Sometimes you just want to get angry, make a remark, put an ultimatum… In short, to express everything that we think about him.

—The way out is simple,” Kostya said calmly. — Why do you think a person needs a voice? Just in time to tell your boss everything to his face. You try it — it will help.

Our dialogue was interrupted by Sonechka’s five-year-old daughter, who was in her room all the time, but obviously heard everything. She came out of there, holding a doll under her arm, and asked matter-of-factly:

— Mamulechka, and who is this chef?
Our child has an amazing feature. It would seem that the baby is playing quietly and peacefully in the nursery when the adults are in the living room, but then it turns out that she perfectly hears absolutely all our conversations. And she is just in the midst of the age of “why”. Continuous, endless questions!

— Oh, Sonechka! I exclaimed. — The boss is such an evil guy at work. He is always dissatisfied with everything, scolds and intimidates all employees. You know, he’s like a real dragon.

—With three heads?” Sonechka’s eyes widened in surprise in an instant.

— With one, daughter. But he is so angry that everyone is terribly afraid of him. And I’m probably the most! When I see him, it gives me the creeps. Br-r-r!

— Mom, does your boss bite? — the little girl was immediately interested.
Cape Bones roared with laughter.

“Well, you know, baby, that’s exactly what he doesn’t do. Otherwise it would be really bad.
…A few days later, Sonya had a slight fever. I was terrified. There could be no question of a kindergarten.

— Why is it so unlucky?! How could she catch a cold? I’ve been saving her so much! I wailed. — That’s what to do now? Take a sick leave? Then the boss will definitely kill me. Or at least…

— So, don’t whine! Kostya said decisively. — Tomorrow we will proceed as follows: don’t take Sonka to kindergarten. Take her to work with you for one day. I’ll give you a ride in the car.

— What are you doing?! I panicked. — What will the boss say when he sees the child?

— You don’t understand anything! In this way, on the contrary, you will demonstrate your irrepressible zeal for work: your daughter is ill, and you, in spite of everything, went out like a martyr to your favorite service. You’ll see, he’ll appreciate, even praise!

He still managed to convince me somehow. — Hurrah! Hurray! Sonka exulted.

— I’m going to work! Mom, will the chef be there?

— There will be a boss for you, daughter, there will be. Where will this dragon go,” I laughed, because Sonka looked too funny at the same time. And satisfied.

In the morning we gathered, stocked up on toys and went to work. Sonya looked very important, serious in anticipation of new impressions. And she was fidgeting impatiently in the car seat.

In the office, I first sat my daughter at the table, gave her colorful markers.

— Honey, draw it for now, and then we’ll come up with something else. Okay?

— Mom, where’s the boss?Sonka demanded. Why isn’t he here?

“He just has his own office,” I explained. — He works there. Maybe he’ll come here later. Don’t be in a hurry.

— Well, okay, — my baby sighed in disappointment.— Then we will wait. I really want to see him. And she plunged into drawing. From time to time I stole a glance at her: she painstakingly painted, funny sticking out her tongue, and did not bother anyone. Ivan Ivanovich came to us just before dinner. He looked, as always, gloomy and preoccupied. I froze.

Sonka looked up at him, immediately ran up to me with a frightened look. Of course, she immediately realized that this was the long-awaited chef. When he saw the little girl, he smiled broadly and exclaimed in surprise:

— What’s your name, girl?

— Sonya. — my little girl said gloomily. — And you, it seems… You must be Mom’s chef?

“I guessed it,” our Ivan Ivanovich smiled in response. — Sonechka is sick, — I began to explain, but suddenly Sonya grabbed her newly created “work of art” from the table and showed it to the boss. The drawing depicted some kind of vile monster.

— It’s you! — my daughter exclaimed proudly. —Well?” Do you like? Everyone in the office froze. What will the director do in this situation?

And Ivan Ivanovich carefully examined the paper and … suddenly burst out laughing loudly.

— It turned out very well. Strikingly similar! Great! You’re just great, Sonechka!
My daughter just beamed at such flattering praise from the formidable boss.

After this unprecedented incident, Ivan Ivanovich did not fire me, but radically changed his behavior towards us, his subordinates. He became more human, friendly, friendly. And less demanding. And my persistent fear of him has sunk into the water.


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