Elderly man our grandfather with a beard

Thanks to the ghost, our neighbor stopped drinking

Grandma Zina lives in our house on the 5th floor. She is already over 80 and has been suffering from an illness all her life – sleepwalking. She can go out into the street in one shirt, knock on the neighbors, she was caught on the roof a couple of times.

As she got older, she began to walk less in her sleep, but sometimes we see her in the stairwell. In a white shirt, long gray hair, shuffling sounds, she resembles a ghost. We are already used to it, but new neighbors or guests often get scared.

A year ago, a man, an alcoholic, Borka came into our house. He drank incessantly, cursed with neighbors, constant screams at night. It became unbearable to live, he did not perceive threats, what only we did not do with him – nothing helped. The whole entrance swore with him, but he stopped drinking after one incident. He was returning home one night, of course, drunk. The elevator in our house never worked, so he walked to his 6th floor until he met a ghost between the 3rd and 4th floor. He tumbled down the stairs, shouting something about ghosts.

The next morning, he told everyone in colors how he was attacked by a ghost and how he fought it off. We imagined this spectacle: bab Zina in her white nightgown, white hair, the light of the moon, the lack of lighting due to the fact that someone unscrewed the bulbs again, floating gait… Fantasy and the degree of alcohol played into his hands, Borka mistook a sleepwalking granny for a terrible ghost who wanted to kill him. No one dared to reveal the truth to him, why upset the man.

For a month now, our neighbor has been telling everyone in colors about this terrible meeting and does not drink. Absolutely!


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