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Drunk husband beat me half to death

Vera and Sergey have been married for ten years. A clever son was born, the house is a full cup. In the opinion of others – a wonderful family, everything is in abundance. They were introduced by one of her husband’s relatives, who had known Vera for a long time, they studied together at school. Vera was a little shy girl who did not like noisy gatherings and discos, so she was happy with the offer of a friend – her heart was free. The relationship spun quickly. Sergey knew how to look after himself beautifully, complimented him, gave him nice surprises.

It is not surprising that after a year of courtship, the fortress surrendered to the mercy of the winner, and the young people began to prepare for the wedding. The ceremony turned out to be beautiful and magnificent. A fragile bride with red-brown hair, in a snow-white dress. And next to him is an elegant groom in a black suit, attentive, affectionate. Guests and relatives were sincerely happy and wished the young people long years of family life.

Only, the first bell of future troubles rang already at the wedding. By the end of the evening, the happy groom had consumed champagne clearly above the norm, because he was no longer standing on his feet. The men had to carry the young man in their arms and put him to bed. Vera was not alarmed by this incident. After all, what a reason! Well, a person got overly nervous, had enough of excess, who doesn’t happen to?

And so their family life began. Sergey worked at the factory, was in excellent standing. Vera took care of the house and worked part-time as an accountant. Salaries were not bad, there was enough to live on. A year later, a son was born. One thing only darkened the family horizon – at intervals once or twice a month, Sergei got drunk. Any holiday, no matter big or not, ended the same way – the husband, drunk to unconsciousness, began to play pranks. He tried to get behind the wheel, demanded the continuation of the banquet, although he was no longer standing on his feet, waving his fists, threatening it was not clear who. And the wife with lamentations tried to at least put the violent hubby to bed. But drunk Sergei fell asleep extremely reluctantly.

After oversleeping, he asked for forgiveness, gave gifts, swore that he would never, ever again. But, two or three weeks passed, and the situation was repeated again. It got to the point that a desperate woman, who had endured her husband’s spree for years, offered him to go through coding. Sergey was offended – he’s not an alcoholic! Life was on a rolling rut. And it all ended in one not very beautiful evening, when the drunken husband suddenly decided that an unknown enemy was opposite him, and began to wave his fists. Vera was seriously injured, she was taken away by ambulance, which was called by neighbors who came running to the screams. Unable to fully believe what was happening, she did not try to run and did not defend herself.

Getting to her feet, the woman immediately filed for divorce. She realized that the next drunkenness could cost her and her son their lives. Now she is raising a child alone, and Sergei continues to get drunk and rowdy, worrying little about his former family.


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