Poor hungry boy

In the beggar boy, I recognized my kidnapped son

Life stopped for me after the abduction of my little son. I didn’t want anything else. My marriage after this incident could not stand quarrels and scandals, and we separated.

I was still young, I was only 26 years old. I loved my son madly and just lived by him. I did everything for him, we had daily walks. How I regret that on that ill-fated day I went for that walk. I was distracted by a conversation with a neighbor for just a couple of minutes, and my son disappeared.

It’s only been a few minutes, and my two-year-old son is gone, he seems to have evaporated! The police just threw up their hands, everyone blamed me, they say, I overlooked.

I’ve been living with this insane sense of guilt for the last 5 years, and subconsciously I’m always looking for my boy in passing faces. What if, what if I see him! Five years of searching and all to no avail, but I did not lose hope.

I take the subway to work, and one day, walking home, I, as usual, peered into the faces of the children, all looking for my baby. Already at the exit of the transition , I suddenly hear:

– Auntie, give me some money, I want to eat!

I turned around and saw a little beggar boy next to me. And my heart skipped a beat. He had the features of my ex-husband. Just like him! And he’s the right age. I asked him, and tears were already welling up in his eyes:

– Baby, how old are you and why are you alone?

– Aunt, I’m almost seven, and I’m alone because my mom left me. And the gypsy doesn’t need me anymore, I’m an adult, you can’t beg for much with me anymore!

I couldn’t restrain myself anymore, cheekbones, chin, eye color and even hair were the same curly-he was a little copy of my husband! I stood and sobbed, I just couldn’t believe that I could find my son among millions in Moscow! In a trembling voice , I said:

– Son, son, you are my little baby who was kidnapped a long time ago!

I cried, I don’t know why, joy, loss, baby, everything was mixed up and swam before my eyes. And the boy looked at me incredulously, and then said:

– My mother died, the gypsy told me so.

Tears flowed like a stream, and I repeated:

– Baby, Olezhka, I finally found you!

The boy came with me. I washed him, fed him. He didn’t have any documents, so he had to start doing all this seriously. To do this, it was necessary to establish kinship. And now we are already waiting for the results near the office.

The child is nervous, there is such a wild fear in his eyes, he is very afraid that I am not his mother. But I am absolutely sure that this is my son. I went to the office alone. The doctor shows me the test results. A complete mismatch, according to the results of the tests, this is not my child.

As soon as I left the office, the baby immediately ran up to me, wrapped his arms around my neck, looked into my eyes and asked in a trembling voice:

– Mom, is everything okay? Am I your son?
I take his hand and say:

– Yes, my son, you are mine! Let’s go home, we have a lot to do tomorrow! We need to prepare you for school.

I think it doesn’t matter if it’s your child by blood or not, the main thing is that he should be a native by heart and loved by the soul!


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