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How I cheated on my husband with my boss

Once I had my own family and my husband and I were fine. Until the baby was born.

Then he somehow pulled away from me, began to disappear from friends, stay late at work. No, I don’t think there was a mistress there. It’s just that he turned out to be such a careless dad. But as soon as the child grew up, he began to go fishing with him, go to football. And he absolutely does not remember all my sleepless nights that I sat with the child and comforted him while he was crying, so as not to wake up our daddy.

But the child grew up completely and turned into a handsome young man who became quite an independent teenager for his mother’s joy. His dad and I divorced a few years ago and I’m happy with my decision. This is one of the few decisions in my life that I would never want to change. I used to be completely different, my life was on pins and needles. Everything was on me – I worked, and looked after the child, and managed to keep the house clean.

And now I’m alone and I don’t want to strive anywhere, that is, I no longer need a new relationship. Now my life is much calmer and I want to devote it to myself. I used to go out of my way trying to please my husband, to please him, and even at work I needed a presentable appearance. We had a company where they could easily fire you if you didn’t meet the standards.

Looking back, I understand that I should have been smarter and let my husband express himself. As it was, he saw that I was dragging everything on myself and did not consider it necessary to take the reins of power into his own hands. And now I also remembered one incredible story, for which I am ashamed to this day, especially I don’t want my son to find out.

I had an intimate relationship with my boss. He threatened to fire me and I just had no other choice. I was already disappointed in my husband at that moment and quickly realized that in the event of my dismissal, he would not provide for us, but would simply run away to my mother under her skirt, leaving me and my son to fend for themselves.

And then it happened, my husband really left us when I was left without means of livelihood. But that’s not the point now. I left work at the moment when I made the last deposit for the loan for my son’s education. Sleeping with the boss was disgusting and I’m not proud of it, if only because he used me as a thing. I didn’t ask if I was comfortable right now.

He just called me to his office.
It was worth telling me that there was a lot of work now and it was better to meet another time, he constantly intimidated me, played with my fears of being out of work, and once even defiantly demoted me. It was when I just tried to refuse him. I immediately went into the office and said that I had changed my mind. By the end of the working day, my position was restored.

And I know that it’s useless to tell my friends, to complain to anyone, too. My relatives are brought up in such a way that they will definitely accuse me of provoking everything myself. It looked even more immoral when you consider that my boss is five years younger than me. Looking at my past life, I want to regret myself so much that I didn’t find the strength to refuse right away, but I endured it all many times.

I still naively thought that at some point he would get tired of it and he would find another victim. Moreover, if you thought that this gave me some kind of relief in my work, then you are mistaken. I worked just as hard as everyone else.

Just because I’m sleeping with him, he didn’t fire me, didn’t deprive me of bonuses and didn’t demote me. I had to justify myself to him in front of everyone, even for what I didn’t do. He explained his quibbles by conspiracy. Like, he behaves in such a way that no one will guess that there is something between us. I just couldn’t stand it and quit, which, by the way, I don’t regret.

Now I got rid of two things in my life – a useless husband and a pesky boss.


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