White dress

Sasha’s smile always amazed Anya to the depths of her soul, all the details of his appearance attracted the eye.

– Hey, what’s hanging up? – Sasha’s question, standing on the threshold, broke Anya’s dreams of beauty and light. – Is Lena at home?

The light in the girl’s eyes went out, the smile turned into a discontented grimace.

– In the room. – she muttered. – Come in.

At that moment, Lena ran out into the corridor satisfied and threw herself into the arms of her lover.

– I missed you! – the girl whispered in Sasha’s ear.

Anya rolled her eyes and mimicked her sister. – It’s sickening to watch! – the girl threw angrily and turned away.

– Sasha, Anka likes you, it’s noticeable. Look how she looks at me when we’re together,” Lena began the conversation.

– Don’t make it up, you never know what she’s mad about. And if so, remember yourself at her age, it’s like you didn’t fall in love with teachers and actors. It will outgrow, don’t worry. – Sasha hugged his beloved, – I love you, stupid.

There was very little time left before the wedding, and the to-do list did not decrease. Anya locked herself in the room and refused to go out to drink tea with her mother and Lena. The parents did not take seriously the younger daughter’s infatuation, they all insisted in one way that she would outgrow and transitional age and youthful maximalism were to blame for everything. Everything will pass, and this too.

Very often, sisters are like two drops of water, but not Lena and Anya. The older sister took all the best from her father – height, thick brown hair and unusual green eyes. At the age of 24, the girl did not look 18, sociable and purposeful, Lena has always been the pride of her parents. Anya was 9 years younger and grew up a copy of her mother: dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin and short stature. She wanted to be like her sister in everything, which is why her hair was regularly lightened, clothes were chosen exactly like her sister’s, and behavior and habits were immediately copied.

Anya’s infatuation with Sasha originated back in that distant day when Lena brought him to meet her parents. Since then, he has become the standard of beauty, intelligence and a young man. Anya’s jealousy knew no bounds, as soon as Sasha appeared on the doorstep of the apartment, the girl seemed to be replaced, she became aggressive and sarcastic, harsh and rude, the reason for this behavior was known only by her personal diary.

Every day there was less and less time to prepare, but finally the wedding dress was bought. Delicate and elegant lace perfectly complemented Lena’s image and emphasized her figure. Because of the long train stretching across the floor, it was decided to hang the dress on the closet door so as not to crumple it once again. Anya was shaken by the sight of the dress, she flew out of the room like a bullet.

The day before the celebration, Lena decided to take a look at the dress, smooth out the assembly, but when she opened the cover, the girl was horrified. The beautiful train was mutilated, there were gaping slits on the sides, and a large piece of fabric was cut out in the most prominent place. Lena dropped the dress on the floor and began to cry.

– Mom, – the girl screamed, – Anka ruined my dress, tomorrow is the wedding!

– Let’s try to sew it up, calm down, we will definitely find a way out, – mom comforted Lena.

– How are you going to sew it up? – the girl screamed, – the dress is destroyed, my wedding is ruined! Just let her come home unfit, I’ll beat off her hands! She is no longer at the age to not understand her actions, you need to be responsible!

Having calmed down a little, Lena called Sasha and told about what had happened. The only thing the guy could offer was to take a dress from a friend’s wife. Their wedding took place only six months ago, and the bride is similar in build to Lena. There is no choice, I had to go. The dress turned out to be beautiful, but a little tight.

– Don’t cancel the wedding because of a little inconvenience, right? Lena joked. – Sasha, you just take the dress to your home, suddenly Anka decides to ruin it too.

Returning home, Lena saw Anya pretending to be asleep in their room. Pulling herself together, she decided to talk to her younger sister, although anger was still boiling in her soul.

– Why did you disfigure my dress?

The wedding will take place anyway, and you’re just spoiling our relationship with you.
– I didn’t disfigure anything, it wasn’t really, – Anya said through her teeth. – It doesn’t matter, you’ll break up anyway, he’ll leave you and find himself younger, – the sister burst into hysterical laughter. – Mark my words!
“You… how dare you? Crazy! – Lena jumped up to her and gave her a ringing slap in the face. There was a bright mark on her cheek from the blow, Anya began to cry. – Shut up, do you understand?
– I hate you! Since childhood I hate it! Of course, we have a good Lenochka! Our pride! All the best to Lenochka, we will fulfill all whims, if only you would be happy. And Anya what? The family is not without a freak, right? I hate it! Damn you… Anya ran out of the room in hysterics and locked herself in the bathroom.
Shocked, Lena looked at her mother.
– Why is she doing this to me? Why does she hate me so much? – the girl burst into tears.
– You understand, she was too young when her father died, in Sasha she sees protection, support and everything that she did not receive as a child. She’ll grow up and understand everything, you’ll see. Go to bed, you need to get some sleep and calm down, you don’t want to fall asleep at the wedding, right? Mom encouraged. – You can lie down with me.

During the ceremony, Anya did not say a word, just looked at Lena with eyes full of hatred, and then disappeared. She could only hope that she wouldn’t do anything else.
It was time to take out the cake, the newlyweds traditionally began to cut off pieces and distribute them to the guests. At that moment, Anya entered the hall, she was wearing Lena’s scarred wedding dress, obviously unsuitable in size. The train stretched across the floor, eyes swollen from tears stared at one point, bright lipstick smeared. There was silence, no one laughed.
The guests were whispering softly, Anya lifted her dress and approached the young ones.
– Do you have a piece for me? Be kind, little sister,” the younger sister said in an affable voice, tears glistened in her eyes, but her face expressed nothing but disgust.
– Of course, here you go, – Sasha put down a large piece and gave it to Anya.
– Thank you! Anya hissed and, grinning, threw the cake right in Lena’s face. – Enjoy the holiday!
Lena was not ready for such rudeness, and did not even have time to cover her face with her hands. Cream dripped down her face and hair on her dress, pieces of biscuit fell to the floor. The day was irretrievably ruined. The guests whispered and began to disperse.
One of the guests noted with a nervous laugh that a wedding without a fight is not a wedding, but no one supported him.
Mom ran around the hall and apologized to the departing guests. When Lena and Sasha returned, the hall was empty, and the waiters were cleaning dishes and decorations.
– Lena, understand, she is still a child and does not understand what she is doing, – her husband tried to calm Lena.
– Stop justifying her! She ruined our wedding, a bitch, not a child! Is that clear? Lena put her head on his shoulder, her hair was wet and sticky, tears were streaming down her face, her makeup was hopelessly ruined. “And why didn’t I throw the dress away?” What a fool.

Time passed, family life absorbed Lena and Sasha, the spoiled wedding was already forgotten, mom often came to visit and said that Anya calmed down. Nevertheless, Lena did not want to see her sister after her antics.
A couple of months later, Lena felt sick at work, she decided to hedge her bets and went to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. Two red stripes confirmed her guess. The girl took time off from work and ran home to please her husband.
As she climbed the stairs, the weakness came back, but the desire to share the news was much stronger. Elated, Lena ran into the corridor, but when she saw her younger sister’s coat on the hanger, she almost fainted. A lump rolled up in her throat, and the girl shuddered from a bad premonition. Stepping over Anya’s scattered shoes, Lena opened the door to the room and froze.
Anya was lying on their bed, wrapping her arms around Sasha’s neck as he bent over her.
– What’s going on here? Lena squeezed out. Her breathing was spiraling, the girl was suffocating.
Sasha instantly turned around, threw off Anya’s hands and rushed to his Wife. Anya was glowing with happiness, she was already trying on the winner’s crown.
The room began to spin, Lena fainted. When she woke up, Anya was no longer there, Sasha was sitting next to her with frightened eyes.
“And don’t tell me it seemed to me,” Lena whispered softly. Her voice was so weak that it seemed she was about to break off.
– It didn’t seem to you, Anya came to make up. It seems to me that she planned and arranged everything. She came to make up, we sat down to drink tea, suddenly she turned pale and began to fall. I was scared, I had no choice but to carry her into the room and put her on the bed. Suddenly she clung to me, I tried to push her away, and then you came in. She’s a great actress.
Lena believed her husband, because she knew her sister very well and what she was capable of.
– Has Anya left? Lena asked quietly.
– I kicked her out, but shouldn’t I have?
A couple of hours later, Lena came to her senses and calmed down. The girl decided to have a serious talk with her husband.
– Sasha, listen, Anya won’t give us life, let’s move out of this city, start a new life…
– Why is it so radical? Sasha interrupted his wife. – She will grow up, fall in love, get married and forget about everything.
– We don’t have time to wait! I’m afraid for our child! Lena blurted out.
“A child?” – Sasha choked. – Really? Are you pregnant? Forget everything I said! Where do you want to go? I’m ready right now!

Soon the family left for St. Petersburg, despite the persuasions of relatives. We rented an apartment, Sasha got a job on the recommendation of friends, Lena was preparing to become a mother.
Perhaps, years later, the sisters will reconcile and forgive each other for past insults, who knows.


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