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I got married successfully, but my husband is cheating on me in front of my eyes

Katya was going to work, putting the final touches of mascara on her eyes. As always, she had to look perfect, even though she is a simple administrator.

But Katerina did not get a job at this elite fitness center in order to receive a meager salary all her life and work for someone. No, her goal was clients – rich men, on one of whom Katya hoped to assign responsibility for her future life.

The last gentleman recently left her, the money was running out, and the girl was not used to helping herself in anything.

At work, Kostya, one of the instructors, who had been paying her attention for a long time, approached her, as usual. Katya grimaced internally, as she had no desire to communicate with poor guys and spend her time on them.

At that moment, a visitor entered the building – a young slender man, dressed obviously expensively. Katya immediately turned away from Kostya and beamed at the stranger. They got to talking, he took her number and offered to have dinner somewhere.
His name was Alexey, he had a business inherited from his father. A promising option.

Their romance spun very rapidly.

A few months later, Katya stood in her wedding dress and accepted congratulations. The young couple went on their honeymoon to Bali, then to Paris. The girl did not believe her happiness – did everything she dreamed of finally come true? It was too easy!

The couple moved into a luxurious mansion and a happy family life began. She thought so.

Six months later, the husband began to linger more often at business meetings, stopped answering the phone and did not leave his mobile unattended. Katya tried to suppress all suspicions in herself, because Alexey fully provided for her and bought everything she wanted.

But one evening she heard a conversation between Lyosha and some girl, whom her husband called “sunny” and talked to her very affectionately.

Katya made a scandal, to which she heard in response that she lives entirely at her husband’s expense and has no right to put any conditions on him. Since then, her life has turned into a nightmare.
The husband could bring the girls straight home, even if the wife was in the next room.

– Don’t you like it? Go to your homeland! – the insolent spouse gloated.

Trying to distract herself from sad thoughts, Katerina flipped through the tape on the social network.

Suddenly, her gaze caught on a familiar profile in the cabin of an expensive car.

It was Kostya, a former instructor from a fitness club, whom she had never perceived as a man.

Why did she need a simple trainer if she was worthy of a prince on a white horse?

“I probably rented a car, or a friend gave me a ride.”, the young kept woman thought gloatingly.
But with each photo viewed, it became clear that now the guy lives a secure life.
In his profile, she found a link to the website of the fitness center where Kostya now worked.

Going to the “manual” tab, Katya saw a full-length portrait of Kostya.

And the signature under it is “CEO of the company”.

“Maybe he still loves me?” – a crazy thought flashed through the fatal beauty’s head.


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