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Love is blind

I have a friend with whom we are inseparable. Her name is Lena. So, she managed to fall in love. We all studied at the university – in the third year. Dima was not a bad guy. I was even a little jealous of her. He was so courteous and gentle with her.

Less than a month has passed since they met, and Lena has already shared with me that they had their first sex. She stood as red as a tomato, and looked at the floor in embarrassment. Before Dima, she had no sexual partners. I was alarmed that everything happened so quickly, but I haven’t told her about it yet.

After that, Dimka seemed to be replaced. His attitude towards Lena has changed a lot. At first, she didn’t attach any importance to it. But then she complained to me that not a single day goes by without sex.

“Sometimes I think he only needs sex from me,” Lena told me, crying.

She was trying to put her guesses to the test. I tried to talk to him, but he was only offended – he made her guilty and left. Then she waited for him, or at least for his call. I suffered from the fact that he did not show up all day once. But by the evening he called and asked for forgiveness. Lenka loved him and forgave him without hesitation. After that call, he came and took her to his house. His parents were not there and that evening they had sex until the morning.

So a few more weeks passed. Lena was happy. Their relationship was limited only by the bed. They didn’t go anywhere together except to his apartment.

One day Dima said that he no longer loved her. That she was very good, and it was all his fault. He offered her to maintain an open relationship. In this situation, it would be more correct to end any relationship right away. But Lena was in love and hoped to get him back. Dima often visited her on a friendly visit and dragged her to bed. Lena could not forget him and could not refuse.

I was very indignant at his insolence. He tortured my friend, because of his lust, he did not let her live. One day I was walking alone, as Lenka was preparing for his next visit. He was just going to her and we met. I couldn’t stand it and told him everything I thought about him. He laughed at me, and then told her everything, embellishing our whole conversation a hundred times. Lenka didn’t take offense at me, but still asked me to stop meddling in my business.

I didn’t regret my action, but I didn’t argue – after all, this is her life.

A few days later, a friend came to me in tears and told me that she had just caught him with a freshman. He did not repent, but on the contrary shouted at her. At that moment, she finally realized that she had spent almost half a year of her life in vain. She broke off all contact with him.

– Why didn’t I listen to you before? Lena was crying.

A little while later, Lena found out that she was pregnant. Lena decided that he wouldn’t find out about it. We finished the last course, Lena gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The friend was far from stupid, even on maternity leave she was able to work via the Internet.

Dima disappeared somewhere. We found out that he is being treated in a private clinic for some kind of infection. No wonder, because he did not disdain girls of easy virtue, changed them every day. Perhaps one day he will understand that sex and lust are not the most important things in life and will find true love.


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