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I’m tired of my husband, but I can’t afford to live separately

When I met my future husband, I thought I would be the happiest in the world. Besides, he told me that he would do everything in his power so that his wife would not work, stay at home, and he would provide for her. How wrong I was.

Many girls develop a family model following the example of their parents, but it does not always work out. My dad always worked in my family and provided for the family. And mom didn’t work and took care of the house and the children. I also wanted to, so when my beloved offered me such a life, I gladly agreed. But my fairy tale turned out to be quite different from what I expected.

We’ve been married for over thirty years. All these years I have been working, and it was I who provided for the family. I sat at home only twice when I was on maternity leave, because I have two children. But I did not serve out the entire decree, because my husband demanded that I work. Besides, I did everything around the house. We lived in a big house where we had to wash, clean and cook. And we also had a large plot on which we also had to work. It got to the point that by the evening I was so tired that I fell off my feet. I have never had any assistants, as I did everything myself.

I’ve never been to a restaurant in all these years. My husband always believed that going to a cafe spoils a woman. And then he always said that I cook better, so there’s no need to spend money just like that. Of course, I am pleased that I and my cooking were praised. But sometimes you really want to feel like a woman and relax. Imagine that I couldn’t even go to a canteen on vacation.

I had to stand at the stove all day and cook for the whole family.
My husband always believed that I had to do all the women’s things myself. He never helped me. Many people will think that such things as the division of affairs, it was necessary to negotiate before the wedding. I got married at the age of 19, especially since my future husband promised me a completely different life. Moreover, I was modest at that time, and not like the current girls.
When we got married, my husband immediately told me that we would live in his parents’ house. And before the wedding, other options were discussed.

Shortly after the wedding, my husband lost his job, and I was pregnant at that moment. But I couldn’t afford to stay at home. I had to work until the birth. And my husband always worked like that, I didn’t see much money from him. I never thought I would discuss my family, but it just boiled over. My husband is not reliable, and, unfortunately, I am not getting younger. The children have grown up, but I don’t get much help from them. In addition, I continued to do household chores.

Among other things, I’m trying to grow vegetables and fruits in the backyard and trying to sell them. The children are adults, so more money is needed to provide them with everything they need.

Additional earnings are not superfluous at all. The husband will never help, although it is not recycled. I am very bitter that I work like a dray horse from early morning until late at night. My whole body already hurts, sometimes I can’t even drink tea. And my husband watches TV all day, plays on the computer.

For him to get up and cook himself at least dinner, never! I consider myself a calm and balanced person, but once I couldn’t stand it and expressed everything. To which he told me that I only needed money. I’ve been thinking more and more about getting away from him lately.

I just don’t have any strength anymore. I want at least a few days to live for myself. I don’t need much alone, it’s enough, just a sandwich with tea and that’s it. I would have found an easier job, I would have had enough. Only one thing stops me: where will I live? It will be very expensive for me to rent an apartment.


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