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I lost my memory, but I found a family

Sergey came to his brother Peter to see him and give him the goodies that he often spoiled him with.

Peter is a doctor at a local hospital, most of the time he disappeared at work. And Sergey lived in the village, ran a farm and was happy, but just as happy as a husband abandoned with two one–year-old boys can be.

He delivered groceries to retail outlets and now dropped by his brother to fill his refrigerator. Luda, his brother’s wife, and little Lena, his niece, welcomed Sergei with joy. But with difficulty they persuaded me to stay at least for half an hour – to drink tea. Moreover, Peter was due to arrive at any minute.

Soon he really appeared, and the whole family gathered around the set table.

– And who are the guys with? – Luda asked Sergei.

– With Aunt Tasia, a neighbor. She helps me with them when I have to go somewhere.

– I see. Well, have you heard anything about the Light? – Luda shook her head, – I can’t imagine how you can give up your own children. How long has she been gone?

– Three months. Well, God be with her, how are you? What’s at work? – Sergey turned to his brother.

– Everything is as usual. – Pyotr poured him more tea, then suddenly smiled: – Although no, not all. Imagine, we received a woman with numerous bruises. Nothing serious, already cured. But she has almost complete memory loss. Can’t remember anyone. I even forgot her name. Of course, we made several announcements, but no one responded. And it’s time to discharge her, she can’t live at the hospital.

– Wow! – Luda looked at her husband in surprise. “How old is she?”

– About our age. A year or two back and forth.

– And how did you get it? – Picked up on the road at night. An elderly couple was returning home – they see a woman lying on the side of the road. I had the impression that she was thrown out of the car at full speed.

– Look at you, what brave old people, – admired Luda, – now not everyone can stop, especially in such a situation. Well, all right, you communicate, and we’ll go with Lenochka to the yard, to the playground.

When they left, Peter, who was thoughtful and silent, suddenly turned to his brother:

– Listen, and take her to yourself. Let him recover in nature. Along with the little ones will help you.

– Are you crazy?

– Well, why? I’m not suggesting that you marry her. Although she’s very much my type. If it wasn’t for Lyudka, I would have hit on her like hell.

– Come on … what nonsense!

– What are you, brother! What nonsense? Take it, I say, you won’t regret it! Do you want to go right now and meet her? Come on, let’s go! You can drop me off at the same time.

– And if she doesn’t remember her name, what do you call her?

– Vika. We conducted such an experiment – we called her by different names. Vika seemed familiar to her. That’s what they called it. – Peter told Sergey this already on the way to the hospital.

– You know, if I were you, I’d feel sorry for her. – Peter began to put pressure on his brother’s weaknesses, he was well aware of his kindness. – The unfortunate woman may get into some kind of trouble again, and she will be safe with you, you are so healthy. In general, you think. Of course, I don’t insist, you decide for yourself.

But as soon as they saw a short, plump, but very pretty woman on the hospital alley, Peter exclaimed:

– Vika! Good afternoon! Look who I brought you. This is your husband, Sergey.

Sergey even choked with surprise:

–Are you crazy,” he hissed at his brother, “what kind of jokes are you?!

But Victoria had already come up to him and looked inquisitively into his eyes:

“Is that true?” And there was so much longing and anxiety in her eyes that Sergei slowly nodded. Then she snuggled up to his shoulder and asked:

– Get me out of here. I want to go home.

–That’s good,” Pyotr said. Moreover, the children are already waiting for you.

– Children? Do I have children? Her eyes widened in amazement.

– Yes, two boys. Sasha and Pasha. Twins. – Peter was pushing Victoria and Sergey to the car. – You go, and I will bring all the documents to you tomorrow myself.

– Don’t even try to show up! Sergei hissed at him again, outraged by his and his own lies. – I’ll kill you!

Peter laughed: – You won’t kill me! Everyone, spouses, I have blessed you, now get out of here!

Several times during the whole journey, Sergei wanted to confess to Vika in the deception, but she was so happy that now she would have a home again, and asked about her sons with such warmth that he could not. He didn’t say anything. He only thought about what would happen when the truth was revealed.

And Vika thought that she would have to get used to everything and wanted to come to the place as soon as possible, in the hope that her native walls would return her memory.

She really didn’t remember anything. Neither the fact that she was born into a rich family, nor the fact that three years ago she married a successful businessman named Vitaly. Not that her husband was to blame for her misfortune.

Vika, and her real name was Vika, really wanted children, but she couldn’t get pregnant for a long time. And finally she did it. The woman was just happy and couldn’t wait for Vitaly to return to please him too. He really didn’t stay long. But he came only to announce his departure from the family.

– I love another woman, she will soon give birth to my son. And anyway, my parents forced me to marry you. And I’ve always loved only her. You and I will be divorced quickly. We have no children, and…

– There is. She interrupted him. – We have children! I’m pregnant! And you’re trash! Trash,” she screamed. – And your mistress is the same!

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. Vitaly called an ambulance. A couple of days later, he was driving her home. They were silent. Then Vitaly said that he had already packed his things. Vika started crying again. They had a big fight. Vika demanded that he stop the car, but he did not listen to her. And then she opened the door a crack, thinking that he would slow down the gas. But a gust of wind opened the door and Vika, unable to resist, fell out of the car.

Vitaly didn’t even understand what had happened at first. And then he braked sharply and ran to his wife. She was lying motionless, and a small pool of blood had spread near her head. And Vitaly was scared, he rushed to the car and disappeared from there, believing that Vika was dead.

He arrived home, threw his things in the car and went on the run, hoping that no one would suspect him of what had happened. For a while he lived in a different area, expecting every day that someone would look for him. But time passed, everything was quiet, and then he calmed down and returned to his mistress, still not understanding where his wife had disappeared.

And at that time she lived with Sergei and his sons. She was very upset that she did not remember anything, but in a couple of days she became so attached to the boys that she clearly saw herself as their mother.

They lived with Sergei as good friends. He helped her in everything, made sure that she was comfortable and comfortable, she responded in kind. Vika cooked well and the chores in the kitchen brought her a lot of joy. Now Vika has completely recovered and felt great.

And only one thing bothered her – her husband showed no interest in her. For several months they had been living together like a real family. One evening, Vika, having put the kids to bed, came up to Sergei and put her hands on his shoulders.

– Have you missed me yet? Or have I offended you in some way? She sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Sergei gritted his teeth: he had been struggling to restrain his desires for a long time, but he could not go even further in his lies. He gently took her hands and said:

– Listen, Vika, I have to confess to you.

But she put her finger on his lips, took his hand and pulled him along. All the dams that Sergei built collapsed overnight, and Vika seemed to be waiting for just that, hugging and kissing him.

Since that time they have been a real couple, happy and loving. One day, when Vika was busy with the guys in the garden, a woman appeared on the path leading from the gate to the house. She walked up to Vika and arrogantly lifted her head:

– Who are you? And what are you doing here with my sons? Sashenka, Pashenka, come to me! – But the boys hid behind Vicky.

But Sergei came out to the woman’s voice and was stunned: his real wife, Svetlana, was in front of him.

– What are you doing here? – He began, – who called you? Get out of here!

– Actually, in case you forgot, this is my house and my children. And you’re also my husband. The divorce, as you remember, we did not formalize.

– Seryozha? What does she say? – Vika got up and walked over to him.

– And me? Are you lying to me? All this time?!

– Vika, I’ll explain everything to you!

– Explain. – Now. – he went up to Svetlana, took her out of the gate and locked it. Not listening to the screams of the woman, he went to the house.

–Vika,” he began, “taking her hand. – Listen, I’ll tell you everything, but you need to know that I love you. I love madly, as I have never loved!

Sergey sighed and began his story. Vika listened and was silent. And she continued:

– Petya said that you were most likely thrown out of the car, and I thought…

– What did you say?! Repeat what you said! – That you were most likely thrown out of the car, – said Sergey anxiously peering into Vika’s face. And she was looking around with a wandering gaze. She remembered everything.

– Yes. It was my husband. Vitaly. A child! – Vika suddenly clutched her stomach: – I lost my baby! She suddenly turned pale and began to quietly sink to the ground.

Frightened Sergei called an ambulance. And now Vika was lying in the ward again, and Sergei, who was hanging his head, and his brother Peter, who had just entered, were standing next to her.

– What’s wrong with me? – She looked at the doctor:

– It’s all right. You, Victoria, are pregnant!

– It can’t be! I remember exactly how I lost the baby now.

– So God took pity on you and sent you another one. Take care of him! Well, I’ll go now.

– You go too, – Vika looked at Sergey. – I need to be alone. And you don’t have to wait for me. Go away, the boys are waiting for you there.

Sergei left. He was sure that he would be able to beg her forgiveness, but now she really needs to be alone. When he returned in the evening, Vicky was not in the hospital. She’s gone.

Again Sergey was left alone. But even worse was the fact that the boys were constantly asking about their mother. And he didn’t know what to say to them.

A month has passed. One day a car stopped at Sergei’s house and Victoria got out of it. Sergei was not at home, he went to deliver groceries again.

The kids and Aunt Tasia were at home. Vika let her go and took care of household chores – fed her sons, played with them, put them to bed, then started washing.

At this time, Sergei drove up. He walked down the path to the house, his head drooping mournfully. He managed to find Vika’s house today, he came to her specifically to apologize, but the neighbors said that the house was sold, and the hostess had moved somewhere. And he realized that he had lost her forever.

But at that time, the door on the veranda opened and Vika, his beloved Vika, came out to meet him. He rushed to her, picked her up in his arms, said something, kissed her, hugged her, and she laughed happily.

Then she said that she returned home only to sell it and divorce her husband. She did it all right. Vitaly did not resist, because she threatened him with court. And the house had always belonged to her, so it was easy to sell it. And so she returned to her family, never to leave her again.

Soon Sergey and Vika had a daughter, and the happy parents could not get enough of their children. They knew that everything would be fine with them now…


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