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I decided to introduce my parents to the groom, but no one expected such a turn

After graduating from school, I decided to enroll in medical school and went to the nearest large city, where there was a medical institute. I was lucky, and I entered the first time, having scored the required number of points. I got a place in the hostel, told my parents the good news.

My parents helped me in every possible way, sometimes with food, then with money. Every vacation I visited them at home. Father and mother were very happy that there would be a real medic in their family.

– And how did you decide on such a difficult profession, my daughter? After all, it’s a responsibility and you have to love people.

– Mom, I wouldn’t go to medical school if I didn’t love people. And I have enough responsibility. Moreover, we had doctors in our family.

– And who? – my mother was genuinely surprised.

– How did my father’s grandmother, Baba Zoya, was a nurse during the Great Patriotic War. I also got a medal for bravery.

– That’s right, Nina, I forgot.

I studied well and after the third year I was sent to the regional hospital to practice. By specialization, I was supposed to become a traumatologist, that’s why I got into the trauma department. It was a chance to master the profession in a real setting. Which I did with great pleasure.

In one of the wards there was a guy a little older than me with a broken leg. He was working at a construction site and had a bad fall. The leg was broken in two places, but there was nothing terrible. The bones were fused together like on a dog. We liked each other and after Sergey’s discharge, we started dating.

We had a lot in common, we both loved theater and fine art. We went to performances together and visited all kinds of exhibitions. Thanks to Sergei, I fell in love with classical music, which was listened to at the Philharmonic.

We didn’t meet often, three times a week. My practice was ending and I was going to go home.

I didn’t want to part with Sergey, we had a very good, warm relationship with him. I felt safe and comfortable with him.

Sergey was a native of an orphanage, his mother died when he was seven years old, and he did not know his father and his mother did not tell about him. After school, Seryozha went to study at a construction college, graduated from it and joined the army. After serving in the army for two years, he entered the construction institute, the correspondence department and began working at a construction site. A year later he became a foreman. Just like I lived in a dorm…

The day before my departure, Sergei made me a marriage proposal. Together with a bouquet of luxurious roses, he presented a thin gold ring with a tiny diamond. I was confused. I didn’t know what to say. On the one hand, I was safe and warm with this person, and on the other…

On the other hand, I understood that something was clearly missing in our relationship.

Nevertheless, I gave my consent and called my parents that I would come home with the groom.

The next day we went to my small town on the banks of a beautiful and clean river, with an old church on a hill and a pine forest outside the city.

We arrived in the city by noon. We went into the house, and I introduced Sergey to his parents. They reacted very positively to it. It was obvious that they liked Sergey.

– Guys, – my mother turned to us, – Go to the river, swim, and I’ll set the table with my father. We’ll call grandparents. Nina, you don’t mind, do you?

“Of course not, Mom,” I replied.

After changing our clothes, we ran to the river bank, where people were already splashing and swimming. The day was hot and to plunge into the cool water was the height of bliss.

We lay in the hot sand for a while, rinsed ourselves and ran home.

Mom set the table in the gazebo. Grandparents and father were waiting for us there. Sergey went into the gazebo and sat down on the offered chair, and I ran into the summer kitchen.

There my mother was taking baked fish out of the oven, I went up to her to see if she needed help.

– Of course, help, – Mom replied, – take the bread and sour cream. I’ll be right there.

Five minutes later we were all sitting at the table and eating with great pleasure cold beetroot soup with sour cream.

I really love summer, because there are so many fresh vegetables and herbs on the table that you could eat with bread and salt, on your own, as a separate dish.

Baked carp with buckwheat was served for the second course.On the third, a huge juicy watermelon was waiting for us. Everyone was satisfied with the meal. After lunch, I helped my mom clear the table and lay down in the hammock to take a nap.

His father invited Sergei for a walk, and they went for a walk in the garden. Grandparents settled down on the veranda. Mom was busy in the kitchen making twists of compotes.

In the evening, with the whole family, we walked along the river and had dinner with shish kebabs, which my grandfather, a master of this business, cooked.

They put us to sleep not just in different rooms, but also in different houses. The grandfather took Sergey to himself, referring to the fact that they have a lot of free space.

The next day after breakfast, my father invited Sergey and me to the garden for a conversation. We sat down in pre-arranged chairs.

Both Sergey and I were alarmed, but we didn’t expect what we heard later.

– Children, you can’t get married.

– why? Sergei jerked forward.

– Because you are brother and sister. – my father paused, and Sergei and I looked at each other in bewilderment, – I recognized you right away, Seryozha. You look exactly like your mother Lida. Do you remember we walked around the garden with you, and you told me about yourself.

– Yes, of course I remember.

– I was clarifying some details. Look, is that her? Is that your mom? – the father took out of his pocket an old photograph showing a man and a woman with a baby in their arms.

Sergey looked at the photo carefully, then at my father. His hands were shaking, and he said softly, “Yes, it’s Mom.” That’s how I remember her.

– The photo was taken immediately after you were discharged from the hospital. This is the only thing I have left of you.

– I don’t understand! Why did you leave us? Sergei jumped up.

– Sit down and listen to me, please. In due time you will understand everything. Many years ago, when I came from the army, I met your mother. We liked each other and started dating. My blood was boiling in my veins, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to share a bed with your mother. I couldn’t control myself, but I soon regretted it. After three months, we both realized that we were strangers to each other, but your mother turned out to be pregnant and did not want to have an abortion, and I did not offer. Getting married at that time was not part of my plans, but I could not leave your mother with a child in my arms. A week after submitting the application, we were painted. We got married and lived for two years. Then they decided to break up after all. The decision was mutual. As I said before, we didn’t love each other. Your mom asked me to forget about her and her son. And never bother you again. I wanted her to have a chance to get married again, and so that it would not turn out that the child has two fathers. Lida said that she deserves to be loved and to love herself. I agreed and left here for this town. Lida stayed with you to live in the city, in her apartment. We haven’t seen each other since the divorce. But I couldn’t forget you, son, and a year later I decided to visit you. Yes, I didn’t keep my word to Lida because I realized that I love you, my son. I didn’t find you and my ex-wife at home, I asked the neighbors and they replied that you left right after I left my family. The apartment was sold and I couldn’t find you. The neighbors did not know where she had gone, they only knew that Lida had left the city. After this news, I didn’t look for you anymore. Hoping that you are doing well without me. Five years after the divorce, I met your mother, Nina. And we fell in love with each other. As you can see, our love is still alive. That’s the story, son.

The father got up from his chair and extended his hand to Sergei, who also stood up and extended his own. Both shook hands. Dad couldn’t stand it and hugged his son.

– Believe me, son, I am very glad that you were found. Forgive me, my dear!

– I don’t hold a grudge against you and I’m glad that you were found. – Sergey sobbed and clung even tighter to his father.

I sat dumbfounded and pleased, because I wouldn’t have to marry Sergei.

– We were united by the call of our native blood. That’s why we were so good together, but these are not the feelings that arise between a man and a woman. I thought happily and shouted. – Let’s go swimming!

Everyone fussed and started talking at the same time, each about his own. Mom came up to Sergei and began stroking his shoulder, and I grabbed my brother by the hand and dragged him to the river.

“She’s restless,” my father said after her and laughed.

– She wasn’t even upset, did you notice? It’s good that this is how it ended,” mom said to her father with satisfaction and kissed him on the lips.

Now my brother had a family that he had been deprived of as a child.

We often came to our parents together, for this purpose we specifically called on the phone.

Mom fell in love with Seryozha like a native. She almost always met us at the gate and arranged real feasts for our arrival. Sergey was pleased that he was accepted as his own son.

He often talked with his father, they were also united by their profession, both were builders. Grandfather, as always, spoiled us with kebabs, and grandmother gave us socks tied by her for the new year. Mom always supplied us with her preparations on the road, so, usually, dad drove us home, taking us to the dormitories.

Time passed, I met my only and beloved person, our feelings were far from those that I felt for Sergei. Very soon my lover made me an offer, and I accepted it with great joy, not for a moment doubting.

After the wedding, nine months later we had a son, healthy and active. My husband and I were very happy.

Sergey, around the same time, met a girl he fell in love with, a year later and they got married. Sergey received an apartment in a new building from his construction company. After graduating from the construction institute, he went to work in the design department of the same construction organization.

My husband and I lived with his parents, then rented an apartment. Having collected the money, they took a mortgage. My parents helped us.

Once a month we try to visit our parents. And those are waiting for us with impatience and open arms. These meetings are dear to me and Sergey, it is here, at home with our parents, that we find complete serene happiness, which happens only in childhood. As long as our parents are alive, they must be cherished and loved, without hesitation to show their kind feelings to them.

Well, we left our little secret in the box of family secrets. Let this family misunderstanding never disturb someone else’s peace.


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