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Mother-in-law sent a healthy daughter-in-law to a mental hospital to take away her grandson

It so happened that I grew up in a single-parent family. My mom had no one to help but herself. She limited herself in many ways, wanted me to not need anything. And for that I am very grateful to her.

And it did not pass without a trace. Now Mom can’t accept that I have a personal life, that I want my family. She refuses to think of sharing me with someone and tries to protect me from this by any means. The girls I bring into the house leave after a while, unable to withstand her onslaught.

For this reason, I don’t have a long-term relationship.

It’s very hard for me, I don’t want to quarrel with my mother. But any conversations on this topic and any ultimatums, she initially accepts, eventually ignores, starting a hurdy-gurdy again and again.

A year ago I met a girl, began to feel feelings for her, realized that this is the one. Our views on life were the same, and our interests were similar. And she wanted children as much as I did.

Our relationship developed rapidly, her parents accepted me. But this time he did not introduce the girl to her mother until he was finally convinced of his intentions, until he proposed to her. I explained the situation to the bride, Kristina accepted it, entering the situation.

I told my mother about getting married and moving to my square a week before the wedding. She obviously did not expect this, because I hid everything until the last, delayed the moment as much as I could. During this conversation, he expressed his conditions, in particular that if he puts obstacles, he will not see his grandchildren. Then it seemed to me that she was resigned.

The wedding went off without incident, very well. Mom did not try to contradict in any way on an important day for Kristina and me, she was very calm.

My wife got pregnant after the wedding, we were happy about it and were preparing to become parents. The relationship between Kristina and my mother-in-law, my mother, did not develop, but it was neutral, without any special conflicts.

The most interesting thing began after the birth of my son.

My mother is a general practitioner by profession, before retirement she worked in a city polyclinic, from there there are many connections with colleagues from different fields of medicine. Taking advantage of her acquaintance with a psychiatrist, she arranged with him for her daughter-in-law to be recognized as sick and sent for compulsory treatment.

It’s absurd, because my wife is healthy, and she doesn’t know how to swear, she never raised her voice.

— Son, I told you she was mentally ill. Now at least he will lie down, he will be treated. Not from scratch, because she was diagnosed with such a diagnosis. I could see it myself, but you didn’t want to listen to me at all, you married her. And since that’s the case, I can take my grandson to foster to protect him and raise him the same as you.

It is clear that I did not give her the child, because I am the father. For a long time he sought justice, tried to get his wife out. As a result, she was declared healthy, but we both killed a lot of nerves. After that, they moved away from their mother and her obsessions.


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